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BaZi: ZPZQ - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer

ZPZQ says:

Devil attacks Self, so it is not a good thing, but structures of great nobility usually contain Devil. That is because when it is restrained, it is beneficial, Devil will become what I can use, it's like people of great talents are difficult to be managed, if they can be handled properly, they can achieve greatness. Charts of Kings, Dukes, Generals and Ministers generally contain 7K.

There are more than 1 type of 7K structure, the one that uses Food to control, is a high grade chart, when Devil is prosperous and Food is strong and Self is healthy, that is an extremely noble chart. Like

Ding   Yi     Yi    Yi
Chou Mao You Hai

Extremely noble.

Devil that uses Food to restrain, does not want to have exposed Wealth or protruded Seal, as Wealth can transform Food to Devil and Seal can counter Food to save Devil.

And if Wealth is First and Food is after, Wealth can engender 7K for Food to counter, or Seal First and Food after, Food is too prosperous and is restrained by Seal, the structure becomes greatly noble.

Like the chart of Prime Minister Tuo:

Wu Bing Jia Ren
Xu Xu Chen Chen

Within Chen there's an obscured Devil, with Ren protruding, and Wu sitting on 4 EBs, thus Food is too heavy and so Jia Seal is protruded to damage the overly strong (Seal), how can it not be a noble structure?

If Devil is strong, Food is exhausted and Seal protrudes, it is a broken structure.

There's also charts where Devil is heavy while Self is light, to use Food would be extra burden for the DM, thus it is better to turn to use Seal instead, even though Seal will not be rooted in Month's decree, which is not affectionate but it is still a little affectionate, the structure can be noble but would not be great.

There are also charts with Devil using Wealth, Wealth can shield devil and thus it is not good, but when Food is being countered it cannot restrain Devil, Wealth can get rid of Seal to save Food and that becomes a noble structure.

Like the chart of Prime Minister Zhou,
Geng Ding   Jia  Wu
Xu     Wei   Zi    Xu

Wu is restrained and thus it cannot manage the Devil, on the hour pillar Geng Wealth protrudes, thus it 'clears the Food' (from being countered by Seal), and then it engenders the inadequate Devil. Engendered 7K is being controlled, both are being used, and thus it is greatly noble.

Also there are charts with heavy DM and light Devil, Devil is further transformed to Seal, thus the Useful God is not clean, and it borrows wealth to clear the chart and it becomes noble.


Geng   Bing   Yi      Jia
Bing    Xu    Hai    Shen

The chart of transportation minister(?) Liu

Also, there's mixed Qi 7K, when Wealth is not protruding in the stems, it can be used in a clean manner, and thus it can be noble.

There are charts with Devil mixed with Officer, when Officer is gone, or when Devil is gone, the chart clears up and becomes noble

Trey: 'gone' means been combined away or countered away.

Like the chart of General Yue

Geng  Geng   Ding     Gui
Chen  Yin      Si        Mao

Officer is gone and Devil stays. (Ding is countered by Gui and Si is saved)

When Officer represents the Qi of nobility, how can getting rid of Officer can be compared to getting rid of Devil?

When the Month's Decree is Indirect Officer, Devil is used and Officer is not used, and that is how we weigh (the importance)

If it is an Officer structure that is mixed with Devil, and then Officer is gotten rid of while Devil is saved, it is not as clean.

Like the chart of Imperial Guard(?) Shen,

Xin   Xin    Jia    Bing
Mao Hai   Wu    Zi

Zi is clashed with Wu and thus it counters Devil, the devil is gone and Officer saved.

Also, there's Devil that is not restrained by Food, but it's useful to Seal,

Such as

Wu   Wu   Jia    Wu
Wu   Yin   Yin  Chen

Chart of ministry councillor Zhao

In books, there's a saying that Devil must not be overly restraint, this is reasonable, thus when Luck goes to Wealth or Seal, one can be successful, then there's 'Abandoning Life to Follow Devil structure (follow 7K)'. This should be analyzed as external (special) structure.

End of chapter

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