Thursday, October 30, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 8

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SYDB says:

Officer and 7K are seen repeatedly, control and suppression will attain success; if it goes to DiWang, seeing that is not inauspicious.

The thing with the Officers is that they want to be alone. DO together with 7K is generally considered a sickness.

SYDB states that when DO and 7K are mixed, there should be suppression. For example a Jia wood with Geng 7K and Xin DO in the chart favors Fire.

When the LP goes to DiWang (YangRen for the Yang DM), it should not be analyzed as inauspicious. That is because mixed authorities favor strong DM.

More information about mixed authorities is in this post

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BaZi: YHZP Accidents and Injuries

This is taken from the same chapter as the Illness chapter in YHZP

Metal represents knife, blade or punishments injury

Water is death caused by drowning

Wood is hanging oneself from the ridge pole, eaten by tigers or angered snakes

Fire is inverted night sleep, snake injury or being burned

Earth is land fall or crushed by rocks, mud trap or fallen walls

BaZi: YHZP - 疾病 Disease or Illness

YHZP states that the human body is made of the Internal and the External:

The internal called ZhangFu 脏腑: which is made of
  • 心、肝、脾、肺、肾为五脏,
  • Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys as the 5 Zang
  • 胃、胆、三焦、膀胱、大肠、小肠为六腑
  • Stomach, Gallbladder, Triple warmer, Prostrate, Large Intestines, Small Intestines as the 6 Fu

The external called ZiTi『肢体』which are the limbs and trunks.

The Stem and Branches of BaZi, with the principles of Engendering and Countering, take that is heavily wounded to be analyzed; when the five elements are overly prosperous or inadequate, they are all regarded as sickness.

For the Internal Organs, the representations of the HS are as below:


Jia - Liver
Yi - Gallbladder
Bing - Small intestines
Ding - Heart
Wu - Stomach
Ji - Spleen
Geng - Large Intestines
Xin - Lungs
Ren - Prostrate
Gui - Kidneys

For the External limbs, the representations are:

Jia - Head
Yi - Forehead
Bing - Shoulders
Ding - Heart (Chest)
Wu - Laterals (from armpits to ribs)
Ji - Abdomen
Geng - Bellybutton (possibly upper abs and lower abs)
Xin - Buttocks / Thighs
Ren - Calves
Gui - Feet

As for the EBs, the representations are:


Zi - Hernia?
Chou - Abdomen
Yin - Arms
Mao - Eyes and Hands
Chen - Back and Chest
Si - Face and Teeth
Wu - Heart and Abdomen
Si - Spleen and abdomen
Shen - Cough related illness
You - Liver and Lungs
Xu - Back and Lungs
Hai - Head and Liver

Now this part is something that I don't understand.

Kidneys are connected through the eyes,

Gallbladder stores the soul 魂,
Liver stores vigor 魄,
Kidneys stores essence 精,
Heart stores spirit 神
Spleen stores Qi 气.

Other part of the text is too complicated for me to translate, it requires some knowledge in TCM which I do not have.

May TCM practitioners find this helpful.

Monday, October 27, 2014

BaZi: DTS 顺逆 Forward (Follow) and Reverse

Wanting to clear the ignorance of people, the mechanism of forward and reverse must be understood and known.

I interpret this verse differently from the original annotation and RTQ annotation.

顺 - Forward

To me, in this context it refers to 顺用, the way the benevolent gods should be used. Officer, Wealth, Food and Seal; they should either be engendered or protected for a good structure to be established.

In general, Forward (or Follow) Use according to ZPZQ is like this:

Officer likes to be engendered by Wealth and protected by Seal

Wealth likes to be engendered by the Outputs and protected by Officer

Seal likes to be engendered by the Authorities and protected by the Parallels.

Food likes to be engendered by the parallels and protected by Wealth

逆 - Reverse

Most possibly refers to 逆用,the way the malevolent gods should be used. Hurting Officer, 7 Killing, YangRen and the Owl. These are used in specified ways.

Hurting Officer likes to be countered by Seal or transformed to Wealth

7K likes to be countered by Food or transformed to Seal

YR likes to be combined with 7K or countered by Officer

Owl likes to be countered by Wealth

That is when the gods are being used. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

BaZi: DTS 精神 Essence and Spirit - on the subject of Balance

DTS says:

Men has essence and spirit, it cannot be seek (to be strong) only from one side, it must be damaged (reduced) or supported to attain moderation.

Men in this context most probably refers to the entity that participates in the dynamics of the chart i.e the 10 Gods. I'd probably think this is the Useful Gods - Officer, Wealth, Seal, Food, Hurting Officer, Devil, Blade or the Owl. Depending on how the Gods are being used.

As there are only 4 pillars in BaZi, the influences of the Gods are mostly imbalance, one of the deities might be more influential than the others.

Take an Officer structure for example: An Officer structure favors a strong Officer. However, an overly strong Officer often comes with a weak DM. In this case, the presence of Wealth star might not be as helpful as the presence of Seal. As Seal supports DM and simultaneously reduce the strength of the Officer, whereas Wealth star will further strengthen the Officer without helping the DM. Although it is known that an Officer + Wealth structure is superior than an Officer + Seal structure, due to the concept of Balance, Seal is the preferred Minister God for a weak DM.

On the other hand, if the Officer structure comes with a strong DM, Wealth star is preferred to Seal, as Seal will weaken the Officer and further strengthen the already strong DM.

Nevertheless, the presence of the trio Wealth, Officer and Seal is always the more auspicious structure than the other 2 structures described above.

Remember that Balance in BaZi does not mean all five elements have to be equally strong. The Officer structure will never want to see the outputs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BaZi: ZPSYJY - Year, Month, Day and Hour pillars and the period of life

Lately, I've been studying a book written in Ming dynasty called  子平四言集腋 (ZiPing SiYan JiYe), where all the information are written into four words sentences. It's very similar to SYDB but it explains a lot more than that cryptic poem. Still it is a very strange book.

This excerpt is taken from that over 500 years old book.

年月主初, 共年廿五, 气未大舒, 日为中限, 二十五年, 时为末限, 五十年全

Year and Month represents the Early (time of life), a total of 25 years (old), where the Qi is yet greatly unfold, Day as the middle boundary, 25 years (of age), Hour as the eventual boundary, a complete of 50 years (old)

In summary,

Year + Month pillar -- Below 25 years old --- known as early boundary 初限
Day Pillar -- Between 25 to 50 years old --  as middle boundary 中限
Hour Pillar -- Above 50 years old -- as eventual (final) boundary 末限

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bazi : Royalties - Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge

Image taken from

Yi DM born in the mid of Summer with Bing protruding on the Month and Hour HS. Wu and Xu form a partial Fire frame, strengthening the Fire on the HS.

This is a very distinct Hurting Officer structure.

The protruding Ren is extremely auspicious in the Year Pillar (which also denotes ancestors). Ren Direct Seal counters the two Hurting Officers Bing, giving the chart the structure 伤官佩印  ShangGuanPeiYin (SGPY) - Hurting Officer adorns with Seal.

According to the old books, a high grade SGPY structure has the following criteria.

1. 伤官旺 - Prosperous Hurting Officer
Hurting Officer is undoubtedly strong in  Prince William's chart, Fire being in DiWang stage in the middle of summer and supported by partial Fire frame.

2. 印根深 - Strongly Rooted Seal
Seal Ren is strongly rooted in Hai, which is the LinGuan stage.

3. 身稍弱 - Self is a little weak
Self is a little weak, the only supporting Qi is from the day EB, which is the ChangSheng stage for Wood.

Apparently, this chart meets all three criteria that makes it a very high grade SGPY structure.

What is more wondrous, is that the Yi wood is being born in Summer and meets water. This is termed 夏木逢润, Summer wood seeing water (to nourish).

Summer wood being nourished by water, its elegance is a hundred-times fold, that is why it is a first class noble.

A SGPY structure dislikes Wealth, favors Authority and Seal. Outputs LPs are neutral. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 7


Analyze in detail each structure, 7K should be regarded as (most) important, transform 7K into authority, why worry about damaging the (Use)ful god.

A set  of BaZi can have more than 1 structure. It can have 2 structures, 3 structure or even 4 structures. The more structure it has, the less clear it is. A good grade Bazi must be clear '清'. 

As 杂论 ZaLun says:


One structure or two structures, if not high ministers then should be ministers;
Three structures or four structures, Wealth and Officer are not pure,  If not LiZu (the guards at the courtroom) then mostly is commoner.

In case of a chart having more than 1 structures, and one of the structures is 7K, 7K should be analyzed first, as it is the most important.

 'Transform 7K into authority' refers to using 7K in the correct way, for example to use Food to control 7K, or Seal to transform 7K or YR to withstand 7K. 

When the 7K star is correctly used. It really does not matter what happen to the Useful God of the Month EB.

YHZP says: 官杀混杂要制伏 

Officer and Devil mixed has to be control and restrained.

As we know Officer cannot be restrained. That results in a broken structure. But in this case, 7K has to be restrained and accordingly, Officer is disregarded.

Another famous saying with the similar meaning is a phrase in 五言独步 WuYanDuBu


If there is Devil, Devil should be discussed first. If there is no Devil, the Use(ful) God can be discussed.;
When the Devil star is gotten rid of, it does not fear the heaviness of the outline (Month EB)

We always say that the outline (Month EB) is heavy 提纲有用提纲重.

That is to emphasize the importance of Month Commander i.e YueLing and how chart structures and Useful Gods should be derived from the Month EB. Everything else should be disregarded when Useful Gods reside in the month EB. But in the case of 7K, month EB should be secondary although it is heavy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 6

ShiErDaBai, The ten evil of great defeat, is very unfavorable to the structure; however if it meets Wealth and Officer, it becomes rich and noble.

Shi Er Da Bai are the 10 days where the 十干禄 Shi Gan Lu have fallen into 空亡 Kong Wang.

The 10 days are:

Jia Chen
Yi Si
Bing Shen
Ding Hai
Wu Xu
Ji Chou
Geng Chen
Xin Si
Ren Shen
Gui Hai

Having the 10 Evil does not necessarily mean inauspicious luck. If the chart has Wealth and Officer, and if they are usable, strong and affectionate. One can also become rich and noble. 

The 10 days that transform

I came across a little piece of information in YHZP a few days ago when I was researching about Transformation Structure.

This is quoted from 杂论口诀 in YHZP

Transformation, there are 10 days:

Jia Shen
Yi You
Geng Yin
Xin Mao
Ren Wu
Gui Wei
Bing Zi
Ding Chou
Wu Wu
Ji Chou

Even the BaZi is not under any structure (common), Fortune still is over-flowing

There are other Qi of blessings, virtues and elegance, each with its own heaven, earth, deities and spirits

This means transformation structure has its own set of rules that is different from the common structures

For transformation structure, real transformation, one become duke or high ministers; fake transformation, one is an orphan or carry a different surname (like adopted child)

Don't forget DTS says: 孤儿异姓能出类, orphans or adopted children can be outstanding.

Which means a fake transformation structure can also be successful like true transformation structure.

Seeing dragon will change (transform), flying dragon in the sky, easy to see virtuous men.

This sentence is YiJing, some people interpret this as a good time to act. Though I am not entirely sure what it means. I think that when a transformation or fake transformation structure sees the EB Chen, transformation structure becomes auspicious. It is a good time to act for improvement.