Sunday, May 17, 2015

BaZi: Reading relationships

This is one of many promises which I haven't been able to fulfil, Sorry!

Reading relationships classical BaZi style is relatively easy once you know the fundamentals of the style.

According to ZPZQ reading for parents, spouses, children from one's chart is somehow accurate but reading for siblings from one's chart is often inaccurate. The closer the relationship, the more accurate the reading can be. Parents, children and spouses are considered close while siblings and ancestors are not.


Year EB represents ancestors
Month EB represents parents
Day EB represents spouse
Hour EB represents children

It's a principle that does not change

As for matching the Useful God with the relationships, Direct Seal is mother, self comes from Direct Seal, as it engenders Self.

If Indirect Wealth is countered by Self, how can it represent father?

Because Indirect Wealth is mother's true husband (Direct Seal's HS combination), thus it is regarded as father.

Direct Wealth as wife, as it is countered by self, husband is the outline for the wife, wife follows husband.

If the authorities counter Self, how can it be regarded as the children?

The authorities are engendered by Wealth, Wealth represents wife or concubine, that's why. 

As for parallels representing brothers, the logic is apparent.

To know if one has the support from any of the relationship, it is auspicious or inauspicious, it has to be analyzed from looking at what is contained in the chart and match them to the six relationships.

Then look at the overall structure, match with the Useful God and one can naturally know.

Easy right? Not really,

Well let's take for example, reading for wife. How do we know if one could get a good wife?

When the DM sits on Wealth or Officer, then one gets a good wife, but there are cases when the DM sits on Wealth or Officer but the wife is not beneficial, on the other hand, there are cases when DM sits on Hurting Officer or YangRen but the wife is auspicious, why?

That is because it has to be matched with the YongShen from the Month Command to determine auspiciousness.

For example, the wife palace contains Wealth, it is auspicious, but when the structure is Seal, it becomes not auspicious.

The wife palace has Officer, is originally auspicious, but when the structure is Hurting Officer, how can (the marriage) be smooth?

The wife palace sits Hurting Officer, is inauspicious, but when the structure is Wealth, it can engender Wealth, when the structure is Devil, it can restrain Devil, so the wife can support (within the family)

The wife palace sits YangRen, is inauspicious, but if the structures (i.e Wealth, Officer, Devil, HO etc) are already completed but the DM is without Qi, then the DM relies on the YangRen of the Day pillar to assist Self, thus the wife must be really supportive.

Looking at the wife palace, also look at the wife star (Wealth)

Wealth star, is the Wealth from the HS.

When the Wealth protrudes and complete the structure, 
Direct Officer structure with protruding wealth
Abundant Seal with protruding Wealth, 
Outputs with protruding Wealth etc
even when the Day EB is of no use, it also denotes getting internal support (from the wife)

When the Wife (Wealth) penetrates and cause the structure to break, 
Seal is light and Wealth is exposed,
Food or Hurting Officer,
Protruding Devil and seeing Wealth,
Even though the spouse palace is useful, one still has to beware of (punishment or countering)

Also, if the wife protrudes to complete the structure, or if the DM sits on useful palace, but then it is clased or punished, it is difficult for one to get a beautiful wife and it is difficult to grow old together.

Also if there's more than one Wife star protruding, Direct and Indirect mixed, can it be one husband with many wives?

also beware of the Tao of punishment and countering.

To read for offsprings, the concept is the same as reading for wife.

But to read for offspring, one must be familiar with 'the song of ChangSheng MuYu'

Which is:

ChangSheng is four sons but after the half of the season, only 2 remains,

Muyu is one pair and it's guaranteed to be propitious.

Guan Dai and LinGuan, the place of 3 sons,

Middle of Wang (DiWang), five children is self-obtained

Within Shuai 2 sons, within Bing there's one

Within Si, until one is old there would be no son

unless one nourishes (adopt) the son of others.

Entering tomb, its life is short or it dies.

Receiving Qi is Jue it has 1 son.

Within Tai, the first born will be a lady (girl)

Within Yang there's 3 sons but only 1 is left.

For men, analyze meticulously the palace of children. 

As for the method of analyzing ChangSheng, it uses Yang but does not use Yin.

As an example, for the DM Jia and Yi, look at the ChangSheng of only Geng metal, which is the forward cycle of Si You Chou and not the reversed cycle of Xin metal which is Zi Shen Chen.

Although there are books that say Officer as daughters and Devil as sons, one cannot read as though Jia uses Geng as sons so it has to use the Yang structure, Yi uses Xin as son so it has to use the Yin structure.

That is because when wood is the DM, regardless of Jia or Yi, Geng is regarded as son and Xin as daugther, the logic is natural, do not stick to Officer and Devil, how can it be accurate?

So, when one gets a set of Bazi, to read for the offsprings, first look at the Hour EB

If the DM is Jia or Yi, what is in the hour EB? at what palace is the Geng Metal?

或生旺, 或死绝,其多寡已有定数,然后以时干子星配之。
Is it ChangSheng / DiWang? is it Si or Jue, whether there are many or none it is already destined, then look at the Day Stem  and analyze the children star.

As an example, if the structure is Wealth and the hour stem protrudes Food, or if the structure is Officer and the hour stem protrudes Wealth, then the hour stem is useful, although it meets Si or Jue, it still denotes noble children but number should be few.

If that meets ChangSheng or DiWang, the one will have many great and capable children (described as the sons of Lin (mythical auspicious creature) surrounding one's knee), how can it be measureable?

If the Day stem is not good, son protrudes to break the structure, even though one meets ChangSheng or DiWang, it will be difficult for the children. 

If it meets Si or Jue, then one is hopeless.

I think ZPZQ has explained well on this subject.