Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 5

Ten stems transformation god, with shadow without form; within 'nothing' something is engendered, blessings and fortunes are difficult to be proven.

It seems to me that the verse talks about Transformation Qi structure, also it could be talking about two different type of structures.

Anyway, in this post I can only discuss about the first phrase in the verse. The second verse is cryptic and I have no idea what it's talking about at all.

十干化神 Ten stems transformation god in my opinion refers to the transformation Qi structures (or in DTS term - the transformation image 化象), like Jia + Ji transformation to earth, Bing + Xin transformation to water, Wu + Gui transformation to fire, Geng + Yi to metal and Ren + Ding to wood.

DTS states:

化得真者只论化, 化神还有几般话
One that truly transforms is discussed only as transformation, still, the transformation god has many types of sayings. 

This DTS verse probably has two meanings:

1. That there are many types of transformation structure - there are transformation that is true, fake and follow.
2. That the transformation structure behaves in ways, that were never explained by the DTS original text. 

The commentary in DTS on this verse states that when Jia and Ji transforms to earth, the intensity of the earth should be analyzed. If earth is too strong, then it needs water as Wealth, wood as Officer and Metal as Food. That when it meets Jia or Yi in the LP or AP, it should not be regarded as 'rivalry' or 'jealousy' combination, instead it should be regarded as the 'idle god'. 

I think this commentary contradicts itself. When earth is strong, does it not need wood as Officer? how can wood become an idle god for a strong earth transformation god?

DTS also states the following on the subject of 'fake transformation'

Many people who are 'fake transformation' are also noble, orphans or people with different surname can also be outstanding.

This verse indicates that fake transformation structure can also be noble structures, but people with fake transformation structure usually have difficult young age. 

'Transformation' of the DM is often regarded as a form of 'image' 象. A stem has 2 images i.e the original image and the transformed image. For example, Jia original image is wood and transformed image is earth, Bing original image is fire and transformed image is water etc.

When the DM sees its pairing (like Jia seeing Ji) among the stems, it has a tendency to transform. Transformation is then analyzed on the basis of how 'True' it is, then the structure is classified as 'true transformation' 真化 or 'fake transformation' 假化, probably for the sake of simplicity. I believe that transformation is continuum, rather than absolute.

A poem in SMTH 巫咸撮要 WuXianCuoYao, briefly discuss about transformation structure.

Also when the transformation structure manages to become image, it must be distinguished as weak, prosperous or equal

It is good that within the combination and matching, one knows the way where it comes and goes

Metal extincts and northern Gen, fire extinguished at western Qian, wood falls at southern Kun it has no shape, when water arrives at eastern Xun it has no place.

That is when all Yang stems die, when it meet its pairing, it joins,

if the wive hides, hopefully it is seen in the structure

and it can be decided that Yin (of Yin and Yang) is birthed at the four cardinals (Mao, Wu, You and Zi), that when it is prosperous (supported by season), one is noble and his family glorious. When it is dead, extinct, entombed, injuring others, injuring the stems, that is regarded as especially insufficient.

When the transformation Qi is not broken, eight or nine out of ten (people with the structure) are prominently noble.

When the transformation Qi lost its frame or is injured, there would be no more than two or three people out of 100 who are prominent and glorious.

The highest (of status) and most noble of people, resides in prosperity places of three individuals, they must be mutually assisting. 

The lowliest and poorest of people, resides at declining places, it is difficult to find a structure within the four pillars.

The origin of image lies within the earthly branches, the matching and combination within the heavenly stems

The image that is successfully created, prosperous and is used, are all engendered within fire and earth. If there is no injury within the four pillars, one is placed high in the imperial court

In my opinion, the truest transformation happens under these conditions:
1. Transformation god has the command of the month
2. Transformation god has the support of a frame
3. Transformation god meets the dragon (EB Chen)
4. Transformation god protrudes in heaven

In most cases, all these 4 criteria are not met, it is up to the reader to decide if the transformation is true or fake, and then decide which deities would be favorable to the chart. 

There is no definitive guidelines to do this, there is no sufficient information regarding transformation structure available in literature (AFAIK) to help us to do this correctly and SYDB acknowledges this difficulty.