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BaZi: 相神 The importance of Minister God

The God that in charge in the month's branch is what we call the Useful God, and the God that is very important in regulating the chart is called the Minister God, Xiang Shen 相神

ZPZQ says:


From the month's decree we obtain the Useful God, and from other places we can get the ministers, if the ruler has minister, it is like the assistant.

Such as

Officer engendered by Wealth 官逢财生, Officer is the Useful God and Wealth is the Minister God;

Prosperous Wealth engenders Officer 财旺生官, Wealth as the Useful God and Officer as the Minister God.

Devil (7K) countered by Food 煞逢食制, Devil is the Useful God and Food is the Minister.

This is a fixed method, in summary, for a particular structure that relies one that one word to be established, that word is regarded as the Minister.

To injure the Useful God is somehow the same as injuring Self, to injure the Minister God is somehow the same as injuring the Useful God.

Such as

Jia uses You as the Officer, Ding penetrates and meets Ren, the HO is combined away and the Officer is saved and so the establishment of the structure relies on Ren, the Minister God.


X Jia Ding Ren
X X You X

This is a Direct Officer structure, but HO is protruding is inauspicious for a DO structure, and Ren combines with Ding rendering Ding harmless. So Ren is considered as the Minister God.

Wu DM uses Zi as Wealth, Jia penetrates together with Ji, 7K is combined and Wealth is saved, the structure relies on Ji as the minister.

X Wu Jia Ji
X X Zi X

This is a Wealth structure with protruding 7K, 7K is considered inauspicious for a wealth structure, Ji combines with Jia rendering Jia harmless, so Ji is considered the Minister God

Yi uses You as the 7K, Year is Ding and Month has Gui, on hour sees Wu, thus the Seal Gui is combined away to allow Ding to control the 7K, Wu is the minister.

Wu Yi Gui Ding
X X You X

This is a 7K controlled by Food structure, however, Ding is being countered by Gui the Owl, Wu combines away with Gui to render Gui harmless to Ding, so Ding is saved and the structure is established. Ding is considered the Minister God.

So now we see that when a chart is established, like 7K controlled by Food, food is not necessarily the Minister God, like the chart above, Food is countered by Owl, and then Wealth breaks the Owl, saves the Food, allowing the structure to be established, so Wealth is taken as the Minister God.

Gui born in Hai Month, Bing wealth penetrates, Wealth encounters Robbing Month (Rob Wealth Month EB), but Mao and Wei comes to meet, that is to transformed water to become Wood, Rob Wealth is transformed to become wealth, that relies on Mao and Wei as ministers.

X Gui X Bing
Wei Mao Hai X

Yue Jie Robbing month structure that uses wealth favors output to transform the Robbing Month to Wealth, thus Wei and Mao in this chart are very auspicious Minister Gods.


Geng born in Shen, Gui penetrates exhausting its Qi, does not connect through the month decree so the Metal Qi is not very efficacious, Zi and Chen comes to form a water frame, transform metal to water and thus it becomes a structure that is called 'Metal and Water mutually contained' (a structure that indicates beauty and intelligence), this relies on Zi and Chen as ministers. Examples like this show the importance of the Minister Gods.


Minister God that is not broken means a noble structure is established; Minister Gods that mutually injure each other, the structure fails.

For example, Jia uses You as Officer, Ding penetrates meeting Gui as Seal, thus the Seal controls the Hurting Officer so it would not hurt the Officer, but it is also seen Wu in the chart, thus Gui combines with Wu and does not control Ding, Gui water as minister is injured;

Wu Jia Gui Ding
X X You X


Ding uses You wealth, Gui penetrates and meets Ji, the Food God is countering 7K and at the same time is engendering wealth, but Jia protrudes, Jia combines with Ji so Ji does not counter Gui, Ji earth the minister is injured.

These are originally affectionate charts that transformed to be not affectionate, structures with useful objects that become useless.

Now from this text, we can know that Minister God is just as important as the Useful God, it can make or break a chart structure. But before we can know determine the Minister God, we must be able to determine the chart structure, Useful God and how the Useful God functions. Benevolent Useful Gods favors being engendered and protected. Not benevolent Useful Gods favors being countered or exhausted.

When the chart structure is established, we look for any God that might break the structure, e.g Hurting Officer could break a Direct Officer structure, Rob wealth could break a wealth structure. Wealth could break a Food God countering 7K structure etc. If there's any God that could save the chart from being broken, then the God is taken as the Minister God.

When the Minister God is being harmed, then the chart structure would be harmed, that is a sign of inauspiciousness.

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