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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I'd like to thank Rae for contributing on the subject of ZWDS all the readers for reading this blog.

We'll be back with more BaZi and ZWDS after holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Basic ZWDS Terms

Hi there, I am a new contributor on this blog. I am a beginner in Bazi and ZWDS and will attempt to translate modern Chinese texts to English. I will also create visuals to make the understanding of bazi, ZWDS and other arts clearer. Please feel free to provide feedback here. 

I start off with some basic terms of ZWDS

Self palace refers to the Palace in question. The life chart has 12 palaces which have separate categories. To examine one's life, Ming Palace should be of reference. Each palace should be referred to for the individual's outlook in a particular category.

Opposite Palace. This refers to the Palace opposite the Palace in question. Another way of examining the position is the 7th Palace in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Neighbouring Palace. This refers to the Palace before or after the Palace in question. This can be important as the stars sandwiching the Palace may have impact on the Palace in question.

Four corners. This refers to the Palace in question, the Opposite Palace,

The three corners have a harmonious relationship with the Palace in question. It is the 5th position in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The four opposites are at the 3rd position in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. To comprehend the auspiciousness of the Palace, there is a need to examine auspiciousness of the stars in the 1st, 5th, 7th and 9th Palace as well as their combinations of stars.

Beidou or Great Bear/Big Dipper main stars refer to Tanlang, Jumen, Lucun, Wenqu, Lianzhen, Wuqu and Puojun. 

Bei Dou or Great Bear/Big Dipper supporting stars refer to Tuoluo, Zuofu and Youbi.

Nandou or Milk Dipper main stars are Tianfu, Tianliang, Tianji, Tiantong, Tianxiang and Qisha.

Nandou or Milk Dipper supporting stars are Huoxing, Lingxing, Tiankui and Tianyue.

The main stars are Ziwei, Taiyang and Taiyin.


Zhenyao refers to Ziwei, Taiyang, Taiyin, Wenqu, Nandou Six Stars, Beidou Seven Stars as well as Zuofu, Youbi. There are a total of 19 stars.

Pianyao or Secondary Stars refer to Qingyang, Huaxing, Lingxing, Tianyue, Tiankui, Tuoluo, these six stars.

Zayao or Miscellaneous Stars refer to stars other than those Zhenyao, Huayao or Pianyao.

Huayao or Transformation Stars refer to Hualu, Huaquan, Huake and Huaji.

Double stars or pair stars refer to Ziwei and Tianfu, Taiyang and Taiyin, Zoufu and Youbi,  Wenqu and Wenchang, Dikong and Dijie, Huoxing and Lingxing, Qingyang and Tuoluo, Tianyue and Tiankui. There are a total of 35 pairs.

The three auspicious stars are Hualu, Huaquan and Huake.

The Sihua or Four Transformation Stars are the same as Huayao or Transformation stars.

The four inauspicious stars are Qingyang, Tuoluo, Huoxing and Lingxing. 

The six auspicious stars are Tiankui, Tianyue, Zuofu, Youbi, Wen Chang and Wenqu.

The six inauspicious stars are Dikong and Dijie in addition to the abovementioned four.

The seven inauspicious stars include the abovementioned and Huaji.

Chanci refer to the paths which the stars take.

Tianluo refers to the Chen Court and Diwang refers to the Xu Court.

Leimen or Thunder Door refers to Mao Court. 

Tianmen or Heaven Door refers to Hai Court.

Dimen or Ground Door refers to Si Court.

Renmen or Human Door refers to Yin Court.

Guimen or Ghost Door refers to Shen Court. 

Meet, Encounter, See, Sit, Add: This refers to stars meeting the star in question or it could refer to the three corners.
Shou refers to a single star in a court whereas tong refers to more than one star in a court.

Jian refers to auspicious stars in the same court, Bing refers to inauspicious stars in the same court.

Clash refers to inauspicious stars in the opposite palace, reflect refers to auspicious stars in the opposite palace.

Miao and Wang phase where the stars are at their brightest. The auspicious stars are at their brightest and inauspicious stars are not inauspicious.

Pinghe is where the brightness of the stars are normal. Auspicious stars are auspicious, inauspicious stars inauspicious.

Luoxian phase is where the stars are dim. Auspicious stars are inauspicious, inauspicious stars are at their most inauspicious.

This is the ten-year luck cycle.

This is the annual luck cycle.

Liunian refers to the chart owner's luck for the current year. Doujun refers to the month luck. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 3

五行生旺,不怕刑囚;东西南北,数尽方休。Five elements born prosperous, does not fear punishment or imprisonment, east west south and north, direction where the count ends is at rest.

Trey: Five elements refers to the DM and all the gods in the chart. Being born prosperous or having Qi is an advantage because when LP goes to the places where the element is 'dead' or 'extinct', it can still function well.

Yin-Shen-Si-Hai, the structures of 4 births; usable substances and self prosperous, meeting this is successful

Trey: Yin, Shen, Si and Hai are 4 places where elements are born, Yin is the birthplace of fire and earth, Shen of water (and earth), Si of metal and Hai of wood. Usable substances refer to Useful Gods, for example earth born in Shen can use Wealth, fire born in Shen can use Officer. Wealth and Officer gets ChangSheng Qi from the Month EB and together with a strong DM, the chart becomes a good structure. 

Chen-Xu-Chou-Wei, the gods of 4 storages; the Human Origin gets 3 uses, protrusion and prosperous are regarded as true. 

Trey: This verse talks about DM born in the month of the earth, all 3 Qis contained in the earth can be used when they protrude and they are prosperous.

Take for example Jia born in Xu, Xu contains earth as the main Qi, which is Wealth, metal as the residual Qi, which is Officer and fire as storage Qi which is the output. The true Useful God is the one that protrudes or is prosperous. 

Zi-Wu-Mao-You, the structures of 4 defeats'; committed by men denotes rise and fall. committed by women denotes loneliness.

Trey: I have no idea why it is like this. 

BaZi: SMTH 论食神 Discuss Food God part 2

Seal LP is beneficial for chart with a lot of Food God, but for chart with few Food, it is not beneficial, that becomes Owl God seizing Food, thus Food favors to be supported by Lu and Wang (Qi phases), Lu and Wang in the month decree is the best, Lu in the hour is second best, if LP has Noblemen and it is also the place where Food God is Sheng and Wang, denotes great blessings.

Fears weak Self with strong Owl, even though it is favorable to have Wealth in the pillars, it should not be too many, too many is no clear, can be no better than a rich person only.

When Food God is seen repeatedly, it changes to become Hurting Officer, then the person will have few children, even if he has, the child will be uninhibited (stubborn, headstrong), also it cannot enter tomb, even though if it is considered HO entering grave, it denotes difficulty in having a long life.

Greatly unfavorable is KongWang, the person will become the lowest rank in his profession, if Food is being countered, it cannot be noble, moreover if LP goes to place where Food is in Death or Extinction or if LP is Owl, disaster is on the Qi of Food, stomach will be overturned (stomach upset) and choke on food, lack of clothing and food, endure famine and cold. 

Also it is said: Jia day eats Bing, without Ren and Gui in the pillars is good, if there is water Qi, Bing will be countered, submit or surrender to others, it cannot for itself, how can it engender something to nurture its father (DM)?

If there is no such restraint, it also needs to be born prosperous and 'facing fortune', like Bing (Food) born in summer, LP goes East and South, fire and earth are both prosperous, that Jia that uses Wealth will have abundant wealth. 

Say if Jia is born in the three springs. although Bing fire gets ChangSheng qi, Wu and Ji has thin Qi, so LP needs to go South where fire and earth are prosperous, only then one can be successful.

Also like Geng has Ren as Food, when LP goes to north where water is prosperous, one will become very rich, when it goes east where wood is prosperous, one will become rich fast (i think).

If we analyze carefully, Geng has Ren as Food, it ChangSheng in Shen, so Shen should be regarded as a strong blessing place, suddenly it fails at You, Ren water when is in You is not good,and Ren can engender Jia wood as wealth for Geng, the wealth that is engendered by Self, it's not the wealth like being married to the wife, Jia until You is when wood is imprisoned, Ren water is failing (MuYu), how can wood help to support its father? 

Trey: When Geng uses Ren as Food, Shen is a good place but You is not, as You is MuYu (failed / defeated) for water and does not support wood. 

So this place should be analyzed as ordinary. (refers to You)

When LP goes to Xu, and if the Stems have Ren and Jia, it should be analyzed as 50 / 50 auspicious and inauspicious, seeing Wu can be regarded as having disaster, seeing Geng can be regarded as having small fortune. 

Hai Luck is greatly auspicious, Zi Luck has Gui water as Hurting Officer, havy HO will exhaust Self, moreover Geng dies at Zi and Jia fails at Zi, so this should be analyzed as disastrous luck. 

When Luck goes to Chou, it is the storage of Geng metal, and a place where water is prosperous, also it has Ji Chou to support Geng, Jia is under GuanDai where it is reaching into adulthood, so this 10-years should be regarded as successful years.

Yin Luck is also auspicious, Mao Luck is disastrous, others are analyzed accordingly.

Also it is said: Food God dreads the Owl, but there are some that don't fear.


Ji Hai does not fear Ding Pouring Food, Ding and Ren combine to wood, and Ren 'Lu' at Hai.

Bing Wu does not fear Jia Pouring Food, Jia and Ji combine to earth, and Ji 'Lu' at Wu.

Yi Si does not fear Gui Pouring Food, Wu and Gui combine to fire, Yi Si is still fire.

Gui Si does not fear Xin Pouring Food, Bing and Xin combine to water, Gui 'noble' at Si

Geng as the leader of the gang of Yang (as in Yin Yang), does not fear Wu Pouring Food, Wu, is the number where the Qi of Yang returns to its sources, so seeing Wu is considered as XiShen (Favorable God)

Ji does not pour the food of Xin, as it is the source where the Qi of Yin (as in Yin and Yang) disperses.

Geng does not pour the food for Ren, as it is the source where the Qi of Yang disperses.

Xin having Ding does not fear Ji Pouring Food, as Ding nurtures Xin metal, moreover, the place with Ding has Ji earth, Yin and Yang interferes, enjoys ease and comfort.