Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 6

ShiErDaBai, The ten evil of great defeat, is very unfavorable to the structure; however if it meets Wealth and Officer, it becomes rich and noble.

Shi Er Da Bai are the 10 days where the 十干禄 Shi Gan Lu have fallen into 空亡 Kong Wang.

The 10 days are:

Jia Chen
Yi Si
Bing Shen
Ding Hai
Wu Xu
Ji Chou
Geng Chen
Xin Si
Ren Shen
Gui Hai

Having the 10 Evil does not necessarily mean inauspicious luck. If the chart has Wealth and Officer, and if they are usable, strong and affectionate. One can also become rich and noble. 

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