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BaZi: SMTH 论食神 Discuss Food God



Food God, is engendered by Day Stem, the third place counted from the DM, like Jia eats Bing, Yi eats Ding. 

Jia engenders Bing as exhausting Qi, and Bing engenders Wu as Jia's Indirect Wealth, Indirect Wealth is wealth that is given by heaven naturally, one does not need to work hard for this wealth and one can enjoy this as wealth and blessings.

Jia abd Bing has the Tao of father and son, if the son is prosperous or ministerial, it can engender Wealth to give to its parents, don't the parents enjoy (the wealth) peacefully?

Also Jia sees Geng as Devil, Wu as Wealth, Food God can control and restrain Geng Devil so it cannot harm Jia wood, it can engender Wu earth as Wealth to be used by Jia wood.

When a chart LP goes to places of Wealth and Devil, with prosperous Food, Devil is restrained and it cannot become disaster, Wealth is engendered by Food, abundant and inexhaustible, thus Food God is also named as 'Longevity Star' or 'Noble Star' (Noble like Duke and Marquis), that is good to have.

This structure has to have DM and Food equally strong, without clash or breakage, denotes having abundant money and food, magnanimous fortune, fat, carefree and self-sufficient, having son(s) and daugther-in-law(s), long life.

If the pillars see Wealth or Food on the Year or Month pillar, denotes having protection and Wealth from the parents or ancestors, if it is on Day or Hour, wife and husband reap blessings, but it is fears that both mother and son are Waning or Extinct, this will not give anything. Thus the classics says: Food God favors to be Sheng (as in ChangSheng) or Wang (as in DiWang), it must not be Shuai(as in Shuai) or Jue (extinct) 

Also the classics says: Food God Sheng and Wang, is as glorious as Wealth and Officer. 

Food God greatly disfavor Indirect Seal as Pouring Food, denotes a person who begins but never finishes, evil looking person, small body,narrow heart and temperament, a lot of worries and no accomplishment.  

If Jia sees Bing as Food, within the pillars is Ren, which is the Indirect Seal, it counters Bing fire so it cannot engender Wu earth, it cannot control Geng metal, that makes Jia restrained and it's Wealth retreating, is it not in distress?

The odes of YuanLi says: Food God countering Devil, meeting Owl, denotes one will be either poor or have a short life.

YiXing says: Yang DM has Food God obscurely combined with Officer star, Yin DM has Food God obscurely combined with Direct Seal, Officer and Seal must not be clear and prominent (appears in HS), when one gets a pure Food God, it denotes nobility and having fortune, wealthy and live a long life, it is favorable to have only one Food God, too many is not beneficial, for the fear that it can usurp the Qi of the Original Yuan (DM). 

The classics says: One wood repeatedly meeting places of Fire, is called the father of dispersed Qi. 

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  1. i got 4 eg but they contain several elements,not sure if thats bad and whether this qualifies as follow son structure

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