Thursday, October 23, 2014

BaZi: DTS 精神 Essence and Spirit - on the subject of Balance

DTS says:

Men has essence and spirit, it cannot be seek (to be strong) only from one side, it must be damaged (reduced) or supported to attain moderation.

Men in this context most probably refers to the entity that participates in the dynamics of the chart i.e the 10 Gods. I'd probably think this is the Useful Gods - Officer, Wealth, Seal, Food, Hurting Officer, Devil, Blade or the Owl. Depending on how the Gods are being used.

As there are only 4 pillars in BaZi, the influences of the Gods are mostly imbalance, one of the deities might be more influential than the others.

Take an Officer structure for example: An Officer structure favors a strong Officer. However, an overly strong Officer often comes with a weak DM. In this case, the presence of Wealth star might not be as helpful as the presence of Seal. As Seal supports DM and simultaneously reduce the strength of the Officer, whereas Wealth star will further strengthen the Officer without helping the DM. Although it is known that an Officer + Wealth structure is superior than an Officer + Seal structure, due to the concept of Balance, Seal is the preferred Minister God for a weak DM.

On the other hand, if the Officer structure comes with a strong DM, Wealth star is preferred to Seal, as Seal will weaken the Officer and further strengthen the already strong DM.

Nevertheless, the presence of the trio Wealth, Officer and Seal is always the more auspicious structure than the other 2 structures described above.

Remember that Balance in BaZi does not mean all five elements have to be equally strong. The Officer structure will never want to see the outputs.

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