Friday, March 8, 2013

BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 变化 Changes Transformations

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ZPZQ 子平真诠 writes:

Discussing Changes of the Useful God

The Useful God is primarily the Month's Decree, but what is hidden in the Month's Decree is more than one, thus the Useful God has changes.

As the 12 Branches, all of them have more than one hidden stems apart from Zi, Wu, Mao and You, not necessarily only the 4 storage (have miscellaneous Qi).

Innate Qi as Governor, ChangSheng Qi as Prefect and Local Magistrate

Take Yin EB for example, Jia as the Master, like a governor of a district, Bing is ChangSheng, like a sub-prefect for a district, Wu is also in ChangSheng, is likened to a local magistrate, If Yin Month is the outline, Jia does not protrude while Bing protrude, is like the governor is not overlooking the district, so the sub-prefect rules the district. This is the reason for (Useful God) changes.

If Ding is born in Hai Month, is originally a DO structure, if the EBs has Mao and Wei, DO is transformed to Seal.

Ji born in Shen Month, is originally a Hurting Officer structure, if Geng is hidden and Ren protrudes, it transforms to Wealth.

Cases like this are changes of the Useful God.

Benevolent (improved) change, the structure becomes more beautiful.

Not benevolent (worsen) change, the structure becomes worse.

Useful God changes for the better

What does it mean by benevolent (improvement) change?

Like for example,

Xin born in Yin month, meeting Bing that transforms Wealth to Officer;

Ren born in Xu month, meeting Xin that transform Devil to Seal

These two examples (have Useful God) that changes because of protrusions.

Gui born in Yin month, month decree has Hurting Officer in charge. With Jia hidden and Bing exposed, meeting Wu and Xu will form a Yin Wu Xu 3 combinations, Hurting Officer is transformed to Wealth.

Plus, if Bing fire protrudes, it has to be regarded as Wealth (structure) completely, and even if Bing does not protrude, and Wu earth protrude, (the chart structure) should be regarded as Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer.

That is because Yin-Wu-Xu transformation take precedence, the chart should not be regarded as Hurting Officer meeting Officer.

Yi born in Yin month, Rob Wealth takes charge, meeting Wu and Xu would transform Rob Wealth to Food and Hurt, with Wu protrudes, it would be regarded Food and Hurt engendering Wealth, is not regarded as Compare and Rob competing for Wealth

These 2 examples (have Useful Gods) that changes because of meetings and combinations

Due to changes and transformation, the unfavorable becomes favorable, that is change to become benevolent.

Useful God changes for worse

What does it mean by not benevolent (worsen) change?

Like for example,

Bing born in Yin month, is originally a Seal structure, Jia does not protrude, and meeting Wu and Xu in the branches, (Seal) transforms to Rob.

Yin born in Shen month, is originally Indirect Wealth (structure), Geng is hidden and Ren protrudes, meeting Zi and Chen, (Indirect Wealth) transforms to become Killing.

Cases like this are many, they change to become not benevolent (worse).

Changes (of Useful God) that does not change the original structure

There are also cases of changes that do not lose the original structures.

Like for example

Bing born in the month of Shen, seeing Ren to transform Devil, also protruding is Wu, that Food God can restrain 7K and engender Wealth, so the chart ownder does not lose his wealthiness and nobility.

Xin born in Yin month, Bing protrudes to transform (Wealth structure to) Officer, also protrudes Jia, structure becomes Direct Wealth, Direct officer is also the zusammen structure.

Yi born in Shen month, protruding Ren changes the structure to Seal, also protrude Wu, thus Wealth can engender Officer, Seal when it sees Wealth, Seal retreats, even if Seal connects through Month's Decree, the structure becomes Direct Officer, and Seal is the zusammen structure.

Bing born in Yin month, Wu and Xu meets (transforms the structure) to Rob, and when Jia protrudes or Ren protrudes, the structure would still be the Seal (structure) and it is not broken.


Bing born in Shen Month, meeting Ren transform (the structure) to Devil, a protruding Wu means the Food can control the Devil and engender Wealth, that is still a Wealth structure, (the structure)does not lose its wealthiness and nobility.

Cases like this are many, charts that change without losing its original structure. That is because BaZi could not be established without Useful God, Useful God is not efficacious without changes and transformation, ..........


  1. yin wu xu changed the structure from HO to wealth in your example of the Gui DM above. what about a Mao Xu combo. will 6 harmony combos be strong enough to change a structure ?

  2. No, 6 combination is the pairing of Yin and Yang, it's the earthly version of 5 combination of the HS. It's about harmony relationship, celebration, it does not form a frame.

  3. Thks for your reply. Does it then mean that although HS and 6 Harmony combines and transform to another element, eg Ding Ren or Yin Hai combines to form wood (assuming transformation takes place) the additional wood will not be strong enough to be used( assuming wood is favourable ) to improve the relevant elements in the chart. ?

    As another example, if a chart is cold, Mao Xu combination does not help to warm the chart ?

    Also, your articles on Useful god, wealth stars and Direct Officer are very useful for those of us who are interested in learning more about bazi but who unfortunately do not read Chinese. Thank you very much for spending time to translate the classics for others. It is much appreciated. I hope you will continue to help others understand the Classics and I especially look forward to the opportunity to learn more about the other 10 gods from your work.

  4. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for reading the blog, thanks for the feedback too.

    Imo, the transformed wood can be used if it is favorable, (assuming transformation happens). If transformation does not happen, we regard the combined elements as 'combined away'. For example if Geng uses Ding as Officer, and in the HS there's Ren, Ding will combine with Ren and the DM loses both auspicious star. If transformation happens, Ding Ren transforms to wood and Geng DM will have Wealth to use instead of Officer and Food.

    Combining away can sometimes be auspicious too, for example Geng DM uses Ding as Officer, there's also a Bing HS on the stems as 7K, this results in a broken structure that is called 官杀混杂 (Officer and Killing mixed and mingled), seeing Xin will combine away the 7K and leaving Officer alone. That sort of 'clears' the chart.

    The 6 combinations does not form a frame (局) or a partial frame (半局), that is they don't change the chart structure or the Useful God.

  5. Hi Trey,

    Can LP change the structure? For example with above case,

    Ding is born in Hai Month is originally a DO structure, but if the EB only has Mao and meet Wei LP, is it considered DO be transformed to Seal when meeting Wei LP?