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BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 成败, Success Failure

This topic of ZPZQ discusses how to determine if a chart is successfully established or when it is not. This is one of the most important factors to know if the chart is good or bad.

Successful Structures

Useful God is seek only from the Month's decree and matches it with the 4 pillars, there would be success and failure.


What is considered successful?



Officer meets Wealth and Seal, without Punishment, Clash, Breakage and Harm, Officer structure is successful (established).


Wealth engenders prosperous officer, or wealth engendered by Food, self is strong with Compare (Parallels), or Wealth structure with penetrating Seal that is in a good position which does not counter each other, Wealth structure is established.


Seal is light and meets Killing, or Officer and Seal are both complete, or Self and Seal are both prosperous with Food and Hurt exhausting Qi, or Many Seals meeting wealth and wealth is lightly rooted, Seal structure is established.


Food God engenders Wealth, or Food carries Devil without wealth, or abandon Food, follow Devil with penetrating Seal, Food structure is established.


Self is strong with 7K being countered, 7K structure is established


Hurting Officer engendering wealth, or HO adorned with Seal and HO is prosperous, Seal is rooted, or HO is prosperous, Self DM is weak and 7K penetrates with Seal, or HO carries 7K without Wealth, HO structure is established.


YangRen with penetrating Officer or 7K with exposed Wealth and Seal, not meeting HO, YR structure is established.


JianLu and YueJie, penetrating Officer meeting Wealth and Seal, penetrating Wealth and meets Food or Hurting Officer, penetrating Devil but is countered, JianLu /  YueJie structure is established.

Successful structure can be easily determined with the basic rules -

Benevolent Gods likes to be engendered and protected, which is used in the 'follow way'

Not Benevolent Gods likes to be controlled or transformed, which is used in the 'against way'

The Benevolent Gods are Officer, Wealth, Seal and Food.

The Not Benevolent Gods are Devil, Hurt, Owl and Blade

Officer for example, is a Benevolent God, so Officer likes to be engendered by Wealth and protected by Seal. Officer does not want to be hurt by Hurting Officer, or clashed, punished, harmed etc in the earthly branches

Devil (7K) is a not Benevolent God, so Devil likes to be controlled by Food and transformed by Seal, it is not favorable for the Devil to be engendered by Wealth. If Food is absent, Devil can be transformed by Seal, but if there's Food, and it penetrates, Seal could counter Food and save Devil which is inauspicious.

Failed structures

What is considered a failure?


Officer meets harm, counter, punishment and clash, Officer structure fails.


Wealth is light and Compares are heavy, Wealth with penetrating 7K, Wealth structure fails.


Seal is light and meets Wealth, or DM is strong, Seal is heavy and Devil penetrates, Seal structure fails.


Food God meeting the Owl, or engendering wealth with revealed Devil, Food God structure fails.


7K meeting wealth without control, 7K structure fails.


Hurting Officer which is not Metal - Water meeting Officer, or engendering Wealth and carries Devil, or adorned with Seal with a light HO and prosperous Self, Hurting Officer structure fails.


YangRen structure without Officer or Devil, YangRen structure fails.


JianLu and YueJie structures, without Wealth nor Officer, with penetrating Devil and Seal, JianLu and YueJie structure fail.

When the benevolent Gods are countered and not benevolent Gods are engendered, result in Failed structure. 

One exception is Metal Water Hurting Officer structure i.e Metal born in Winter, as the odes say 金水伤官喜见官, Metal Water Hurting Officer likes to meet Officer, and the YHZP saying 伤官要伤尽, Hurting Officer wants to hurt completely. This structure indicates extraordinary intelligence. One of the reason why Metal Water HO structure wants to meet fire is because HO could engender wealth, which is wood for Metal but in Winter, frozen water does not support the growth of Wood, thus fire is needed to defrost the water.

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