Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Classical BaZi - the structural sect 格局派

The most traditional way of analyzing BaZi does not begin with knowing the strength of the DM. The classical way begins analysis with looking at the month branch and see how it interacts with the DM. In other words, establishing the structure. Refer to any of the poetic texts and one could see that the Month EB is really where the analysis should begin.

I would like to write an article to explain how this can be done, but I'm not articulate enough to do this. So I'd just translate a text from SMTH and add some commentary to explain the procedure.

The art of analyzing Life (BaZi)

Largely, when one analyzes BaZi, one should look at the Month EB first, see if there is Wealth or Officer, then only look at the others, the month EB is Life

This text tells us first to look for Officer and Wealth in the Month EB. Normally, if there is Officer in the chart and the Officer protrudes, we regard the chart as Officer structure. If there's Wealth and it protrudes, we regard it as Wealth structure. If there's neither of them, we would see which god protrudes and establish the structure based on the protruding god. However, Officer structure always takes precedence over other structures, followed by Wealth.

Month, take the deity from the EB, Year, take the deity from the HS, Day, take the deity from the HS, the Annual pillar, take the deity from the HS, LP take from the EB.

This text tells us which part of the pillar is more important for the BaZi

Month as the foundation, Day as the Master, if the Month has Direct Officer or Indirect Officer, but the hour has fallen into another structure, then only the one within the Month is taken, other structures are not used.

This is an important part of classical BaZi.

Month is seen as the 'Time' of the Year. In a year, Qi changes from Spring to Summer to Autumn and Winter.

In certain 'time' of the Year, certain element takes command. This is what we referred to as YueLing, the Month Command. There's an article in this blog that explain this.

Hour is seen as the 'Time' of the Day. In a day, Qi changes from Sunrise to Noon to Sunset and Midnight. 

In certain 'time' of the Day, certain element takes command. We don't refer this as the Hour Command, but we usually call this 'Birth Hour'. It is a very important point of analysis in classical BaZi.

So when Month EB carries a structure, naturally Hour EB carries another structure.However, if the Month Command carries an Officer or 7K structure, the structures that can be derived from the Birth Hour or from any other part of the chart will be disregarded.

If the Month Command has nothing to be used, the we would look for another structure.

The Old Song says: 

Three palaces carrying structure is mixed and difficult to analyze, don't know from whom (where) we should based the nobility on, One duty and all three palaces bring structures, nonetheless only the key-point(Month EB) can be used.

Three palaces are the Year, Month and Hour. Each of these could carry Officer and Wealth. And thus the BaZi will have 3 structures. Nonetheless, only the Month EB will be analyzed. The rest has to be disregarded. 

The Month Command uses EB, if it is Officer star, it is wonderful if it protrudes both in the Stem and Branch.

If it only protrudes in the Stem but not in the Branch, it denotes intelligence and handsomeness. 

忌年与时冲月支, 日支自冲不妨,大运及岁君来冲月支则祸。
It is feared for Year EB and  Hour EB to clash the Month EB, but Day EB clashing the Month EB does not matter, but if the Annual Pillar and Luck Pillar comes to clash Month EB, then it is disaster.

When there is only one Direct Officer, one is a noble person, sincere and magnanimous, pure-hearted, direct, honest and clean, if there's Seal at Year or Hour pillar it would be very good, if there's many Officers, it denotes success and failure.

Four places with pure Officer, one is a government official with underserved reputation

If there's only one 7k, one is very bright, clever and intelligent, two or three 7K denotes clean at first and dirt after.

Four pillars with pure 7K (four 7Ks), with restraint it is noble, without restraint is poor or common people.

As for Wealth, if there's only one, it must obtain the 'time' (season or hour), then one can be wealthy and successful, but one is quick tempered and hasty.

If there's two Wealths, the quick temperamental is reduced to half, if there's 3 or 4 Wealth stars then it wastes Qi and DM is weak.

If DM is strong, then (the Wealth structure) can be established, if DM is weak then one will have a difficult life

As for Seal, it does not matter if there's only one or two or four, they are all considered good, but within the structure there must not be Wealth to break the Seal.

Here's the recap of the above text from SMTH

1. When analyzing BaZi, first look for Wealth or Officer from the month EB.
2. If there is not Wealth or Officer, then establish another structure base on the Month EB
3. Year, Month and Hour all can carry structures but if the Month EB carries Direct Officer or Indirect Officer structure, all other structures are disregarded.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BaZi: Royalties - Prince Charles of Wales


I thought I'd just finish with the royalties. I'm very lazy to translate lately. I had suddenly thought about 泄漏天机 'leaking the mechanism of Heaven' as we say in Chinese. Telling people stuff that are supposedly 'secrets' of Heaven. I'm hesitating, should I keep on translating? There's really nothing for me in return. Hmmmm....

Back to the topic.

亥月借取伤官格。Hai month borrows Hurting Officers structure.

Gui water born in Hai. A borrowed Hurting Officer structure.

Wu Earth is on the Year HS. This is a case of 伤官见官. Hurting Officer seeing Officer. Supposedly inauspicious. But not really.

There are 3 elements Hurting Officer that is auspicious to see Officer.

The classics says:



Hurting Officer Fire and Earth has to Hurt completely.


Metal Water Hurting Officer wants to meet Officer.


Wood Fire seeing Officer, Officer must be prosperous.


Earth Metal Officer is discarded then one would become Officer (holds a government Office)


Only Metal Wood Hurting Officer structure,


That when Wealth and Officer are both seen, that is really favorable.

SMTH says:


Water has Wood as Hurt(ing Officer), has Earth as Officer, even though Wood counters Earth, if Water is rampant, Wood floats, and without Earth to stop (the Water), it is difficult (for Wood) to survive, furthermore, Wood needs to have Earth to grow.

The Prince's chart has rampant water and prosperous wood. That makes the Wu earth on the Year Pillar favorable. The only missing element is Fire, now that he's going through the LPs of Fire, it is his time.