Saturday, March 2, 2013

BaZi: 用神 - 顺用 'Follow' Use

Useful God, follow way 顺用 and chart structures

ZPZQ also talks about how these 'Useful Gods' should be used. 

Benevolent Useful Gods - use them in a 'follow' way 顺用
Not Benevolent Useful Gods - use them in an 'against' way 逆用

From these concepts, chart structures can be establish.
Referring to the previous post,

Some common structures for the 'follow' way 顺用

Wealth likes to be engendered by Food God <-- Wealth engendered by Food God structure 财用食生

Wealth likes to engender Officer to protect wealth ,<-- Wealth engendering Officer structure 财旺生官

Officer likes to be engendered by penetrating Wealth <-- Officer engendered by Wealth structure 官用财生

Officer likes to engender Seal to protect Officer <---Officer engendering Seal structure, Officer adorned with Seal structure 正官佩印

Seal likes to be engendered by Officer and Devil <-- Seal engendered by Officer  or Officer and Seal both complete 印绶用官 or 官印双全 / Seal engendered by 7K structure 印用杀生 or Devil and Seal mutually engendering 煞印相生

Seal likes to engender Rob wealth to protect Seal, as in a vibrant structure. 

Food likes to be engendered by prosperous self <-- Food God Elegant Exhaustion structure 食神泄秀

Food likes to engender Wealth to protect Food <-- Food God engendering Wealth structure 食神生财 

What structure is this?

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