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BaZi - 定格局诀 The art of determining structure

From SFTK, this is a summary of how ZiPing structures can be determined by matching the DM with the Month's EB. Note that this does take in changes of the Useful God. For example Jia born in Yin is originally a JianLu structure but if Jia does not protrude but Bing protrudes, the structure becomes a Food God structure, and if Jia and Bing both does not protrude, Wu protrudes, it becomes a Wealth structure.

定格局诀 - The art (secrets) of determining structures.

甲日定格 - To determine structure for DM Jia

甲日寅月是建禄,Jia day born in Yin Month is JianLu,

卯月羊刃可堪凭。Mao month definitely is YangRen.

三月财星藏辰库,The third month has Wealth star hidden below the storage of Chen, 

巳为食神财暗伏。Si (month) as Food God and Wealth is obscurely hidden.

午月丁火伤官格,Wu month Ding Fire as Hurting Officer structure,

未月杂气取财星。Wei month has mixed Qi take the Wealth star. 

七月申提七杀论,The seventh month discusses the outline as 7K, 

酉为正气官星得。You as the proper Qi of Officer that is gaining.
九月戌中惟杂气,The ninth month within Xu are mixed Qi, 

十月偏印格局真。The tenth month Indirect Seal structure is true. 

十一月取正印格,The eleventh month takes as Direct Seal structure, 

丑中杂气仔细详。Within Chou, the mixed Qi has to be analyzed in detail.

乙日定格 - To determine the structure for DM Yi

乙曰寅月号伤官,Yi day born in Yin month is called Hurting Officer (why?),

卯为建禄格中真。Born in the month of Mao is truly a JianLu structure.

三月财官俱杂气,On the third month has Wealth and Officer within its mixed Qi,

巳中伤官财星端。Within Si, Hurting Officer and Wealth star are proper.

午提丁火食神格,Wu (month) takes Ding fire as Food God structure

未土杂气曰财官。Wei earth has mixed Qi that is called Wealth and Officer

申月正气官星论,The month of Shen has a proper Qi thus is discuss as Officer star

八月酉中作杀推。The eighth month, within You analyze as 7 Killing

戌内财官俱杂气,Within Xu mixed Qi are Wealth and Officer

亥月正印便扶身。The month of Hai, Direct Seal would support Self

子癸之中偏印是,The Gui within Zi is Indirect Seal

杂气推来在丑中。Within Chou is analyzed as mixed Qi

丙日定格 To determine the structure for DM Bing

丙日逢寅偏印生,Bing day that sees Yin is born by Indirect Seal

卯月正印喜官星。The month of Mao is Direct Seal that likes Officer star

辰初杂气用食神,Early Chen has mixed Qi and uses Food God

巳中定取建禄格。Within Si it must be JianLu structure

午火羊刃又伤官,Wu fire is YangRen and Hurting Officer

未取伤官宜伤尽。Wei takes Hurting Officer that is good to 'hurt completely' (will cover this in future post)

申是偏财喜旺神,Shen is Indirect Wealth that likes Prosperous God

酉月财旺生官格。The month of You has the structure of  'Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer'

戌上杂气为食神,  Above Xu is mixed Qi as Food God

亥月偏印七杀真。The month of Hai, Indirect Seal and 7K are real.

子中正官宜官旺,Within Zi is Direct Officer and Officer likes to be prosperous.

丑宫分明是气生。Chou palace, demarcate clearly which Qi is alive

丁日定格 To determine the structure for DM Ding

丁日寅提正印评,Ding day born in Yin is discussed as Direct Seal

卯上偏印格局真。On Mao, the Indirect Seal structure is true.

辰初杂气未伤官,In Chen, basically is mixed Qi and is not necessarily Hurting Officer

巳上伤官便生财。On Si, Hurting Officer thus engenders Wealth

午中建禄分明取,In Wu, JianLu should be distinguished clearly

未月食神独可嗔。The month of Wei, Food God is the only one that can be annoyed (what does this means?)

申内正财生官格,Inside Shen, it's Direct Wealth engendering Officer structure.

酉月偏财可追寻。In the month of You, Indirect Wealth can be pursued

戌中杂气未伤官,Within Xu, mixed Qi that is not necessarily Hurting Officer

亥月正官及正印。The month of Hai, Direct Officer and Direct Seal

子月偏官七杀真,The month of Zi, Indirect Officer, 7K is real.

丑月杂气是财官。Chou month has mixed Qi that is Wealth and Officer

戊日定格 To determine the structure for DM Wu

戊藏寅月杀拘印,Wu is hidden in Yin month, 7K is adhered to Seal

卯是正官寻贵气。Mao Month has Direct Officer look for the noble Qi

辰内杂气财官格,Within Chen mixed Qi is Wealth and Officer structure.

巳上亦取号建禄.  Above So is also taken as JianLu

午月刃取正印格,Wu month is Blade takes Direct Seal structure

未上杂气作官印。Above Wei mixed Qi becomes Officer and Seal

七月食神生财旺,The seventh month Food God engenders prosperous Wealth

八月伤官喜遇财。The eighth month Hurting Officer likes to meet Wealth

戌中杂气分明取,Within Xu mixed Qi has to be distinguished clearly

亥月财杀格中真。Hai month Wealth and Killing structure is real

子提正财生官格,Zi has Direct Wealth engendering Officer structure.

丑上杂气号财官。Above Chou mixed Qi is called Wealth and Officer.

己日定格 To determine the structure for DM Ji

己生寅月正官印,Ji Born in the month of Yin is Direct Officer and Seal

卯推七杀便是真。In Mao, it's regarded as 7K that is true

辰是杂气取财官,Chen is mixed Qi, takes Wealth and Officer

巳中正印格可清。Within Si, Direct Seal structure can be clear

午中建禄居此位,Within Wu JianLu resides here.

未土杂气借财杀。Wei earth has mixed Qi, borrows Wealth and Killing

申月伤官真论此,Shen month has Hurting Officer truly is discussed as such

酉中食神亦可寻。Within You Food God can be searched

戌月借取杂气格,Xu month borrows and takes mixed Qi structure

亥上正财生官格。Above Hai is Direct Wealth engenders Officer structure

子月偏财明怕劫,The month of Zi is Indirect Wealth, if it's clear then it's afraid of Rob

丑月杂气取财官。Chou month is mixed Qi takes Wealth and Officer

庚日定格 To determine structure for DM Geng

庚到寅宫评财杀,Geng arrives at Yin palace is judged as Wealth and Killing

卯月正财便生官。Mao month has Direct wealth that engenders Officer

辰初杂气用偏印,Early Chen, mixed Qi uses Indirect Seal

巳火七杀号偏官。Si fire 7K is named Indirect Officer

午月炎天寻正官,Wu month with flaming heaven seeks Direct Officer

未中杂气用正印。Within Wei mixed Qi uses Direct Seal

申中便取建禄格,Within Shen it is taken as JianLu structure

酉用羊刃格中寻。You takes YangRen that is searched within the structure.

戌中杂气用偏印,Within Xu mixed Qi uses Indirect Seal

亥上食神喜身强。Above Hai Food God likes strong Self

子月伤官真可论,The month of Zi, Hurting Officer can truly be discussed

丑中只可作杂气。Within Chou can only be made into mixed Qi

辛日定格 For DM Xin

辛日寅财旺生官,Xin day with Yin Wealth prosperous engenders Officer

卯月偏财是福基。Mao month Indirect Wealth is the base of blessings

辰是杂气未正印,Chen is mixed Qi that is not necessarily Direct Seal

巳上正官及正印。Above Si has Direct Officer and Direct Seal

午月偏官喜枭神,Wu month, Indirect Officer likes Owl God

未取杂气用偏印。Wei is taken as mixed Qi uses Indirect Seal

申月借取伤官格,Shen month borrows or takes Hurting Officer structure

酉是建禄怕逢冲。You is JianLu and is afraid of clashes

戌中杂气戊是印,Within Xu is mixed Qi, Wu is Seal

亥月伤官喜见财。Hai month Hurting Officer likes seeing Wealth

子月之中求食神,Inside Zi month seek for Food God

丑上下旬论偏印。Chou first ten and last ten days is discussed as Indirect Seal

壬日定格 Determine structure for Ren DM

壬逢寅地号食神,Ren seeing Yin earth is named Food God

卯上见印取伤官。Above Mao seeing Seal takes Hurting Officer

辰是杂气为七杀,Chen is mixed Qi as 7K

巳取偏财并偏官。Si takes indirect Wealth together with Indirect Officer

午月财官正两全,Wu month Wealth and Officer are both complete

未上杂气取财官。Above Wei mixed Qi takes Wealth and Officer

申月偏印无别论,Shen month is Indirect Seal, discussed as nothing else

酉取正印怕逢财。You is taken as Direct Seal and it fears seeing Wealth

戌月杂气为七杀,Xu month mixed Qi as 7K

亥未建禄用食神。Hai is not necessarily JianLu using Food God

子月之中羊刃格,Within Zi month is YangRen structure

丑中杂气是财官。Within Chou mixed Qi is Wealth and Officer

癸日定格 DM Gui

癸日寅月取伤官,Gui day Yin month is taken as Hurting Officer

卯月食神定是真。Month is Mao, Food God is really true.

辰中杂气是正官,Within Chen mixed Qi is Direct Officer

巳月正财官便是。The month of Si Direct Wealth Officer that is it.

午月偏财又偏官,Wu month has Indirect Wealth and also Indirect Officer

六月杂气是七杀。Sixth month mixed Qi is 7K

申月正印怕逢寅,The month of Sehn with Direct Seal fears seeing Yin

酉月偏印忌见比。You month Indirect Seal dreads seeing Compare

戌中杂气是财官,Within Xu mixed Qi is Wealth and Officer

亥月借取伤官格。Hai month borrows Hurting Officers structure.

子中建禄定其真,Within Zi is truly JianLu

丑中杂气为七杀。Within Chou mixed Qi as 7K

Right, Wealth Officer Seal 7K Hurt, Food these 6 items, is the absolute method of ZiPing, thus recorded as such. 

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