Thursday, December 5, 2013

BaZi: Athletes - Roger Federer

Rank second on Forbes highest paid athletes list is Roger Federer - total earning USD 72m

Born 8 August 1981 at 08:40, Basel, Switzerland - LAT 7.04, Chen hour

1. Wu earth born on the first day of the beginning of Autumn, water takes command.

2. Xin metal protrudes beside Bing fire, as water has the command, this transformation to water is true.

3. As water is taking command, water is naturally the Useful God

4. Wu DM sits on DiWang, having Qi is 2 other branches

5. When DM is strong enough, Bing Owl God becomes Indirect Seal

6. Chart structure becomes Wealth adorned with (Indirect) Seal, structure is complete.

7. Wealth and Seal are separated by DM

8. As SYDB says: First Wealth and Seal after, will instead become a blessing / fortune. 先财后印, 反成其福

Another guy with good natal chart and a good set of LPs.

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