Saturday, November 1, 2014

BaZi: SMTH - 日贵 Day Noble

Day Noble, Self sits on TianYi (TianYiGuiRen - Heavenly Yi Nobleman)

There are only four days for this structure: Ding You, Ding Hai, Gui Si and Gui Mao, it represents

The Noble Qi gathers around day, and with the assistance from Wealth and Seal, the noble Qi becomes a blessing.

Favors 3 combinations and 6 combinations and the combination between residence and tomb, when luck goes to prosper Nobleman or Wealth, one can become rich.

Greatly unfavorable is Punishment, clash, harm and breakage, when Luck sees the more of those is unfavorable, seeing TaiSui, and also GuiKang, it represents poverty or short life.

If the chart can be established as other structure, this structure will not be established.

Day Noble has to be separated to day and night, those born in the morning want Gui Mao and Ding Hai, those born at night want Gui Si and Ding You, Day and night are not altogether regarded as getting the Form.

Nobleman, is the way to call a person of peace and harmony, a name for the moral and respectable, seeing Wealth, Officer, Seal and Food is auspicious, until Devil, Blade, clash and punishment is inauspicious. With Luck seeing GuiKang, the harm is not little.

The old song says: The day of birth with HS sitting of Noble, seeing GuiKang the blessing is not complete, seeing Yue (DeGuiRen) or Lu on Year is not favorable, seeing Day Noble repeatedly is wonder upon wonders.

Also: Day virtue (another special structure) and Day noble denote kindness, seeing Wealth, Officer and Seal denotes blessing and glory, seeing punishment, clash, devil or blade would in turn become very inauspicious.

Also: Gui arriving on Snake and Rabbit is outstanding, Ding facing Pig and Rooster is analyzed similarly, greatly unfavorable is GuiKang,  day and night - it is separated, (it) has to be careful of punishment and harm because (one) loses his (social) status.


  1. Hi trey,

    Re Shen Sha, do we just have to consider whether the element of main Qi of EB of the Shen Sha is favourable to the DM, or not?

    For example, re Tian Yi in this article, if Metal is not favourable for the DM Ding You, or Wood is not favourable for Gui Mao DM, what would happen?
    1) Tian Yi is still Gui Ren and give benefit to the DM (though at less degree), or
    2) Tian Yi will turn to harm the DM. (In real life we all know that "giving hands" can turn to be harm like a proverb of "too many cook spoil the broth")

    or is it more complicated in interpreting benefit of Shen Sha than just consideration of fav or unfav elements....

    Please help advise.....


    1. Hi DW,

      Like GuiKang structure, this structure will only be considered if the Month EB fails to produce a functioning Useful God.

      If the Month EB has a Useful God, we cannot establish the structure as Day Noble structure.

      The grade of the structure will depend on the dynamics of the gods, as explained in the Useful God chapters.

      A good structure having TianYi is like having icing on the cake. A broken structure seeing TianYi remains broken.

      As far as i know, TianYi has no negative effects. It's always a blessing to have. However there are conditions where the auspiciousness of TianYi can be reduced, even to nothing. That will be left for a future post. Sorry!


    2. Hi trey,

      This is another topic I need much more time to digest and get to understand.. :)

      BTW, reading it, I notice about harm from this group of DM facing LP of Gui Kang. But, thinking further, I also notice that for Gui Mao, facing Gui Kang of Wu Xu can have combination of Fire (I know transformation is another story). Would the harm still remain in this case?

      However, if it is the other way around, I mean Gui Kang DM of Wu Xu facing LP of Gui Mao, though looking like harm from Water HS and Wood EB but it would turn out to be Fire combination which further enhance Wu Xu DM and make it more auspicious, right?

      Please help advise