Sunday, November 23, 2014

BaZi: SMTH 倒冲禄 - DaoChongLu Inverted clash of Prosperity (Lu)


When Hurting Officer is the month EB, within, there is Inverted clash of Prosperity (Officer) and Horse, it's favorable and unfavorable are the same as Flying Sky (another special structure), only when it's in the hour it is not analyzed as such.


There are only 2 days with this structure:


Bing Wu and Ding Si, The summer days where they are purely Yang,


Bing uses Gui water as Officer, there must be many Wu EB within the pillars so that it is strong, then it clashes out Gui water within Zi, and Bing DM attains its Officer star;


Ding uses Ren water as Officer, there must be many Si EB within the pillars so that it is strong, then it clashes out Ren water within Hai, and Ding DM attains its Officer star.


Furthermore, if there is Chou, Yin, or Shen, Chen, Mao and Wei, but only with one of them combined with the Officer horse is regarded as wonderful, many and then it misses.


Ren Wu day fears Wei (EB)


Ding Si day fears Shen or Chen and the likes, as they entangle (with Si)


Then Si and Wu will be inclined to combine, and that would prevent them to clash out the Prosperity within Zi and Hai, if within the pillars are Hai, Ren or Zi and Gui with Devil and Officer prominently exposed, then the marks are reduced, so is the Luck Pillars.

Update, second part:

Also it is said: Bing Wu, Ding Si is not analyzed as Combining Lu, only it does not like being entangled.

Year and Month clashing together is better.

If it is only on the day, while absent on the month, then it cannot clash out the Lu and be taken as noble.

If it is not on the day, but it is on the Month and Hour, it can also be used.

But Bing Wu is Ren (YangRen), although it is noble, it eventually is inauspicious.

Once it sees combining Ren, then it is an inauspicious Life.

If Month Command is Hai Zi,  Officer or 7K combining structure, or if Officer and 7K protrudes, with prosperous or apparent Qi, then it should be analyzed as Combining 7K structure which is greatly noble, it cannot be analyzed solely as the Day YangRen, and it cannot be analyzed as TianShi (Filling the Solid).

If Ding Si day sees Xin Hai hour, or if there's already Si and Hai in the pillars, it does not disturb the structure.

As Ding is born in the fourth month, Si is prosperous, Hai has no Qi, on the 3rd month it is also used.

Favors going through Water LP, seeing Fire is blessing, only Si fire is beneficial, the others are not. 


  1. Hi Trey,

    Thanks for this post. Based on the last paragraph "if within the pillars are Hai, Ren or Zi and Gui with Devil and Officer prominently exposed, then the marks are reduced, " would Tony Blair's chart fall into this category where marks are reduced since Gui is exposed while Ren is clashed out by the strong Si. ?

  2. Hi Joe,

    I just updated the post to continue with the translation.

    Regarding the protruding Gui in Tony's chart. I think it does reduce some marks. SMTH does not say what kind of mark is that. But then Gui is completely without root. The mark reduction might not be significant. I am not certain about this.

    It's nice that you keep bringing up new case studies to test the principles of the classics. This way we can prove of disprove them


  3. Hi Trey,

    Reduction in auspiciousness in tony Blair's chart is not surprising as it was not easy for him during his tenure as PM of UK and eventually he was virtually forced to vacate his position.

    I will try to bring up as many cases as possible. Thank you.

  4. Hi Joe,

    I agree, also I think that must be a hell of a chart for him to get to be a PM.

    Since 7K is related to malevolence, it could have manifested in the form of his 'war crimes'. Seems like a noble but inauspicious chart.