Thursday, October 30, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 8

I spent 2 hours labeling all the posts! Hopefully, visitors would find the blog a little more organized than before.

SYDB says:

Officer and 7K are seen repeatedly, control and suppression will attain success; if it goes to DiWang, seeing that is not inauspicious.

The thing with the Officers is that they want to be alone. DO together with 7K is generally considered a sickness.

SYDB states that when DO and 7K are mixed, there should be suppression. For example a Jia wood with Geng 7K and Xin DO in the chart favors Fire.

When the LP goes to DiWang (YangRen for the Yang DM), it should not be analyzed as inauspicious. That is because mixed authorities favor strong DM.

More information about mixed authorities is in this post

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