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BaZi: 用神 Useful God, 成败 Success Failure (cont)


Useful God becomes a Failure because of its Success, and becomes a Success because of its Failure

Within BaZi, changes are many, it is divided into Success and Failure; and within Success or Failure, changes and transformation are unexpected, sometimes because (Useful God) is successful it becomes a Failure, sometimes (Useful God) becomes successful when it fails.

Is like when Hurt is transformed to Wealth, the chart is successful, but for Xin born in the month of Hai. Ding is protruding as usable, Mao and Wei combines to Wealth, that would shield the Devil, because of the success, (the chart) becomes a failure.

Hurting Officer engendering Wealth is originally a good structure, but in the case of Xin metal born in Hai with protruding Ding, it is actually a Hurting Officer controlling 7K structure, when Hai meets Mao and Wei, they are combined and transformed to Wealth, and Wealth engenders 7K and protects 7K from being countered by HO, thus the structure fails. 

Seal that uses 7K, is a successful structure, but Gui born in the month of Shen, Autumn metal is heavy and many, the plan is to carry Wealth to damage the over(ly strong Seal), but meeting Devil and Devil with Seal dreads Wealth, because of the success, it becomes a failure, cases like these are numerous.

Seal structure that uses 7K is originally a good structure, but in the case of Gui born in Shen month, Metal is very strong in autumn, and thus it is good for Wealth to counter Seal but with a 7K, Wealth would in turn engenders 7K and 7K support the Seal. Wealth would not be able to break the overly strong Seal.


Officer and Seal meeting Hurt, is a failed structure but for Xin born in the month of Wu Xu, Year Steam is Bing and Hour Stem is Ren, Ren cannot overcome Wu to counter Bing and in turn Ren exhausts Self elegantly, that is because of Failure it becomes Successful. 

This sentence talks about an Seal structure that uses Officer, when Officer meets Hurting Officer, the structure is broken or in another word, failed, however if the positions of the gods are appropriate, the structure would become successful. Such as

Ren    Xin    Wu     Bing
X        X      Xu       X

Ren Hurting Officer cannot overcome Wu to counter Bing (because Wu is the 7K of Ren), thus the positions of the Gods are appropriate, Ren would in turn exhausts Self elegantly (exhausting self is another function of the output stars), and that makes Ren also favorable to the chart.


7K and YR meeting Food is a failed structure, but for Geng born in the month of You, Year Stem is Bing and Month Stem is Ding, Hour Stem has Ren, that makes Food God combining with Officer to keep 7K, and Officer and 7K are not mixed, the structure of 7K and YR becomes clear, because of failure it is successful. 

This sentence talks about a YR structure that uses 7K, when meeting Food, the structure is broken but if the position of the Gods are appropriate, the structure could be successful, for example

Ren       Geng      Ding        Bing
X            X          You         X

You is the YangRen for Geng DM, as YR favors 7K, 7K is the first choice of use, but in this chart 7K is mixed with DO (considered a flaw), also 7K meets Food God, which is a taboo for YR uses 7K structure. but Ren Food God is combined with Direct Officer Ding, this clears up the chart from the two 'sicknesses' resulting in a successful structure.

Cases like this are many, because of failure the structure succeed.

This chapter explains the importance of having the Gods in proper places, as that could determine the eventual outcome from the interactions among the Gods.

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