Monday, December 2, 2013

BaZi: Athletes - Cristiano Ronaldo

Rank #9 on Forbes highest paid athletes list is the 28 year old Cristiano Ronaldo - total earning USD 44m

I took these birth data from astrodatabank, 2 birth times are given by the website.

Born 5 February 1985 at Funchal Portugal ,

5:25am - LAT 4:03am

Yin hour chart:

1. Yi wood born in Early spring

2. 2 elements protrudes from the month command - Yi Wood and Wu Earth

3. Structure is 月劫用财 - Month Rob Wealth uses Wealth. 

4. Rob Wealth uses Wealth, without Output is not a good chart, as output is needed to transform parallels to Wealth

5. Wu earth Wealth on Month HS is countered by Yi wood, Useful God is damaged at the Month pillar. 

6. Wu earth on hour pillar remains usable for DM. 

7. Minister God (the outputs) are absent from the natal chart.

8. This not likely a chart for a football superstar. 


10:20am - LAT 8:58am

1. 月劫用财官 Month Rob Wealth structure with protruding Wealth and Officer, 

2. A classic example of a good grade chart. 

3. Geng in hour pillar is closest to DM and is very affectionate, it acts to control other parallel stars.

4. Chart with Wealth and Officer favors Seal and does not favor outputs.

5. This is more likely the chart for a football superstar, as the classics often say 名利双收, reap both the reputation / fame  and the benefits (that comes with it).


  1. hmm i think Xin Si hour more likely seeing his speed

    he is a 1 man show.

    is it a 7K ride Yang Ren chart with Xin Si hour? 2005 Yi Hai Luck strengthen Yang Ren he succeed.

    Heaven and earth clash.

  2. Dear randy,

    Yin Day Stem has no Yang Ren.