Thursday, September 26, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 天元坐煞 Heavenly Origin sitting on Devil

DayMaster sitting on 7K

It's like Day Pillar Jia Shen, Yi You etc.

Like Yi Chou day, within Chou the DM sits on Xin metal which is the devil, it likes to be born in Spring or Summer where Yi wood is healthy and prosperous, in that way 7K automatically is controlled, it does not like to see apparent Bing or Ding, if it is born the months of Autumn it will be withered and because it sits on hidden ghost, how can it not be harmful?

So when the day pillars are like this, DM must be prosperous and not repeated countered by Officer and Devil, it likes Seal to transform Devil, Prosperous Wealth and prosperous Self, that is blessing.

If Devil is prosperous with Hurting Officer to combine or counter, it is noble, if there's nothing to assists or transform, and further Luck goes to Devil or seeing more devil, the persons face is scarred, or he's a midget, lame or inferior person, useless (like something that takes up space but useless), unethical, greedy and tyrannical, (??), (??) (I don't understand the last 2 phrases)

When counter is heavy, is mostly short-lived, when it falls into a good structure, it denotes martial nobility. But the person would be impatient, treacherous and sinister, pretentious and scheming (to harm), does not get close to people's emotion (or does not reciprocate)

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