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BaZi: Between Classical and Contemporary, WuXing and ZiPing

BaZi is technically not really a form of art, it's a form of knowledge, in the old books, BaZi is often called 命理 MingLi, the knowledge of life, or 命术 MingShu, the technique of life. The word 'art' is often written as 艺术 (YiShu) in Chinese, 艺 denotes the art, the expression and performance, the way the artists express themselves to the audience, while 术 Shu denotes technique and skills.

BaZi is a wealth of knowledge, it is a bunch of hypotheses made by the ancient Chinese by observing how nature works around them. BaZi practitioners don't have to be artistic or creative to analyze a chart, nor they need an imaginative brain that can visualize all kinds of images and then translate those imagination into real life events. That's baseless, reading BaZi is not painting pictures. I personally find that practice incorrect, if a BaZi chart can be read like painting pictures, different practitioners would paint different pictures, then we have so many pictures and so many different opinions for the same chart. That does not make sense to me. What the practitioners actually need is a strong fundamental understanding about the theories and hypotheses that builds the knowledge.

Like every fields of knowledge, BaZi is rooted in the classical. The knowledge probably started back in the Autumn and Spring Period 春秋时代 in ancient China, which is like 2700 years ago. The knowledge has been evolving ever since, the evolving theories just never derail themselves from the tracks of YinYang and the Five Elements.

The knowledge of Life or BaZi as we know today is based on the teaching of Xu ZiPing of Tang dynasty, ZiPing method takes the Day Stem as the Master, that is what we call the DayMaster, and analyze the chart based on the interactions between the 10 Gods and they DayMaster. Before Xu ZiPing invented this method, there was already WuXing 五星 method, the method that analyze based on the Year Pillar, NaYin and ShenShas. As a matter of fact, the application of ShenShas predates the use of DayMaster. Ever wonder why some ShenShas are derived from the Year Pillar? Many of the old masters knew about this, they knew that the knowledge of Life is not solely determined by ZiPing, that is why they authored books to include information from both smethods. Even though ZiPing and WuXing are different, there are some similarities between the two.

Master Xu LeWu wrote:

Nowadays, there are people who absurdly discuss the stars because they do not know their origins.

ZiPing method was evolved from WuXing, WuXing uses the Year as the Master, and the stars to determine auspiciousness and inauspiciousness

The stars have their own structures that changes from year to year, that is why in the beginning of ZiPing method, the Year was still regarded as the Master.

Try to look at vlassical books such as The Life Book of Li XuZhong and the commentaries from authors such as Xu ZiPing, Shi TanYing, LiTong and Dong FangMing of Luo LuZi's Poetic Essays "The News of Three Lifes". One can know that at the time, Year was regarded as the Master.

Until the Ming dynasty, SanMing TongHui by Master Wan YuWu regards the Year as the Base and Day as the Master, the method of analyzing actually began in the Ming Era, which is a few hundred years ago.

The book of "Wonderful Selections of the Orchid Stage' discusses only structures, and the Stars and NaYins are all taken from the Year, there are many nouns that are inherited from WuXing books that have not changed.

The method we use today has changed from the Year to Day, the Stars and NaYins are no longer in use. But if we use them as reference, that is not not-allowable , but if it is used to determine disasters and blessings, rather not it be laughable by the knowledgeable people?

Master Xu LeWu knew the differences between ZiPing and WuXing, and he recommended that the Stars can be used as references. This had been the common practice in Ming and Qing dynasty, books like SMTH, SFTK, XPHH are all encyclopedic on both methods. ZPZQ and DTS on the other hand, teach only theories from ZiPing and ignore completely theories from WuXing. One thing that I admire about Master Xu is that he quotes the classics and neo-classics in his works, something that modern authors should do more often, so that we can keep track and verify the sources.

That aside, the other thing that I want to write about is the difference between traditional vs modern ZiPing. I use word ZiPing instead of BaZi, because I don't think there's a modern version of WuXing. Traditional vs modern as in Master Shen XiaoZhan ZPZQ and Liu BoWen DTS vs Master Xu LeWu ZPZQPZ and Master Ren TieQiao DTS. If you have not read any of these books and don't know what I'm saying, don't worry, it's going to be more confusing.

Traditional ZiPing takes the Month's Decree as the Useful God, as in Chapter 8 ZPZQ, Useful God. Modern ZiPing, however takes the balancing element as the Useful God (or the Climate adjuster etc), under the same chapter in ZPZQPZ, it is written

Original text: The useful God of Bazi, seek only from the month's decree, with the Stem of the Day matching with the Month Decree Branch, engendering and countering are different, structures are distinguished. Wealth, Officer, Seal and Food, these are benevolent useful gods, thus should be used in a 'follow' / favorable manner; Devil, Hurting, Robbing and Blade, these are not benevolent gods, used in a reversed / 'against' manner. When it should be in a follow manner and it is in that manner, and when it should be in a reversed manner and it is in a reversed manner, the matching and combination are beneficial, all are noble structures.

Master Xu commentary: Useful God, is the God that is used by the BaZi, the Gods are Wealth, Officer, Food, Seal, Indirect Wealth, Indirect Officer, Indirect Seal, Hurting Officer, Rob and Blade. Within the BaZi, look at its Strong/Weak and Likes/Dislikes, to support or to restrain, that would use the God that supports or restrains as the Useful God, Useful God is the fulcrum of BaZi. If the Useful God that is determined is not correct, then the analysis cannot be accurate, thus determining the Useful God is the most important part of analyzing a Life (BaZi). The method of determining Useful God, at first must be taken from the month's decree as the God in the month decree is having the prosperous Qi. If there's nothing usable within the month's decree, then it should be searched from the Year, Day and Hour Stems and Branches. Even though the Useful God is taken from somewhere else, the crucial point is still at the month's decree. For example if the month's decree is 'Lu', Rob or Seal and the DM is prosperous, then look for other that counters or exhausts the DM as the Useful God; even though the Useful God is not from the month's decree, the crucial point is still the month's decree. If in the four pillars, there are many Gods that exhausts and counters the DM, DM becomes weak, and the Rob and Seal from the month's decree can be used. That is what meant by 'Useful God seek only from the month's decree' and DM is matched with the EB of month decree, look if it is prosperous or waning, strong or weak to determine the Useful God.

There's more than one way to determine the Useful God, in summary, it can be categorized into five ways as below:

1. Support and Restrain. DM that is strong is restrained, DM that is weak is supported, that is the Useful God from Support and Restrain. If the God of the month decree is too strong, it is restrained, if the God of the month decree is too weak, it is supported, that is to Support or Restrain the month's decree as the Useful God

2. Sickness and Medicine, if (DM) is favorable to be supported, then (the God) that injures the supporter is the sickness. if (DM) is favorable to be restrained, then (the God) that get rids of the restrainer is the sickness. The God that eliminate the sickness is called medicine. This is Sickness and Medicine Useful God.

3. Adjusting Climate, Metal Water born in Winter months, Wood and Fire born in Summer months, the climate is either too cold or too parched, then to adjust the climate is urgent. This is Climate adjustment as Useful God.

4. Turning Prosperous (as in Follow chart or transformed Chart). The Qi and intensity of the four pillars, if they are is prosperous at one side, it should not go against its intensity, then only follow its intensity can be used, to follow or to transform, those that are one sided and structures that turn prosperous.

5. Getting through the Pass (some people call mediator). Two gods that are mutually confronting, equally strong or weak, both are equal, then harmony is needed to be good, that is to use 'connecting the pass'

Originally ZPZQ categorized the Gods into two groups, the benevolent Gods and not benevolent Gods, the benevolent Gods should be used in the 'follow' way and the not benevolent Gods should be used in the 'against' way. However, in Master Xu commentary, he did not say anything about benevolent and not benevolent Gods, or the way they are used. He wrote something that is completely different from what the original text meant. What Master Xu proposed as Useful God is not really invalid in my opinion and I do not think they are wrong even though it contradicts the original text. It's just that the concept of Useful God by Master Xu is not the same as the concept of Useful God by Master Shen. In my opinion, Master's Xu Useful God concept is almost the same as the Minister God concept by Master Shen. What Master Xu proposed are actually some basic concepts derived from many classics:.

1.  扶抑 FuYi - Support and Restrain, is a fundamental concept contained in Chapter 9, The Great Meaning of Five Elements, a very early classic written by Lv Cai. However, the original concept in The Great Meaning is different from the one proposed by Master Xu. (AFAIK, Master Xu was not the first person to propose the concept, it had been around for sometime before the Ming dynasty). This FuYi concept is widely applied by contemporary BaZi analysts. Even though balance is a very important point in BaZi, the DM, Useful God and BaZi in overall must not be analyzed in this way (in my opinion). This cause a gross over-generalization that overlooks many important concepts of BaZi, like the ones below for example.

2.  病药 BingYao - A popular concept in SFTK, which is derived from 五言独步, 

有病方为贵, 无伤不是奇 - With sickness, medicine is noble, without injury it is not wonderful. A popular phrase that says charts with a Taboo God and a Rescue Response (in ZPZQ terms) are good charts.

3. 调候 TiaoHou - Climate adjustment, a basic concept of BaZi, I have the ZPZQ section translated. DTS also discuss this topic  in chapter 29 寒暖 Cold and Warmth and 30 燥湿 parched and wet.  

4. 专旺 ZhuanWang - Turning Prosperous, a concept that is applicable to Follow and Transformed structures. ZPZQ agrees to this point of view. 

5. 通关 TongGuan - Getting through the Pass, a concept contained in chapter 20 DTS, Liu BoWen annotated that there  are many hindrances that can be considered as the Pass, 

Liu BoWen wrote:

In between, top and bottom, or separately further away, with something in between, from to back is very far, or if it is punished or clashed, or if it robbed or occupied, or if it is separated by one thing, these are all called the 'Pass'

These 5 concepts of Useful Gods proposed by Master Xu are very commonly applied by modern BaZi practitioners, they are all derived from the classics. That is what I meant when I say contemporary is rooted in the classical. I have read articles by modern practitioners that call the classics illogical and erroneous, and thus I feel the need to write this article. Things that we do not understand does not necessarily mean they are illogical, it just means that we do not understand enough to explain what they are.

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BaZi: 用神 Useful God, 气候 - Climate

BaZi: 用神 Useful God, 气候 - Climate

气候 QiHou - Climate in BaZi encompasses temperature and humidity. Master Xu LeWu proposed the use of 调候用神, that is the Climate adjustment Useful God under the topic of Useful God in his commentary on ZPZQ. His idea, imo is against the concept of Climate 气候 in ZPZQ, there's no such thing as 调候用神. What ZPZQ discusses is the influence of the Climate on the Useful God 用神配气候得失. Remember, Useful God is always derived from the month's branch, not taken anywhere else from the BaZi.

ZPZQ says:

To discuss Life, only the Month's Decree Useful God is regarded as the main (point), and then it has to be referred to the climate . Like heroes, bold people or talented people born at the right time, naturally his little efforts would result in a great return. If the timing is not right, even the person is extraordinarily talented, success is hard to come by.

This paragraph alone contradicts Master Xu LeWu's Climate adjustment Useful God concept. ZPZQ often emphasizes that Useful God has to come from the month's decree but Master Xu LeWu used to take the Useful God from everywhere. Anyway, let's forget about Master Xu LeWu and concentrate on ZPZQ.

Is like Seal (Useful God) meeting Officer, it's called Seal and Officer both complete, not one with this chart that is not noble. But wood that is born in Winter, even with penetrating Officer star is difficult to be noble, that is because metal is chilly and water is easily frozen, frozen water cannot engender wood, that is the law of nature.

Self and Seal are both prosperous, protruding Food is noble, all Seal structures are like this. But if it is used on wood that is born in winter, it is exceptionally elegant, that is when winter wood meets fire, not only can it exhaust Self, it also can adjust the climate.

Hurting Officer meeting Officer will bring about hundreds of disasters, but if Metal (DM) Water (HO) sees (Officer), that becomes elegant. That is not because Officer is not afraid of being hurt, but adjusting the climate is urgent, that is rightly used.

Hurting Officer carrying Devil, can be used anytime, but if it is used on Winter Metal, it's a hundred times more elegant.

Hurting Officer adorned with Seal, can be used anytime, but if it is used on Summer Wood, it's a hundred times more elegant, fire can be of help for water and vice versa.

Huring Officer using Wealth, is basically a noble structure, but if it used for Winter water, it's only a small fortune, mostly not noble, as frozen water cannot engender wood.

Hurting Officer using Wealth, is elegant, if used on Summer wood, it is noble but not elegant, parched earth is not efficacious nor handsome.

Spring wood meeting fire, is termed as 木火通明 Wood and Fire brightly lit, but Summer Wood is not discussed as such;

Autumn metal meeting water, is termed as 金水相涵 Metal and Water containing each other, but Winter metal is not discussed as such.

Qi can be weak or prosperous, to take the useful object would rely on the circumstance.

Spring wood meeting fire, wood and fire brightly lit, it's not good to see Officer

But Autumn metal meeting Water, Metal and Water containing each other, seeing Officer is okay.

E.g Geng born in the month of Shen, and branches see Zi or Chen, meeting to form a water frame, Ding protrudes in HS, as Officer star, as long as Ren and Gui does not protrude, it is regarded as noble structure, that is how Food God and Hurting Officer likes seeing Officer (for Metal Water HO structure), that is also the Tao of climate adjustment.

Food God even when it meets Direct Resource, it is regarded as Taking away Food, but if wood is in Summer with prosperous fire, lightly use would be elegant and noble, that is the same logic as Metal Water Hurting Officer likes to meet officer, that is also the idea of climate adjustment.


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BaZi: 用神 Useful God, 杂气 Mixed Qi

杂气 - ZaQi, mixed Qi or miscellaneous Qi is a term frequently used to describe the Qi under Earth EBs i.e Chen Xu Chou and Wei.

ZPZQ says:

The four tombs are mixed Qi, why is it called so? because there are many (Qi) hidden inside, that is why it is called mixed. Like Chen is basically Wu, but it is also the tomb of Water and the Residual Qi of Yi, there are three (Qi), how do we get the Useful (God)?, it is actually quite easy, those that protrude or is combined (3 combination or 3 meetings) and is thus become clear is used (as the Useful God), it is mixed but not mixed.

This paragraph tells use there are 2 ways to determine Useful God for an Earth month EB.
1. To look for a HS that protrude from the Month EB
2. To look for a combination or meeting involving the Month EB

Next ZPZQ continues to explain what is protruding and meeting / combination.

What does it mean by protruding in the stem? Such as Jia born in the month of Chen, with Wu protruding the Use(ful God) is Indirect Wealth, with Gui protruding the Use(ful God) is Direct Seal, with Yi protruding the Use(ful God) is YueJie.

What does it mean by meeting (and combination) in the branches? Like Jia born in the month of Chen, meeting Shen and Zi to form (water frame), thus the Use(ful God) is Seal.

One that is protruding means there is one Use(ful God), When there are more than 1 protruding at the same time, the elements are Use together, protruding and combination if happens together, then element that is protruding and the element that is resulted from the meeting are Used together. (Use as in regarded as Useful God)

And if the match is affectionate, it is auspicious, if the match is not affectionate, it is not auspicious.

What does it mean by (being) Affectionate? It 'follows', and (the Gods) mutually complete.

Like Jia born in the month of Chen, protruding Gui as Seal, and (Chen) meets Zi and Shen to form (water) frame, it is a Seal structure, Pure and not Impure, it is protruding in the stem and meeting in the branches, the matching is affectionate. (like Obama's chart)

Also, such as Bing born in the month of Chen, protruding Gui as Officer, and also meets Yi as Seal, Officer and Seal mutually engenders, and Seal can also get rid of the dark Earth inside Chen to clear the Officer (Wu earth is Food God for Bing DM, and Officer dislikes Food and Hurting Officer), it is both stems protruding together, matching and affectionate.

Also, such as Jia born in the month of Chou, Xin penetrates as Officer, and meets Si and You in the branches to form Metal Frame, and also Ji Wealth protrudes to engender Officer, that is 2 stems protruding simultaneously, and it matches with the combination between the branches and is regarded as Affectionate.

Affection 有情 is a very important concept for classical BaZi, ZPZQ seems to explain this concept in many of its chapters. Unlike modern BaZi that stresses on the strength of the DayMaster, classical BaZi emphasizes more on the way of the Useful God is used, if it is used correctly, the chart is regarded as Affectionate, if it is not used correctly, then it is not affectionate.

What does it mean by Not Affectionate? it is against and (the Gods) turn their backs against each other.

Like Ren born in the month of Wei, Ji penetrates as Officer, and the branches meets Hai and Mao to form a Hurting Officer frame, that is penetrating Officer and combination of the branches (that resulted in a Hurting Officer), the match is not affectionate.

Also such as Jia born in the month of Chen, Wu penetrates as Wealth, or also penetrating are Ren or Gui as Seals, if Gui penetrates, it combines with Wu, and thus Wealth and Seal are both lost, if Ren penetrates, Wealth and Seal are both injured, also that is called 'to be greedy of Wealth and break the Seal' is two Stems that protruding together with a inaffectionate match.

Also such as Jia born in the month of Xu. Xin penetrates as Officer, also penetrating is Xin as Hurting Officer, Month branch meets Yin and Wu to form a Hurting Officer frame, two stems protruding together, and with the combinations of the branches, result in an inaffectionate match.

Also there are (charts) that is affectionate but eventually becomes inaffectionate, why?

Like Jia born in the month of Chen, meets Ren as Seal, also meets Bing, Seal (structure) basically likes DM to be exhausted, that seems like a successful structure, and fire can engender Earth, and that fire is assisting the Earth inside Xu, so the Seal structure is not clear, in this case, it is better for Ren to protrude while the branches meets Shen and Zi (to form a water frame), so the protrusion of Bing does not hinder (the Seal)

Also there's Jia born in the month of Chen, Ren protrude as Seal, although Bing does not protrude, the Branches see a Xu, Xu and Chen clash and Earth is moved, the Ren on stem has difficulties connecting to the Month Branch, the Seal structure is not successful, that is (example of) an affectionate (chart) that is eventually not affectionate, wealthy but not noble people.

Also there are (charts) that seem inaffectionate but eventually is affectionate, why?

Like Gui born in the month of Chen, Wu protrudes as Officer, also meets Shen and Zi to form a water frame, protruding is mutually countering with the combination. But the one that is being countered or countering is Rob Wealth, it is like YueJie structure that uses Officer, what injury does it bring?

Note: Rob Wealth structure likes to use Officer.

Also there's Bing fire born in the month of Chen, Wu penetrates as Food, also protruding is Ren as Devil, there's two stems that are protruding together, and they both counter each other, but then the one being countered is the Indirect Officer, it is likened to a Food God carrying the Devil or Devil being controlled by Food, both of them are beautiful structures, these frames are more noble. It is inaffectionate (at first) but eventually become affectionate.

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BaZi - 定格局诀 The art of determining structure

From SFTK, this is a summary of how ZiPing structures can be determined by matching the DM with the Month's EB. Note that this does take in changes of the Useful God. For example Jia born in Yin is originally a JianLu structure but if Jia does not protrude but Bing protrudes, the structure becomes a Food God structure, and if Jia and Bing both does not protrude, Wu protrudes, it becomes a Wealth structure.

定格局诀 - The art (secrets) of determining structures.

甲日定格 - To determine structure for DM Jia

甲日寅月是建禄,Jia day born in Yin Month is JianLu,

卯月羊刃可堪凭。Mao month definitely is YangRen.

三月财星藏辰库,The third month has Wealth star hidden below the storage of Chen, 

巳为食神财暗伏。Si (month) as Food God and Wealth is obscurely hidden.

午月丁火伤官格,Wu month Ding Fire as Hurting Officer structure,

未月杂气取财星。Wei month has mixed Qi take the Wealth star. 

七月申提七杀论,The seventh month discusses the outline as 7K, 

酉为正气官星得。You as the proper Qi of Officer that is gaining.
九月戌中惟杂气,The ninth month within Xu are mixed Qi, 

十月偏印格局真。The tenth month Indirect Seal structure is true. 

十一月取正印格,The eleventh month takes as Direct Seal structure, 

丑中杂气仔细详。Within Chou, the mixed Qi has to be analyzed in detail.

乙日定格 - To determine the structure for DM Yi

乙曰寅月号伤官,Yi day born in Yin month is called Hurting Officer (why?),

卯为建禄格中真。Born in the month of Mao is truly a JianLu structure.

三月财官俱杂气,On the third month has Wealth and Officer within its mixed Qi,

巳中伤官财星端。Within Si, Hurting Officer and Wealth star are proper.

午提丁火食神格,Wu (month) takes Ding fire as Food God structure

未土杂气曰财官。Wei earth has mixed Qi that is called Wealth and Officer

申月正气官星论,The month of Shen has a proper Qi thus is discuss as Officer star

八月酉中作杀推。The eighth month, within You analyze as 7 Killing

戌内财官俱杂气,Within Xu mixed Qi are Wealth and Officer

亥月正印便扶身。The month of Hai, Direct Seal would support Self

子癸之中偏印是,The Gui within Zi is Indirect Seal

杂气推来在丑中。Within Chou is analyzed as mixed Qi

丙日定格 To determine the structure for DM Bing

丙日逢寅偏印生,Bing day that sees Yin is born by Indirect Seal

卯月正印喜官星。The month of Mao is Direct Seal that likes Officer star

辰初杂气用食神,Early Chen has mixed Qi and uses Food God

巳中定取建禄格。Within Si it must be JianLu structure

午火羊刃又伤官,Wu fire is YangRen and Hurting Officer

未取伤官宜伤尽。Wei takes Hurting Officer that is good to 'hurt completely' (will cover this in future post)

申是偏财喜旺神,Shen is Indirect Wealth that likes Prosperous God

酉月财旺生官格。The month of You has the structure of  'Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer'

戌上杂气为食神,  Above Xu is mixed Qi as Food God

亥月偏印七杀真。The month of Hai, Indirect Seal and 7K are real.

子中正官宜官旺,Within Zi is Direct Officer and Officer likes to be prosperous.

丑宫分明是气生。Chou palace, demarcate clearly which Qi is alive

丁日定格 To determine the structure for DM Ding

丁日寅提正印评,Ding day born in Yin is discussed as Direct Seal

卯上偏印格局真。On Mao, the Indirect Seal structure is true.

辰初杂气未伤官,In Chen, basically is mixed Qi and is not necessarily Hurting Officer

巳上伤官便生财。On Si, Hurting Officer thus engenders Wealth

午中建禄分明取,In Wu, JianLu should be distinguished clearly

未月食神独可嗔。The month of Wei, Food God is the only one that can be annoyed (what does this means?)

申内正财生官格,Inside Shen, it's Direct Wealth engendering Officer structure.

酉月偏财可追寻。In the month of You, Indirect Wealth can be pursued

戌中杂气未伤官,Within Xu, mixed Qi that is not necessarily Hurting Officer

亥月正官及正印。The month of Hai, Direct Officer and Direct Seal

子月偏官七杀真,The month of Zi, Indirect Officer, 7K is real.

丑月杂气是财官。Chou month has mixed Qi that is Wealth and Officer

戊日定格 To determine the structure for DM Wu

戊藏寅月杀拘印,Wu is hidden in Yin month, 7K is adhered to Seal

卯是正官寻贵气。Mao Month has Direct Officer look for the noble Qi

辰内杂气财官格,Within Chen mixed Qi is Wealth and Officer structure.

巳上亦取号建禄.  Above So is also taken as JianLu

午月刃取正印格,Wu month is Blade takes Direct Seal structure

未上杂气作官印。Above Wei mixed Qi becomes Officer and Seal

七月食神生财旺,The seventh month Food God engenders prosperous Wealth

八月伤官喜遇财。The eighth month Hurting Officer likes to meet Wealth

戌中杂气分明取,Within Xu mixed Qi has to be distinguished clearly

亥月财杀格中真。Hai month Wealth and Killing structure is real

子提正财生官格,Zi has Direct Wealth engendering Officer structure.

丑上杂气号财官。Above Chou mixed Qi is called Wealth and Officer.

己日定格 To determine the structure for DM Ji

己生寅月正官印,Ji Born in the month of Yin is Direct Officer and Seal

卯推七杀便是真。In Mao, it's regarded as 7K that is true

辰是杂气取财官,Chen is mixed Qi, takes Wealth and Officer

巳中正印格可清。Within Si, Direct Seal structure can be clear

午中建禄居此位,Within Wu JianLu resides here.

未土杂气借财杀。Wei earth has mixed Qi, borrows Wealth and Killing

申月伤官真论此,Shen month has Hurting Officer truly is discussed as such

酉中食神亦可寻。Within You Food God can be searched

戌月借取杂气格,Xu month borrows and takes mixed Qi structure

亥上正财生官格。Above Hai is Direct Wealth engenders Officer structure

子月偏财明怕劫,The month of Zi is Indirect Wealth, if it's clear then it's afraid of Rob

丑月杂气取财官。Chou month is mixed Qi takes Wealth and Officer

庚日定格 To determine structure for DM Geng

庚到寅宫评财杀,Geng arrives at Yin palace is judged as Wealth and Killing

卯月正财便生官。Mao month has Direct wealth that engenders Officer

辰初杂气用偏印,Early Chen, mixed Qi uses Indirect Seal

巳火七杀号偏官。Si fire 7K is named Indirect Officer

午月炎天寻正官,Wu month with flaming heaven seeks Direct Officer

未中杂气用正印。Within Wei mixed Qi uses Direct Seal

申中便取建禄格,Within Shen it is taken as JianLu structure

酉用羊刃格中寻。You takes YangRen that is searched within the structure.

戌中杂气用偏印,Within Xu mixed Qi uses Indirect Seal

亥上食神喜身强。Above Hai Food God likes strong Self

子月伤官真可论,The month of Zi, Hurting Officer can truly be discussed

丑中只可作杂气。Within Chou can only be made into mixed Qi

辛日定格 For DM Xin

辛日寅财旺生官,Xin day with Yin Wealth prosperous engenders Officer

卯月偏财是福基。Mao month Indirect Wealth is the base of blessings

辰是杂气未正印,Chen is mixed Qi that is not necessarily Direct Seal

巳上正官及正印。Above Si has Direct Officer and Direct Seal

午月偏官喜枭神,Wu month, Indirect Officer likes Owl God

未取杂气用偏印。Wei is taken as mixed Qi uses Indirect Seal

申月借取伤官格,Shen month borrows or takes Hurting Officer structure

酉是建禄怕逢冲。You is JianLu and is afraid of clashes

戌中杂气戊是印,Within Xu is mixed Qi, Wu is Seal

亥月伤官喜见财。Hai month Hurting Officer likes seeing Wealth

子月之中求食神,Inside Zi month seek for Food God

丑上下旬论偏印。Chou first ten and last ten days is discussed as Indirect Seal

壬日定格 Determine structure for Ren DM

壬逢寅地号食神,Ren seeing Yin earth is named Food God

卯上见印取伤官。Above Mao seeing Seal takes Hurting Officer

辰是杂气为七杀,Chen is mixed Qi as 7K

巳取偏财并偏官。Si takes indirect Wealth together with Indirect Officer

午月财官正两全,Wu month Wealth and Officer are both complete

未上杂气取财官。Above Wei mixed Qi takes Wealth and Officer

申月偏印无别论,Shen month is Indirect Seal, discussed as nothing else

酉取正印怕逢财。You is taken as Direct Seal and it fears seeing Wealth

戌月杂气为七杀,Xu month mixed Qi as 7K

亥未建禄用食神。Hai is not necessarily JianLu using Food God

子月之中羊刃格,Within Zi month is YangRen structure

丑中杂气是财官。Within Chou mixed Qi is Wealth and Officer

癸日定格 DM Gui

癸日寅月取伤官,Gui day Yin month is taken as Hurting Officer

卯月食神定是真。Month is Mao, Food God is really true.

辰中杂气是正官,Within Chen mixed Qi is Direct Officer

巳月正财官便是。The month of Si Direct Wealth Officer that is it.

午月偏财又偏官,Wu month has Indirect Wealth and also Indirect Officer

六月杂气是七杀。Sixth month mixed Qi is 7K

申月正印怕逢寅,The month of Sehn with Direct Seal fears seeing Yin

酉月偏印忌见比。You month Indirect Seal dreads seeing Compare

戌中杂气是财官,Within Xu mixed Qi is Wealth and Officer

亥月借取伤官格。Hai month borrows Hurting Officers structure.

子中建禄定其真,Within Zi is truly JianLu

丑中杂气为七杀。Within Chou mixed Qi as 7K

Right, Wealth Officer Seal 7K Hurt, Food these 6 items, is the absolute method of ZiPing, thus recorded as such. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

BaZi: 用神 Useful God - Overview

So far I had translated a number of the topics in ZPZQ related to the concept of Useful God, these concepts are the fundamental of BaZi analysis, according to traditional ZiPing method.

I'd like to do a recap on the chapters that I had translated.

用神 Yong Shen - Commonly known as the Useful God, is the God that resides in the Month's Branch.

顺用 Shun Yong - Follow Use, the way of using Benevolent Useful Gods

逆用 Ni Yong - Against Use, the way of using Not Benevolent Useful Gods

纯杂 Chun Za - Purity and Impurity, tells us if the Useful God is used the correct way or the wrong way

救应 Jiu Ying - If there's a Taboo God, a Rescue Response is needed to clear the chart

忌神 Ji Shen - Taboo God, the God that breaks the chart.

相神 Xiang Shen - Minister God, the God that makes the chart, the God that rescues the chart.

变化 Bian Hua - Useful God changes and transforms for the better or worse

有情 You Qing- Affection, the interactions among the Gods that makes a good structure

有力You Li- Strength, the strength of the Gods in the chart to make it a better structure.

Having known these concepts, let's take a look at some charts to test these theories.

Chart #1 - Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the richest person in the world and that should be reflected in his chart

1. Ren water born in Late Autumn, 7K takes the command but 7K does not protrude.

2. Xin metal and Bing fire protrudes, so Useful God changes from 7K to Seal and Wealth, Useful God has changed for the better.

3. That makes this a double-structure, we can call the structure Wealth structure adorned with Seal 财格佩印. Both Wealth and Seal are the Useful Gods

4. The main requirement for Both Seal and Wealth to be used together is that they must not counter each other. In this case, both are separated by DM, and so that criterion is met

5. The transformation from 7K to Seal and Wealth and the proper placements of Seal and Wealth make this chart Affectionate, also a weak DM that is supported by useful Seal also indicates affection.

6. The roots of the Gods - Bing and Xin as well as DM makes this chart Strong (with strength)

This chart can be said to meet all the criteria that make it a good chart.

Chart #2 David Cameron

1. Xin metal born in Late autumn, with Wu Seal and Bing Officer protruding, also protruding is Xin, Compare Shoulders.

2. This is also a double-structure, Seal and Officer structure.

3. There's a half fire frame between Xu and Wu that strengthen the Officer while Chou and Xu both supports the Seal. Xin DM is supported by a Compare Shoulder on the hour stem. That makes this chart strong.

4. Also note that Compare Shoulder is located further away from the Seal and Officer and thus it does not compete with the DM for those auspicious Gods.

5. Like Barrack Obama's chart, this chart is very Pure,and a Pure chart signifies wealth and nobility.

That's all for the post today, I hope my readers enjoy what I had shared. Have a nice day.

PS: I'd appreciate if readers could contribute some reliable birth data of  famous people so that we could analyze them together.

BaZi: 用神 Useful God, 成败 Success Failure (cont)


Useful God becomes a Failure because of its Success, and becomes a Success because of its Failure

Within BaZi, changes are many, it is divided into Success and Failure; and within Success or Failure, changes and transformation are unexpected, sometimes because (Useful God) is successful it becomes a Failure, sometimes (Useful God) becomes successful when it fails.

Is like when Hurt is transformed to Wealth, the chart is successful, but for Xin born in the month of Hai. Ding is protruding as usable, Mao and Wei combines to Wealth, that would shield the Devil, because of the success, (the chart) becomes a failure.

Hurting Officer engendering Wealth is originally a good structure, but in the case of Xin metal born in Hai with protruding Ding, it is actually a Hurting Officer controlling 7K structure, when Hai meets Mao and Wei, they are combined and transformed to Wealth, and Wealth engenders 7K and protects 7K from being countered by HO, thus the structure fails. 

Seal that uses 7K, is a successful structure, but Gui born in the month of Shen, Autumn metal is heavy and many, the plan is to carry Wealth to damage the over(ly strong Seal), but meeting Devil and Devil with Seal dreads Wealth, because of the success, it becomes a failure, cases like these are numerous.

Seal structure that uses 7K is originally a good structure, but in the case of Gui born in Shen month, Metal is very strong in autumn, and thus it is good for Wealth to counter Seal but with a 7K, Wealth would in turn engenders 7K and 7K support the Seal. Wealth would not be able to break the overly strong Seal.


Officer and Seal meeting Hurt, is a failed structure but for Xin born in the month of Wu Xu, Year Steam is Bing and Hour Stem is Ren, Ren cannot overcome Wu to counter Bing and in turn Ren exhausts Self elegantly, that is because of Failure it becomes Successful. 

This sentence talks about an Seal structure that uses Officer, when Officer meets Hurting Officer, the structure is broken or in another word, failed, however if the positions of the gods are appropriate, the structure would become successful. Such as

Ren    Xin    Wu     Bing
X        X      Xu       X

Ren Hurting Officer cannot overcome Wu to counter Bing (because Wu is the 7K of Ren), thus the positions of the Gods are appropriate, Ren would in turn exhausts Self elegantly (exhausting self is another function of the output stars), and that makes Ren also favorable to the chart.


7K and YR meeting Food is a failed structure, but for Geng born in the month of You, Year Stem is Bing and Month Stem is Ding, Hour Stem has Ren, that makes Food God combining with Officer to keep 7K, and Officer and 7K are not mixed, the structure of 7K and YR becomes clear, because of failure it is successful. 

This sentence talks about a YR structure that uses 7K, when meeting Food, the structure is broken but if the position of the Gods are appropriate, the structure could be successful, for example

Ren       Geng      Ding        Bing
X            X          You         X

You is the YangRen for Geng DM, as YR favors 7K, 7K is the first choice of use, but in this chart 7K is mixed with DO (considered a flaw), also 7K meets Food God, which is a taboo for YR uses 7K structure. but Ren Food God is combined with Direct Officer Ding, this clears up the chart from the two 'sicknesses' resulting in a successful structure.

Cases like this are many, because of failure the structure succeed.

This chapter explains the importance of having the Gods in proper places, as that could determine the eventual outcome from the interactions among the Gods.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 高低 High Low - Grade of BaZi charts

Grading of Useful Gods

The grade of a BaZi chart can easily tell the status of a person, whether the person is wealthy or poor, noble or lowly.

Affection and Strength



BaZi has Useful God, therefore there must be structures and frames, when there's structures and frames, they must have high and low (grade).

Wealth, Officer, Seal, Food, Devil, Hurt, Rob and Blade, which structure that has no nobility? which structure that has no lowliness? (Meaning all structures could have noble people as well as lowly people), from the extreme noble to the extreme low, ten thousands have dissimilitudes, its changes in the form of thousands circumstances, how can it be said to be focused? the great outline of its principles lies in (the concepts of) 'affectionate' and not 'affectionate', and in between (the concepts of) 'with strength' and 'without strength'

** I am not a good translator, my translations sound nonsensical sometimes

This paragraph tells us that all structures are equal when it comes to determining nobility and lowliness.

Wealth structure, Officer structure, Seal structure, Food structure, Devil (7K)structure, Hurting Officer structure, Rob Wealth structure, YangRen structure; there are all kinds of people with these structures ranging from the extremely rich with very high social status to the extremely poor with very low social status. In other words, not one structure is better than the others.

Grading of a chart is not based on what structure the chart is, rather it is based on how 'affectionate' and 'strong' the Gods are.


For example Direct Officer adorned with Seal, is not as good as penetrating Wealth, but if the 4 Pillars carry Hurt, then it is recommended to adorn Seal.

Jia with penetrating You as Officer, Ding penetrates to combine with Ren, this is called 'combined with Hurting (Officer) to save the (Direct) Officer' and that successfully make a noble structure, and (that) is affectionate.

Wealth does not like Compare and Rob (Compare shoulders and Rob Wealth). and if (Rob Wealth) combines with Devil, Rob becomes useful.

Jia born in the month of Chen, with a protruding Wu (Wealth) structure is established, meeting Yi as Rob (wealth), meeting Geng as Devil, these 2 combines with each other, and their uses are obtained, (that) successfully make a noble structure, and is also affectionate.

When a structure is established with the presence of the Taboo God, a Rescue Response is needed, when the Rescue Response is present in the Chart, the condition is called 'Affectionate'.


Self is strong with exposed devil and the Food is prosperous, like Yi born in the month of You with protruding Xin metal, Ding fire is tough and flourishing wood in Autumn, the three are prepared, (that) is extreme(ly) high level of nobility, and that is with strength.

Officer is strong and Wealth protruding, Self meets 'Lu' (stage of LinGuan) and Ren (stage of DiWang for Yang polarity DM), like Bing born in Zi month, Gui water protrudes, Geng metal exposed, and sits on Yin and Wu, all three are equal,(the chart) succeed to be great nobility, that is also with strength.

Examples of Application of Affection and Strength

Like Jia uses You as Officer, Ding penetrates meets Gui, Gui counters is not as good as Ren combines, this is affectionate but not totally affectionate.

** For an Officer structure, protruding Ding is a taboo, Gui can counter Ding and Ren can combine with Ding, if the chart has Gui, the chart is affectionate but is not completely affectionate because Countering is not as good as Combining.

Yi born in You meets the Devil, protruding Ding controls the Devil, or if the Devil is strong and Ding is a little weak, or Ding is prosperous but Devil is not high (strong), or when Xin and Ding are both prosperous but Yi's root is not deep enough, that is 'with strength' but not good enough, the good (grade) of the structure is (only) secondary.

As for Seal using 7K, it is originally a noble structure, but when self is strong and Seal is prosperous, Devil protrudes but solitary and inadequate, when Self is strong it does not need to be engendered by Seal, when Seal is strong does it need to be supported by Devil? It's indirect and even more indirect, that is without affection.

Hurting Officer adorned with Seal, originally it is elegant and noble, but DM is strong, Hurting Officer is shallow, Seal is too heavy, (that is) not noble nor elegant, when (Seal) desires to support self and self is strong, counters Hurt and Hurt is shallow, with this heavy Seal, what is the use? that is also without affection.

Also when Devil is strong, Food is prosperous but self is rootless. Self is strong, Compares are heavy and Wealth has no Qi, (the subject would either be) poor or has a short life, because that is without strength. That is because of the low (grade) structure that has nothing useful.

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BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 纯杂 Pure Impure

纯杂 Pure and Impure

Purity and Impurity (DTS: 清浊 Clarity and Turbidity)is a very important concept. It tells the good BaZis from the bad ones.

ZPZQ says:

Useful God changes and transforms, and that results in Pure and Impure. Pure is auspicious, Impure is inauspicious.

What does it mean by Pure? (The Gods) that uses each other and they are mutually supportive. 

Such As

Xin born in Yin month, Jia and Bing are both protruding, Wealth and Officer are mutually engendering, both are mutually supportive

*Officer likes to be engendered and Wealth likes to engender Officer

Wu born in Shen month, Geng and Ren are both protruding, Wealth and Food are mutually engendering, both are mutually supportive.

*Wealth likes to be engendered and Food likes to engender Wealth

Gui born in Wei month, Yi and Ji are both protruding, Devil and Food are mutually countering, mutually countering is right (correct), that is also mutually supportive.

*Food likes to counter 7K and 7K likes to be countered by Food.

Cases like these, is the Purity of the Useful God.

What does it mean by Impure? (The Gods) that use each other but do not seek each other.

Like Ren born in the month of Wei, Yi and Ji are protruding, Officer and Hurting Officer mutually counter, both do not seek each other.

Jia born in Chen, Wu and Ren are both protruding, Seal and Wealth counter each other, is (also a case of both gods) do not seek each other.

Cases like these, Useful (God) is impure.

Friday, March 8, 2013

BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 变化 Changes Transformations

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ZPZQ 子平真诠 writes:

Discussing Changes of the Useful God

The Useful God is primarily the Month's Decree, but what is hidden in the Month's Decree is more than one, thus the Useful God has changes.

As the 12 Branches, all of them have more than one hidden stems apart from Zi, Wu, Mao and You, not necessarily only the 4 storage (have miscellaneous Qi).

Innate Qi as Governor, ChangSheng Qi as Prefect and Local Magistrate

Take Yin EB for example, Jia as the Master, like a governor of a district, Bing is ChangSheng, like a sub-prefect for a district, Wu is also in ChangSheng, is likened to a local magistrate, If Yin Month is the outline, Jia does not protrude while Bing protrude, is like the governor is not overlooking the district, so the sub-prefect rules the district. This is the reason for (Useful God) changes.

If Ding is born in Hai Month, is originally a DO structure, if the EBs has Mao and Wei, DO is transformed to Seal.

Ji born in Shen Month, is originally a Hurting Officer structure, if Geng is hidden and Ren protrudes, it transforms to Wealth.

Cases like this are changes of the Useful God.

Benevolent (improved) change, the structure becomes more beautiful.

Not benevolent (worsen) change, the structure becomes worse.

Useful God changes for the better

What does it mean by benevolent (improvement) change?

Like for example,

Xin born in Yin month, meeting Bing that transforms Wealth to Officer;

Ren born in Xu month, meeting Xin that transform Devil to Seal

These two examples (have Useful God) that changes because of protrusions.

Gui born in Yin month, month decree has Hurting Officer in charge. With Jia hidden and Bing exposed, meeting Wu and Xu will form a Yin Wu Xu 3 combinations, Hurting Officer is transformed to Wealth.

Plus, if Bing fire protrudes, it has to be regarded as Wealth (structure) completely, and even if Bing does not protrude, and Wu earth protrude, (the chart structure) should be regarded as Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer.

That is because Yin-Wu-Xu transformation take precedence, the chart should not be regarded as Hurting Officer meeting Officer.

Yi born in Yin month, Rob Wealth takes charge, meeting Wu and Xu would transform Rob Wealth to Food and Hurt, with Wu protrudes, it would be regarded Food and Hurt engendering Wealth, is not regarded as Compare and Rob competing for Wealth

These 2 examples (have Useful Gods) that changes because of meetings and combinations

Due to changes and transformation, the unfavorable becomes favorable, that is change to become benevolent.

Useful God changes for worse

What does it mean by not benevolent (worsen) change?

Like for example,

Bing born in Yin month, is originally a Seal structure, Jia does not protrude, and meeting Wu and Xu in the branches, (Seal) transforms to Rob.

Yin born in Shen month, is originally Indirect Wealth (structure), Geng is hidden and Ren protrudes, meeting Zi and Chen, (Indirect Wealth) transforms to become Killing.

Cases like this are many, they change to become not benevolent (worse).

Changes (of Useful God) that does not change the original structure

There are also cases of changes that do not lose the original structures.

Like for example

Bing born in the month of Shen, seeing Ren to transform Devil, also protruding is Wu, that Food God can restrain 7K and engender Wealth, so the chart ownder does not lose his wealthiness and nobility.

Xin born in Yin month, Bing protrudes to transform (Wealth structure to) Officer, also protrudes Jia, structure becomes Direct Wealth, Direct officer is also the zusammen structure.

Yi born in Shen month, protruding Ren changes the structure to Seal, also protrude Wu, thus Wealth can engender Officer, Seal when it sees Wealth, Seal retreats, even if Seal connects through Month's Decree, the structure becomes Direct Officer, and Seal is the zusammen structure.

Bing born in Yin month, Wu and Xu meets (transforms the structure) to Rob, and when Jia protrudes or Ren protrudes, the structure would still be the Seal (structure) and it is not broken.


Bing born in Shen Month, meeting Ren transform (the structure) to Devil, a protruding Wu means the Food can control the Devil and engender Wealth, that is still a Wealth structure, (the structure)does not lose its wealthiness and nobility.

Cases like this are many, charts that change without losing its original structure. That is because BaZi could not be established without Useful God, Useful God is not efficacious without changes and transformation, ..........

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BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 救应 Rescue Response

Again from ZPZQ (it's my favorite book, okay I'm a nerd)

Within success if there's failure, (the chart) brings along taboos, within failure if there's success, it relies of the rescue response.

What does it mean by 'bringing along taboos'?

Such as Direct Officer meeting Wealth and also meeting Hurting Officer

Direct Officer protrudes but it is combined

Prosperous wealth engendering Officer but officer meets HO or combination

Seal structure with protruding Food to exhaust Qi, also meeting exposed Wealth

Devil protrudes to engender Seal, also Wealth is protruding, thus it discards the Seal to save the Devil

Food God carries Devil and Seal meeting Wealth.

7K is being controlled by Food and meeting Seal (counters Food)

Hurting Officer engendering wealth, and wealth is combined

Adorned with Seal but Seal is injured, Wealth is protruding but meets Devil, all these are regarded as bringing along Taboos.

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BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 成败, Success Failure

This topic of ZPZQ discusses how to determine if a chart is successfully established or when it is not. This is one of the most important factors to know if the chart is good or bad.

Successful Structures

Useful God is seek only from the Month's decree and matches it with the 4 pillars, there would be success and failure.


What is considered successful?

BaZi: 相神 The importance of Minister God

The God that in charge in the month's branch is what we call the Useful God, and the God that is very important in regulating the chart is called the Minister God, Xiang Shen 相神

ZPZQ says:


From the month's decree we obtain the Useful God, and from other places we can get the ministers, if the ruler has minister, it is like the assistant.

Such as

Officer engendered by Wealth 官逢财生, Officer is the Useful God and Wealth is the Minister God;

Prosperous Wealth engenders Officer 财旺生官, Wealth as the Useful God and Officer as the Minister God.

Devil (7K) countered by Food 煞逢食制, Devil is the Useful God and Food is the Minister.

This is a fixed method, in summary, for a particular structure that relies one that one word to be established, that word is regarded as the Minister.

To injure the Useful God is somehow the same as injuring Self, to injure the Minister God is somehow the same as injuring the Useful God.

Such as

Jia uses You as the Officer, Ding penetrates and meets Ren, the HO is combined away and the Officer is saved and so the establishment of the structure relies on Ren, the Minister God.


X Jia Ding Ren
X X You X

This is a Direct Officer structure, but HO is protruding is inauspicious for a DO structure, and Ren combines with Ding rendering Ding harmless. So Ren is considered as the Minister God.

Wu DM uses Zi as Wealth, Jia penetrates together with Ji, 7K is combined and Wealth is saved, the structure relies on Ji as the minister.

X Wu Jia Ji
X X Zi X

This is a Wealth structure with protruding 7K, 7K is considered inauspicious for a wealth structure, Ji combines with Jia rendering Jia harmless, so Ji is considered the Minister God

Yi uses You as the 7K, Year is Ding and Month has Gui, on hour sees Wu, thus the Seal Gui is combined away to allow Ding to control the 7K, Wu is the minister.

Wu Yi Gui Ding
X X You X

This is a 7K controlled by Food structure, however, Ding is being countered by Gui the Owl, Wu combines away with Gui to render Gui harmless to Ding, so Ding is saved and the structure is established. Ding is considered the Minister God.

So now we see that when a chart is established, like 7K controlled by Food, food is not necessarily the Minister God, like the chart above, Food is countered by Owl, and then Wealth breaks the Owl, saves the Food, allowing the structure to be established, so Wealth is taken as the Minister God.

Gui born in Hai Month, Bing wealth penetrates, Wealth encounters Robbing Month (Rob Wealth Month EB), but Mao and Wei comes to meet, that is to transformed water to become Wood, Rob Wealth is transformed to become wealth, that relies on Mao and Wei as ministers.

X Gui X Bing
Wei Mao Hai X

Yue Jie Robbing month structure that uses wealth favors output to transform the Robbing Month to Wealth, thus Wei and Mao in this chart are very auspicious Minister Gods.


Geng born in Shen, Gui penetrates exhausting its Qi, does not connect through the month decree so the Metal Qi is not very efficacious, Zi and Chen comes to form a water frame, transform metal to water and thus it becomes a structure that is called 'Metal and Water mutually contained' (a structure that indicates beauty and intelligence), this relies on Zi and Chen as ministers. Examples like this show the importance of the Minister Gods.


Minister God that is not broken means a noble structure is established; Minister Gods that mutually injure each other, the structure fails.

For example, Jia uses You as Officer, Ding penetrates meeting Gui as Seal, thus the Seal controls the Hurting Officer so it would not hurt the Officer, but it is also seen Wu in the chart, thus Gui combines with Wu and does not control Ding, Gui water as minister is injured;

Wu Jia Gui Ding
X X You X


Ding uses You wealth, Gui penetrates and meets Ji, the Food God is countering 7K and at the same time is engendering wealth, but Jia protrudes, Jia combines with Ji so Ji does not counter Gui, Ji earth the minister is injured.

These are originally affectionate charts that transformed to be not affectionate, structures with useful objects that become useless.

Now from this text, we can know that Minister God is just as important as the Useful God, it can make or break a chart structure. But before we can know determine the Minister God, we must be able to determine the chart structure, Useful God and how the Useful God functions. Benevolent Useful Gods favors being engendered and protected. Not benevolent Useful Gods favors being countered or exhausted.

When the chart structure is established, we look for any God that might break the structure, e.g Hurting Officer could break a Direct Officer structure, Rob wealth could break a wealth structure. Wealth could break a Food God countering 7K structure etc. If there's any God that could save the chart from being broken, then the God is taken as the Minister God.

When the Minister God is being harmed, then the chart structure would be harmed, that is a sign of inauspiciousness.

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BaZi: 用神 - 逆用 'Against' Use

Useful God, against way 逆用 and chart structures

Continue from the previous post, which is about the 'follow way, this post is about the 'against' way of using the Useful God.

Again, from ZPZQ


Not-benevolent and used in an 'against' way is like
7th Devil likes to be controlled by Food, dreads supports and help from Wealth and Seal <-- 7K countered by Food God structure

Hurting Officer likes to be controlled by Seal, <-- HO adorned with Seal structure

Engendering wealth and transforming itself, HO engendering Wealth structure

Yang Ren likes to be controlled by Officer and Devil, dreads the total absence of Officer and Devil <-- Officer or Devil controlling Blade structure 官煞制刃 

Robbing Month likes to be controlled by penetrating Officer, <-- Robbing Month using Officer structure 月劫用官

Using Wealth and penetrating Food to transform Rob. <-- Robbing month using Wealth structure. 月劫用财

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BaZi: 用神 - 顺用 'Follow' Use

Useful God, follow way 顺用 and chart structures

ZPZQ also talks about how these 'Useful Gods' should be used. 

Benevolent Useful Gods - use them in a 'follow' way 顺用
Not Benevolent Useful Gods - use them in an 'against' way 逆用

From these concepts, chart structures can be establish.
Referring to the previous post,

Some common structures for the 'follow' way 顺用

BaZi: 用神 Useful God and chart structures

用神 Useful God and chart structuresTranslating chart structure is a little difficult and confusing The names of the structures don't usually make sense in English.

ZPZQ says:

People these days do not know to focus primarily on the outline,

and then take the stems and branches of 4 pillars,

every character is referred back to the month's decree,

and its favorable and unfavorable (entities) is analyzed..

Even when it's seen that the chart it is DO adorned with Seal, (but) it is thought to be Officer and Seal are both complete, is discussed similarly as Seal and ribbon uses DO.

Seeing Wealth protruding and Food God, is not thought to be Wealth engendered by Food, but is thought to be Food God engendering wealth, discussed similarly as Food God engendering Wealth.

Seeing Indirect Seal and protruding Food, is not thought to be the elegance of exhausting self, but is thought to be Owl God takes away Food, beneficial to use wealth to control, is discussed similarly as Food God meeting Owl.

Seeing Devil controlled by Food with revealed Seal, is not thought to be discarding Food to protect Devil, but is thought to be Devil and Seal mutually engendering, is discussed similarly as Seal and Devil mutually engendering.

And there's also the Devil structure that meets Blade, was not thought that Blade could help self to control the Devil, thought to be Devil controlling blade, discussed similarly as Yang Blade with exposed devil.

All these is because of ignorance about the month decree and thus discuss things absurdly.

Then there's chart that has no useful god in the month's decree, how?

such as Wood born in Yin and Mao, Self cannot be used, must look at the four pillars if there's Wealth, Officer, Devil, Food that protrudes or meeting branches, take other as the Useful God.

Ultimately, the month's decree is the main focus, and then look for the Useful, they are structure of JianLu and YueJie, not used but still are Useful God.

According to ZPZQ, what is contained by the month decree is considered the Useful God, but the Useful God is not necessarily 'Useful'. ZPZQ, like DTS, teaches that Usefulness and Useful God are 2 different concepts. Useful God is not necessarily useful. The name 用神 is possibly derived from the phrase 用事之神, which means 'God that is in power', as DTS says:


So, is the English term 'Useful God' a bad translation? I do not know, but it seems to cause a lot of misunderstanding.

When we look at how ZPZQ names the chart structure, it will always start with the name of the 'Useful God' (whether I like it or not, that is the name that is most commonly used).

For example Wealth engendered by Food 财用食生, Wealth is the 'Useful God', Food is the useful God. Okay, I don't make sense. Wealth is the 'Useful God' and Food is how the Useful God is used.

Which is different from Food God engendering wealth 食神生财, Food is the Useful God and Wealth is how the Useful God is used.

Wealth engendered by Food and Food God engendering wealth are two different structures as the Useful God is always the month branch or the objects inside it and the structure is named according to the Useful God.

When the month branch is of the same element as the DM, it cannot be used, so 'use' has to be search from somewhere else, it could be Wealth, Officer, Devil or Food, look at which is protruding or which has meetings in the branches. Even though the month branch is not 'useful' the structures are named according to the month's branch, it could be YangRen (Yang DM with month EB as DiWang for DM), JianLu (month EB is LinGuan for DM, or YueJie (For other EB that has the same elements for DM).

No, Useful God is not the most favorable element in the chart.