Sunday, December 1, 2013

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 2

DayMaster very strong, with the outline of Month EB (DM) gets the command; Use Wealth as material, one is just on the outside and the inside.

Trey: This verse is most possible about a strong DM that uses Wealth, while having support from the month EB. A person of this structure is 正 true - just, honest, principled etc.

The root of year as Master, The month command as middle, The birth day has hundred 'ke', some hours are prosperous and some hours are empty.

Trey: The year as the Master is not the same as DM, it's an entirely different concept.

SMTH writes:
The ancient people analyze life, separate into three masters, determine three boundaries

With Year and Month taking charge of the time one is newly born, month and day taking charge of the middle master, day and hour taking charge of ending master.

This method is the same as the 3 masters from the school of 'stellar calendar' (I have no idea who they were)

If the Early Master star is the year of birth that has strength, denotes a good Early Master

If it does not have strength, Early Master is unfavorable.

Middle and Ending Masters are the same.

Trey: Actually I don't understand this concept very well. But let's just know that Year Master is entirely a different concept that dates back to the time before ZiPing.

Stem and Branch are the same, damage Wealth and injure wife, Annual Pillar and Luck Pillar are the same, break or abandon the foundation built by ancestors.

Trey: Stem and Brach are the same - this probably refers to the 八专 BaZhuan pillars like Jia Yin Yi Mao, Geng Shen etc, this denotes cleverness and good health, without Officer or 7K, it denotes a person who likes to indulge in sex and alcohol, thus wasting money and hurting the family.

Month Decree JianLu, does not stay in the ancestor's house; once the chart sees Wealth and Officer, naturally become successful.

Trey: This is self-explanatory.

When Fire is used, water is worrisome, when wood is used, metal is worrisome, lightness and heaviness are analyzed, disaster or fortune can be true.

Trey: This refers to the benevolent Gods, say if the DM is Wood, structure is 7K controlled by Food Fire, water would be worrisome.

The second part of the verse talks about how the balance of the chart should be analyzed.

For example, Jia DM with a 7K structure that uses Food, with Food being excessively strong and 7K being weak, in this case, Seal or Owl would be favorable instead, as Owl would seize the excessive Food and restore balance to the structure.

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