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BaZi: SMTH - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer part 2

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Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le!

Happy mid autumn festival!

Mid autumn is the day we make offering to the goddess of the moon, Chang Er 常娥, she is the personification of Grand Yin 太阴 (of Yin and Yang)。 She is believed to bestow beauty and wealth!

Anyway, back to learning the boring BaZi.


If Jia Yin person is born as prosperous Self, in Year or Month pillar seeing Geng Shen as prosperous Devil, and within the pillar fire does not protrude to counter Devil but seeing Zi Chen on EB to meet as the frame of Seal, then Devil will engender seal and seal engender Self, this is looked as having authority and status.

When Devil is exposed on the Year HS, it is different from being exposed on Month or Hour, as the Grand Duke (TaiSui) is the Master of one's life, it is the heaviest.

For example Jia seeing Geng Year, Yi seeing Xin year, and it is born in either the month of Shen, You or Chou, there are many metals in the pillars, and Luck Pillar undergoes Metal land, Annual pillar seeing metal again, it is most inauspicious.

If DM is born in the month of Yin, Wu or Xu or the months where wood is prosperous, fire restraining(7K) and self is strong, the extinct metal cannot cause harm, so it is auspicious

The classics says:

Jia meeting Geng . failing and wilting, branches leaves and roots withered;

Yi meeting Xin, injured, eliminated and falling short, foundation of its root and shoot damaged.

The flaming fire seeing Ren, will become dark and dim without light.

The glittering red Ding seeing Gui, its splendour light is self eliminated.

Wu going to Jia place, must prevent fortune turning into misfortune.

Ji sitting on the village of Yi, the origin of fortune is damaged.

Geng seeing a war with Bing, the intensity is inclined towards danger.

Xin being hurt by Ding, being subdued or attacked as the harm.

Ren meeting Wu earth, awkward, lame and difficult to be clear (in moving).

Gui follow the village of Ji, constantly on the move and difficult to protect.

Stem, Lu, Birth and Prosperity (the stages) can assist, the Blade is favorable to arrive, as it can combine and restrain.

Also it is said: Five elements seeing month EB as Indirect Officer, it should only be one, more is not good, if the four pillars has the pure 7K that is restrained, the person will be as noble as the first grade officials (the highest government office in ancient china)

But if it also sees one Direct Officer, Officer and Devil mixed, is lowly instead.

When the Devil is prosperous in the 4P, and LP cause Self to be prosperous, one will become a clean and noble government official.

It is also said: When Self and Devil are equally strong, without restrained, and LP goes Devil prosperous, even if noble, it will not last.

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