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BaZi: NaYin 杨柳木 Wood of Poplars and Willows - Year Pillar Ren Wu and Gui Wei

This is a bad translation job. SMTH is sometimes difficult to understand.

壬午, 癸未 杨柳木
Ren Wu, Gui Wei - Wood of poplar and willow

Wood of Poplars and Willows, grown gracefully by the canals of Sui (dynasty), lives gracefully in the in the parks of Han (dynasty), ten thousands of silky thread that is not silkworm, thousands of belts (actually 带 refers to a piece of clothing that is long, like belt or necktie) that is not sewn, Wu and Wei as places where wood dies and goes into tomb, Ren and Gui are nourishments for wood.

For the root foundation of this wood, only Sandy Earth is good, seeing Gen (8gua) mountain would have to rely on swaying metal (??), seeing eastern places like Yin and Mao would be obtaining the earth (getting support)

Xin Chou has mountain, Geng Zi is not as well; Wu Yin even though is auspicious, Ji Mao is much better;

Bing Chen and Ding Si dislike Xu and Hai clashing.

If seeing Great Post (earth), Chou as the relay station besides the mountain, it is okay, if this earth is seen without Chou, it denotes dying young or lowliness.

If roadside has a place, and going through 'Death' and 'Tomb' consecutively, seeing this on day and hour pillar, represent an inferior and weak person.

Earth of House, Ren Wu seeing Ding Hai, When Ding and Ren combine and transform, it is auspicious, Bing Xu is not the same.

Water, seeing Well and Spring water, Long Flowing water, Great River water and Nourishing Under water are all auspicious, if there's combination within, it is more auspicious.

Bing Wu and Ding Wei, bing Ding are real Fire, Wu and Wei are also fire, when this wood arrives at Wu and Wei, it is 'Death' and 'Tomb', Ren Wu seeing this is greatly inauspicious, with Gui, there's some difference, when water is helping, there's no harm.

This wood already has fire in Wu and Wei, seeing more fires probably will injure lifespan, Lamp fire Yi Si has wind, wood can be broken, denotes short life.

Inside Furnace fire Yin and Mao as wood's original place, when wood is prosperous it is in turn, aupicious; Lightning Fire is like Ren Wu seeing Ji chou, Gui Wei seeing Wu Zi, Yin and Yang meeting each other, with Sand Earth as foundation, denotes nobility, if Zi, Wu, Chou and Wei are clashing, then it is not auspicious.

As for metal, when wood sees metal there's no goodness, Hairpin and bracelet, Gold Foil would like to be successful,Ocean, Wax, Sword, Sand are dreadful to be seen, to analyze these would need to look at 'Lu' (Officer), Gui (Nobility Noblemen), De (Virtuos Noblemen) or Sha (Devils), if this wood sees Pine Wood, it becomes a structure that 'shed off its body and transformed', denotes nobility.

With Mulberry Wood, Chou can be the mountain, Willow can depend on Mulberry and they become forest, denotes auspiciousness.

Geng Shen and Xin You wood are 'Dead' and 'Extinct', furthermore, they are countered by metal, something that is weak seeing something small, thus the person must be lowly.

The book of 'Miao Xuan' has a 'Red Flower Willow Fortune' structure, which is this Wood (Willow) seeing Pomegranate wood and is born in spring or summer, this should not be analyzed as lowly.

Also there's a structure called 'Poplars and Willows trailing on Gold', which is Willow Wood being born in 3 springs and getting only one Metal, like

Xin    Gui       Jia       Xin
Si       Mao     Zi       Hai

which is the best, which is because Ren and Gui are places of 'Fortune and Noble'.

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BaZi: NaYin 松柏木 Wood of pine and cypress - Year Pillar Geng Yin or Xin Mao

庚寅, 辛卯 松柏木
Geng Yin, Xin Mao - Wood of pine and cypress

(Some poetic stuff to describe pine wood)

This wood lives hidden underneath Metal, but it's located at the true east, and thus it is extremely prosperous, it likes having mountains as the foundation of its root and be nourished by water.

Heavenly river water as rain and dews can nourish this wood, nourishing under water Ding Chou belongs to mountain which can be used as the foundation, Bing Zi is not as good as Great River with Yi Mao as thunder, thus is can be glorious, but it does not like the wind impact, for fear of being broken (by the wind)

Great Ocean Water with mountain is auspicious, Gui Hai when it is clean and still is also auspicious without mountain.

If the pillars has Flat Land (Wood) and getting House Earth has already become ridge pole, does not need to use mountain and water. Otherwise the wood is wild wood in the forest, needs water and mountain.

In the chart if there's fire, Inside furnace is most inauspicious,  when it's at a place that it can be engendered, together with wind an wood, ashes fly and smoke extinguished, if water is absent, it denotes dying young.

Fire above mountain, Fire below mountain, Fire of the Sun or Fire of the lamp - these must not be offended.

Yin person especially fears Xu and Wu, Bing Yin wood does not want to rush to the south, because Yin and Wu forms a fire frame, whereas for Xin Mao it's okay.

Trey: When Bing Yin pine wood sees Wu and Xu, fire becomes overly strong. Pine Wood does not live well in hot temperature.

Lightning fire can nourish the wood but if Fire comes in the Luck Pillar, it becomes inauspicious.

As for earth, seeing Roadside Earth, it seems to be insufficient to be noble, even there is no dead wood, it's blessing can still be real;

Post Earth without mountain denotes poverty or dying young, with Ocean Water, it's even more inauspicious.

Metal seeing Yi Chou, it functions as Seal or as mountain

Foil Metal, when it's in the correct position, it prosper itself, denotes auspiciousness.

Sword Metal can be used to scrap and carve, when it get Wall Earth to complement, Pine Wood to mutually supporting, it denotes nobility.

Great Forest wood has wind, Willow will meet fire, so these 2 woods are most inauspicious.

Mulberry wood Gui Chou can function as mountain, thus it can be supportive.

Pomegranate wood is Xin You metal, it instead transform dead wood, if it's a good structure, it's auspicious.

In the book 'Miao Xuan' there's a structure called 'green pine is elegant in winter', Pine wood with its month, day and hour belong to 3 winters is regarded as noble.

also, there are 2 more structures, 'day combining with Xin Mao', and  'day towards Geng Yin', even it takes Wu Wu and Ji Wei pillars, having born in Summer and Autumn will transform the wood to be noble.

What a cryptic chapter... 

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BaZi: SMTH - 天元坐煞 Heavenly Origin sitting on Devil

DayMaster sitting on 7K

It's like Day Pillar Jia Shen, Yi You etc.

Like Yi Chou day, within Chou the DM sits on Xin metal which is the devil, it likes to be born in Spring or Summer where Yi wood is healthy and prosperous, in that way 7K automatically is controlled, it does not like to see apparent Bing or Ding, if it is born the months of Autumn it will be withered and because it sits on hidden ghost, how can it not be harmful?

So when the day pillars are like this, DM must be prosperous and not repeated countered by Officer and Devil, it likes Seal to transform Devil, Prosperous Wealth and prosperous Self, that is blessing.

If Devil is prosperous with Hurting Officer to combine or counter, it is noble, if there's nothing to assists or transform, and further Luck goes to Devil or seeing more devil, the persons face is scarred, or he's a midget, lame or inferior person, useless (like something that takes up space but useless), unethical, greedy and tyrannical, (??), (??) (I don't understand the last 2 phrases)

When counter is heavy, is mostly short-lived, when it falls into a good structure, it denotes martial nobility. But the person would be impatient, treacherous and sinister, pretentious and scheming (to harm), does not get close to people's emotion (or does not reciprocate)

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BaZi: ZPZQ - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer

ZPZQ says:

Devil attacks Self, so it is not a good thing, but structures of great nobility usually contain Devil. That is because when it is restrained, it is beneficial, Devil will become what I can use, it's like people of great talents are difficult to be managed, if they can be handled properly, they can achieve greatness. Charts of Kings, Dukes, Generals and Ministers generally contain 7K.

There are more than 1 type of 7K structure, the one that uses Food to control, is a high grade chart, when Devil is prosperous and Food is strong and Self is healthy, that is an extremely noble chart. Like

Ding   Yi     Yi    Yi
Chou Mao You Hai

Extremely noble.

Devil that uses Food to restrain, does not want to have exposed Wealth or protruded Seal, as Wealth can transform Food to Devil and Seal can counter Food to save Devil.

And if Wealth is First and Food is after, Wealth can engender 7K for Food to counter, or Seal First and Food after, Food is too prosperous and is restrained by Seal, the structure becomes greatly noble.

Like the chart of Prime Minister Tuo:

Wu Bing Jia Ren
Xu Xu Chen Chen

Within Chen there's an obscured Devil, with Ren protruding, and Wu sitting on 4 EBs, thus Food is too heavy and so Jia Seal is protruded to damage the overly strong (Seal), how can it not be a noble structure?

If Devil is strong, Food is exhausted and Seal protrudes, it is a broken structure.

There's also charts where Devil is heavy while Self is light, to use Food would be extra burden for the DM, thus it is better to turn to use Seal instead, even though Seal will not be rooted in Month's decree, which is not affectionate but it is still a little affectionate, the structure can be noble but would not be great.

There are also charts with Devil using Wealth, Wealth can shield devil and thus it is not good, but when Food is being countered it cannot restrain Devil, Wealth can get rid of Seal to save Food and that becomes a noble structure.

Like the chart of Prime Minister Zhou,
Geng Ding   Jia  Wu
Xu     Wei   Zi    Xu

Wu is restrained and thus it cannot manage the Devil, on the hour pillar Geng Wealth protrudes, thus it 'clears the Food' (from being countered by Seal), and then it engenders the inadequate Devil. Engendered 7K is being controlled, both are being used, and thus it is greatly noble.

Also there are charts with heavy DM and light Devil, Devil is further transformed to Seal, thus the Useful God is not clean, and it borrows wealth to clear the chart and it becomes noble.


Geng   Bing   Yi      Jia
Bing    Xu    Hai    Shen

The chart of transportation minister(?) Liu

Also, there's mixed Qi 7K, when Wealth is not protruding in the stems, it can be used in a clean manner, and thus it can be noble.

There are charts with Devil mixed with Officer, when Officer is gone, or when Devil is gone, the chart clears up and becomes noble

Trey: 'gone' means been combined away or countered away.

Like the chart of General Yue

Geng  Geng   Ding     Gui
Chen  Yin      Si        Mao

Officer is gone and Devil stays. (Ding is countered by Gui and Si is saved)

When Officer represents the Qi of nobility, how can getting rid of Officer can be compared to getting rid of Devil?

When the Month's Decree is Indirect Officer, Devil is used and Officer is not used, and that is how we weigh (the importance)

If it is an Officer structure that is mixed with Devil, and then Officer is gotten rid of while Devil is saved, it is not as clean.

Like the chart of Imperial Guard(?) Shen,

Xin   Xin    Jia    Bing
Mao Hai   Wu    Zi

Zi is clashed with Wu and thus it counters Devil, the devil is gone and Officer saved.

Also, there's Devil that is not restrained by Food, but it's useful to Seal,

Such as

Wu   Wu   Jia    Wu
Wu   Yin   Yin  Chen

Chart of ministry councillor Zhao

In books, there's a saying that Devil must not be overly restraint, this is reasonable, thus when Luck goes to Wealth or Seal, one can be successful, then there's 'Abandoning Life to Follow Devil structure (follow 7K)'. This should be analyzed as external (special) structure.

End of chapter

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BaZi: SMTH - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer final part

I'm down with cold today, :(

This final part of the chapter is a collection of classical poems that discuss about 7K.

Ju Shan Pian says: Strong Self with shallow Devil, that fake devil can become authority, heavy devil with light self, whole life is damaged.

Ding Zhen says: if 7K is assisted by wealth, it becomes even more inauspicious.

It also says: Blade is a weapon, without devil it is difficult keep, Devil is the military command, without Blade it does not get respect, Blade and Devil if both are prominent, its mightiness can conquer the world.

Si Bu says: Devil does not part with Seal, Seal does not part with Devil, Devil and Seal mutually engendering, bring about prominent success.

Miao Xuan says: Devil as martial prowess, Seal as literary talents, with devil without Seal denotes lacks academic accomplishment, with Seal without Devil lacks awe-inspiring authority. With Devil and Seal together, means having both martial and literary skills.

You Xuan says: 7K seeing ChangSheng place, Woman will get a noble husband.

Luo Yi says: Devil arrives on Zi place, will get a rebellios son.

Qian Li Ma says: 7K that is restrained, many children.

Xiang Xin says: Indirect Officer 7K, its intensity can pressure the three excellencies (??), likes to drinking alcohol and likes to fight and compete, if it is dignified, it assists the weak and bully the strong, its temperament is like tiger, impetuous like wind.

Old Songs say:

Indirect Officer does not necessarily means inauspicious, with restrain clothing and fortune can be plentiful, on HS if Food God matches, there will be many children and grandchildren of honor.

Also: Self meeting 7K is the keypoint, when Stem (DM) is weak it greatly injures, if the True Fortune (DO) crosses path entering 7K is like punishment, one's life cannot be free from disaster and misfortune.

Also: 7K as the keypoint is basically worrisome, but when it is trained than it is pleasant and no longer worrisome, one's life will be just and without demonic tune, his ranking will be high as lord of a thousand houses.

Also: Indirect Officer on the Month is Devil spirit, if there is restrain one's status is as high as the first class officials. If one's dignity and glory is achieved late in life, he will become the blessings of his children and grandchildren.

Also: Month EB Indirect Officer must not be clashed, HO and YR are both pleasant to be seen, If DM is prosperous or strong it is regarded as noble, if the restrain is not too over, hundred matters will be smooth.

Also: Self is weak and devil is strong and without restraining god, the life will be full of disasters and misfortune,

Also: Jia and Yi's Devil is exposed Geng and Xin, inside Month (EB) Water and Wood are pleasant to be seen, when Luck goes to wood and fire it flourishes reputation and benefits, when water Luck comes it is afraid of Fire and Metal.

Also: Bing and Ding on the fifth month Devil is seen repeatedly, the coming wood and fire brings great success, undergoing metal and water cause misfortune to self, When Zi comes to clash it is most inauspicious.

Also: 6 Yis born to see Si You and Chou, within the frame it is dreadful for Wealth star to protect (7K), if suddenly Luck moves to Metal place, one's longevity will not be too long.

Also: Geng day seeing all Yin Wu Xu, on heaven protruding earth is propitious, one fire after another give rise to reputation, if life is at rest or trapped, water place is dreaded.

Also 6 Bing person seeing many Hai and Zi, Devil star returns to Seal is instead in harmony, eastern Luck brings about success and reputation, western luck will turn things to difficulties.

Also: Yin water seeing many Si character is injured, Devil star must be restrained by Wood, only then one's reputation and benefits can be prominent, but it's afraid that one's longevity will not be long.

Also: Earth seeing Mao place with a complete triple combination, it does not fear being wrapped by metal and water, at places where fire and wood prosperous will get reputation and benefits, but going through Kun and Kan disasters will come one after another.

Also: If Jia and Yi see Shen, they like to be obscurely engendered by Seal, if water and metal are both prosperous, one will become a government official.

AlsoL Jia and Yi born in Yin month, abundant metal is instead auspicious, but seeing water repeatedly is not beneficial, fire and earth are clothes and grains.

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BaZi: SMTH - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer part 2

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Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le!

Happy mid autumn festival!

Mid autumn is the day we make offering to the goddess of the moon, Chang Er 常娥, she is the personification of Grand Yin 太阴 (of Yin and Yang)。 She is believed to bestow beauty and wealth!

Anyway, back to learning the boring BaZi.


If Jia Yin person is born as prosperous Self, in Year or Month pillar seeing Geng Shen as prosperous Devil, and within the pillar fire does not protrude to counter Devil but seeing Zi Chen on EB to meet as the frame of Seal, then Devil will engender seal and seal engender Self, this is looked as having authority and status.

When Devil is exposed on the Year HS, it is different from being exposed on Month or Hour, as the Grand Duke (TaiSui) is the Master of one's life, it is the heaviest.

For example Jia seeing Geng Year, Yi seeing Xin year, and it is born in either the month of Shen, You or Chou, there are many metals in the pillars, and Luck Pillar undergoes Metal land, Annual pillar seeing metal again, it is most inauspicious.

If DM is born in the month of Yin, Wu or Xu or the months where wood is prosperous, fire restraining(7K) and self is strong, the extinct metal cannot cause harm, so it is auspicious

The classics says:

Jia meeting Geng . failing and wilting, branches leaves and roots withered;

Yi meeting Xin, injured, eliminated and falling short, foundation of its root and shoot damaged.

The flaming fire seeing Ren, will become dark and dim without light.

The glittering red Ding seeing Gui, its splendour light is self eliminated.

Wu going to Jia place, must prevent fortune turning into misfortune.

Ji sitting on the village of Yi, the origin of fortune is damaged.

Geng seeing a war with Bing, the intensity is inclined towards danger.

Xin being hurt by Ding, being subdued or attacked as the harm.

Ren meeting Wu earth, awkward, lame and difficult to be clear (in moving).

Gui follow the village of Ji, constantly on the move and difficult to protect.

Stem, Lu, Birth and Prosperity (the stages) can assist, the Blade is favorable to arrive, as it can combine and restrain.

Also it is said: Five elements seeing month EB as Indirect Officer, it should only be one, more is not good, if the four pillars has the pure 7K that is restrained, the person will be as noble as the first grade officials (the highest government office in ancient china)

But if it also sees one Direct Officer, Officer and Devil mixed, is lowly instead.

When the Devil is prosperous in the 4P, and LP cause Self to be prosperous, one will become a clean and noble government official.

It is also said: When Self and Devil are equally strong, without restrained, and LP goes Devil prosperous, even if noble, it will not last.

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