Monday, October 27, 2014

BaZi: DTS 顺逆 Forward (Follow) and Reverse

Wanting to clear the ignorance of people, the mechanism of forward and reverse must be understood and known.

I interpret this verse differently from the original annotation and RTQ annotation.

顺 - Forward

To me, in this context it refers to 顺用, the way the benevolent gods should be used. Officer, Wealth, Food and Seal; they should either be engendered or protected for a good structure to be established.

In general, Forward (or Follow) Use according to ZPZQ is like this:

Officer likes to be engendered by Wealth and protected by Seal

Wealth likes to be engendered by the Outputs and protected by Officer

Seal likes to be engendered by the Authorities and protected by the Parallels.

Food likes to be engendered by the parallels and protected by Wealth

逆 - Reverse

Most possibly refers to 逆用,the way the malevolent gods should be used. Hurting Officer, 7 Killing, YangRen and the Owl. These are used in specified ways.

Hurting Officer likes to be countered by Seal or transformed to Wealth

7K likes to be countered by Food or transformed to Seal

YR likes to be combined with 7K or countered by Officer

Owl likes to be countered by Wealth

That is when the gods are being used. 

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