Thursday, February 8, 2018

BaZi Analysis - Classical system vs Modern system

A lot of readers are probably thinking that information in this blog can be used to complement the BaZi knowledge they already gained from studying modern books. Well, really that is not the case. Classical BaZi has very different rules from modern BaZi. The two are distinct systems, easily distinguishable from each other.

In this post, I want to present some core differences between the two system. Before that, let me say that I am better versed in the classical system and I might not be totally correct with the modern system

1. The function of the strength of DM

In modern BaZi, the strength of the DM is given the highest priority. In general, Strong DM prefers Outputs, Wealth and Officers while Weak DM prefers Parallels and Seals.

In classical BaZi, the strength of the DM is secondary to chart structure. Strong DM is favorable when the structure is Wealth, Officer or Output. Weak DM is favorable when the structure is Seal.

2. The function of chart structure and useful god

In modern BaZi, chart structure or useful god can be derived from any of the stems or branches in the chart, after referencing the strength of the DM to the month EB

In classical BaZi, chart structure and useful god can only be derived from the month EB, unless the month EB carries no useful god, as in the case of JianLu / YueJie structure.

3. Benevolent and Malevolent Gods

Modern BaZi does not stress the importance of grouping the gods into these two categories, hence, the two polarities often carry the same functions

Classical Bazi stresses heavily on the difference between benevolent and malevolent gods. Benevolent gods are Food god, Wealth, Officer and Seal. Malevolent gods are Hurting Officer, 7K, YangRen and Owl god (Indirect Seal).

A very obvious difference is in modern BaZi, a strong DM does not favor Indirect Seal. In classical BaZi however, DM is preferred to be strong when the structure is Indirect Seal.

4.  The concept of 顺用 'going towards' and 逆用 'going against'

In modern BaZi, this concept is rarely emphasized as the focus of the analysis is on the strength of DM, weighing the DM against all other stems and branches

In classical BaZi, this concept is very important. It is the basis of analyzing BaZi. Without understanding what are they, it is impossible to run an analysis

There are a lot of information in this blog and it is can be overwhelming to BaZi beginners. Also, it can be very confusing to modern bazi practitioners as to why the information in this blog contradicts what they have learnt before.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Di Tian Sui - How to know if someone is poor?

DTS says:

How to know if the person is poor? Wealth god is not true.

True and Fake is an important concept in DTS. There is a verse that explains it. It goes like this

Look for the one on the command for it gathers to be true

The fake god do not disturb to true god,

The true god attains usefulness, one's life is noble

Use the unreal, one is merely a commoner.

The mixing of the true and the fake is difficult to analyze,

That is not apparent, that is not obscured, is poverty stricken,

The Outline that is not illuminating with the true god,

In obscured places, look for the real, it is also attainable. 

Apparently, this does not explain anything. It is just saying a bunch of random stuff to confuse people even more.

But I believe, that 'not true' refers to not being useful or being malicious. There is a section of QLMG that summarizes this but I disagree with part of it. Anyway I will still post it here just as reference and explain a little why I disagree or agree with QLMG

千里命稿 - 贫贱凶夭篇

伤轻财重。Light HO and Heavy Wealth
I don't agree with this in general. When DM is strong with Wealth as the Useful God, Wealth is preferably strong, and Officer is definitely preferred over HO. But a weak HO is better than a strong HO as strong Wealth does not need to be engendered anymore

财轻官重。Light Wealth and Heavy Officer
If the Useful God is Wealth, naturally Wealth is strong as it is rooted in Month EB, but if it is an Officer structure, with strong Officer, it really does not matter if Wealth is light or heavy.

伤重,印轻,身弱。Heavy HO, Light Seal, Weak Self
First of all, what structure are we talking about? If it is a HO structure, yes, completely true. If it is a Seal structure, Seal would have already been strong because it is from Month EB

财重,劫轻,身弱。Heavy Wealth, Light RobWealth, Weak Self,
I completely disagree with this. For Wealth structure, Weak Self favors Seal, not RobWealth. When Self is weaker than RobWealth, RobWealth will really rob the Wealth stars from DM. Rendering DM penniless.

财轻喜食,伤而印旺。Light Wealth favors Food and HO while Seal is prosperous
For a Wealth structure, Wealth is normally strong. So usually Seal is auspicious. For a Direct Seal structure, Wealth is never preferred. For Indirect Seal structure, Wealth is truly necessary.

财轻劫重,食伤不现。Light Wealth and Heavy RobWealth, outputs are absent.
True, this applicable to RobWealth structure.

财多喜劫,官星制劫。Many Wealth and RobWealth is favorable, Officer is restricting RobWealth
Depends really on what structure the chart is.
For Wealth structure, Officer is always favored
For Officer structure, Wealth is always favored
For Rob Wealth structure, both Officer and Wealth are favored.
I can't think of a scenario where this is applicable

喜印而财星坏印。Favors Seal but Wealth injures Seal
True, for Seal structure with Weak DM, Wealth star is completely unfavorable

忌印而财星生官。Seal is not favorable but Wealth star is engendering Officer

Seal is rarely unfavorable. Unless it is a Food god structure and Indirect Seal is present. In that case, Wealth star is favorable but Wealth engendering Officer is definitely not favorable.

喜财而财神被合。Favors Wealth but Wealth is combined

Yes true, when Wealth is favorable and it got combined, it loses it function and the structure fails.

官杀旺而喜印,财星得局。Officer and 7K are prosperous and Seal is favored but Wealth has the formation (triple combo). 

This, I disagree with. Strong Officer or 7K will always protects Seal from Wealth.

Wealth as the unfavorable god.
When it is the 7K structure, Wealth becomes unfavorable but if it protrudes then the structure fails completely. I totally with this.


Wealth is the Useful God but it is being clashed or broken.
I am not so sure about this. I am only certain that Officer star should never be clashed or broken. I need to check


Whichever chart that has the conditions above, all denote poverty.

Well, that's all for this article.