Thursday, September 25, 2014

BaZi: SMTH - 化象 Transformation Image (化气格 Transformation Qi Structure)

This excerpt is taken from a classical text: 

Shen Qu Ba Fa

化 象
Transformation Image

Transformation Image, is like a Jia Ji born person, in the month of Chen Xu Chou or Wei, having a Ji on the HS to combine with Jia, it's called Jia Ji transformation to Earth

Favors going through Fire LP

If Jia wood is born in ChangSheng or DiWang, then the transformation will not be successful, that is inauspicious, if there is one Ji between one Jia, it is called competing combination, if there's a Yi exposed, it is called jealousy combination, they are broken and unsuccessful structures.

Also: Transformation means it the pairing of Yin and Yang that transforms. That is Heaven and Earth equates, five elements are matching. 

The classics says: "For Transformation, Internal and Follower Structure, when the Luck turns to be successful, one could be appointed to be someone close to the emperor"

"又曰:"化象伏而平生碌碌, "謂干支相停者化,是看日時合化不合化。
Also: Transformation Qi that 'submits', one's life will be mediocre. It is said that when Stems and Branches are equal transformation happens, it is to be seen whether Day and Hour combine and transform or combine but do not transform.

Yu Jing says: " The five Qi have transformation image, it must be pure and clean, transformed or inverted, there's noble and there's lowly, transform but does not transform, could be long-lived or short-lived.

"通玄論云: "乙旺庚從,庚旺乙從。日主無氣化有氣,方可用。若各無氣,不可用,如丁壬化木,生於春,則夫從妻生;生於冬,則妻從夫生,是謂化也。
Tong Xuan Lun says: "When Yi is prosperous, Geng will follow. The DM without Qi will transform to be with Qi, then only it is usable. If each are without Qi, they are both unusable. like Ding Ren transforming to wood, born in spring, the husband will follow his wife to engender; born in winter, the wife will follow her husband to engender, this is called transformation.


Wu    Gui    Jia     Jia
Wu    Si      Yin     Xu

Wu and Gui transforms to Fire, ChangSheng in the month of Yin, LinGuan in the month of Si and DiWang at Wu, this transformation structure obtains the time and the place.