Thursday, August 22, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer

Direct Offier is like Jia seeing Geng, Yi seeing You etc, that's like two guys cannot be together or two girls cannot be together as they cannot become a match, thus it is named Indirect Officer.

As they are separated 7 places (e.g Geng is the 7th count from Jia), thus it is named the 7th Devil.

As most villains are fierce and cruel, unrestrained, if there's no moral or law to restrain them, they would be fearless and unstoppable, and it will injure the master, thus, when it is restrained it is called Indirect Officer, unrestrained it is called 7th Devil.

If DM is strong and prosperous, with Seal to assist transformation (of 7K), the classics would say 'Seeing Devil, look at Wealth', if DM is strong and 7K is weak, Wealth is auspicious, if Self is Weak and Devil strong, with wealth having its Qi seized by 7K, one would be either poor or have a short life.

If Food God protrudes and restrains, the classics says 'once it is restrained, that is the foundation for nobility'

If there's YangRen to combine, the classics says 'Devil without YR is not prominent, seeing Devil will need to look at YR'

The above relationships like restraining, combining, engendering or transforming must not be excessive or inadequate, that is to borrow's villains strength to protect moral people and become the power and influence, that is the life of great wealth and nobility.

Also it represent cleverness, it's inauspicious for DM to be waning and weak, or seeing 7K repetitively, or the three punishments, the 6 harms, rob (devil), death (god) together, or GuiKang clashing, all these is extremely inauspicious.

If there's only 1 Devil but it is restrained at 2 or 3 places, then it's good for Luck to go to places where Devil is prosperous, that would be like enforcing the law to the extreme and the civilians will be gone (sort of like extreme restriction would render 7K useless), even if 7K is fierce like tiger and wolf, there is no chance for it to perform.

So, when we analyze we cannot focus on 7K being restricted, we should also look at how heavily or lightly it is restricted.

Thus the classics says: When there's originally a restriction, the 'out' 7K is considered as blessing, where there's originally no restriction, the 'out' 7K is considered as disaster, (I think 'out' means protrusion)

For example, Jia seeing Geng and Shen, Yi seeing Xin and You, within the pillars, Devil is prosperous and having Qi, it is beneficial to move to East and South for the Luck Pillars to restrain Geng and Xin, places without Qi would develop, otherwise, if born in the month of Yin or Mao. when self is sitting on ChangSheng, LinGuan or DiWang, and there are many compare shoulders or the same element that assists DM, it can also transform the ghost (Devil) into Officer, transform Devil to be authority, When Luck goes to places of Seal, the person will become wealthy and noble, but if Luck goes to places where Devil is seen again, then there would be heavy disaster.

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