Friday, March 15, 2013

BaZi: 用神 Useful God - Overview

So far I had translated a number of the topics in ZPZQ related to the concept of Useful God, these concepts are the fundamental of BaZi analysis, according to traditional ZiPing method.

I'd like to do a recap on the chapters that I had translated.

用神 Yong Shen - Commonly known as the Useful God, is the God that resides in the Month's Branch.

顺用 Shun Yong - Follow Use, the way of using Benevolent Useful Gods

逆用 Ni Yong - Against Use, the way of using Not Benevolent Useful Gods

纯杂 Chun Za - Purity and Impurity, tells us if the Useful God is used the correct way or the wrong way

救应 Jiu Ying - If there's a Taboo God, a Rescue Response is needed to clear the chart

忌神 Ji Shen - Taboo God, the God that breaks the chart.

相神 Xiang Shen - Minister God, the God that makes the chart, the God that rescues the chart.

变化 Bian Hua - Useful God changes and transforms for the better or worse

有情 You Qing- Affection, the interactions among the Gods that makes a good structure

有力You Li- Strength, the strength of the Gods in the chart to make it a better structure.

Having known these concepts, let's take a look at some charts to test these theories.

Chart #1 - Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the richest person in the world and that should be reflected in his chart

1. Ren water born in Late Autumn, 7K takes the command but 7K does not protrude.

2. Xin metal and Bing fire protrudes, so Useful God changes from 7K to Seal and Wealth, Useful God has changed for the better.

3. That makes this a double-structure, we can call the structure Wealth structure adorned with Seal 财格佩印. Both Wealth and Seal are the Useful Gods

4. The main requirement for Both Seal and Wealth to be used together is that they must not counter each other. In this case, both are separated by DM, and so that criterion is met

5. The transformation from 7K to Seal and Wealth and the proper placements of Seal and Wealth make this chart Affectionate, also a weak DM that is supported by useful Seal also indicates affection.

6. The roots of the Gods - Bing and Xin as well as DM makes this chart Strong (with strength)

This chart can be said to meet all the criteria that make it a good chart.

Chart #2 David Cameron

1. Xin metal born in Late autumn, with Wu Seal and Bing Officer protruding, also protruding is Xin, Compare Shoulders.

2. This is also a double-structure, Seal and Officer structure.

3. There's a half fire frame between Xu and Wu that strengthen the Officer while Chou and Xu both supports the Seal. Xin DM is supported by a Compare Shoulder on the hour stem. That makes this chart strong.

4. Also note that Compare Shoulder is located further away from the Seal and Officer and thus it does not compete with the DM for those auspicious Gods.

5. Like Barrack Obama's chart, this chart is very Pure,and a Pure chart signifies wealth and nobility.

That's all for the post today, I hope my readers enjoy what I had shared. Have a nice day.

PS: I'd appreciate if readers could contribute some reliable birth data of  famous people so that we could analyze them together.


  1. In a chart

    Yi Jia Ji Ren
    chou chen you xu

    does useful god (DO) change to seal and wealth?

  2. Hi,

    No it does not change, Useful God remains Officer.


  3. Hi Trey,

    Bill Gates structure is Wealth adorn with Seal. He was very successful during the Gui Wei and Ren Wu LP where Rob Wealth and Compare Shoulders appeared. But wealth structures don’t like Rob wealth and compare shoulder. In this case, is it because the Yi wood at the year stem is protecting Bing wealth star from Gui and Ren?

    1. Ren Wu, combine itself (Ren HS, Ding EB) and the result is Jia (yang wood), Wood in Bill Gates is EG and produce Wealth, Jia (Yang wood) is chang sheng in Hai (hour), so an excellent opportunity for wealth. Gui Wei, is no different, Gui in HS combine with Wu in natal day and hour, and in birth Xu month is a true transformation in Bing (because Xu is fire storage), so Bing is wealth and have a complete frame of wealth in day, month, year and the protrude Bing in month to react.

  4. I am not too convinced of your arguments

    1) when someone is already famous - you will automatically assert that it is s good chart with all sorts of BIAS systematic argument.

    2) Example in the Bill Gates Chart - Bing and Xin transform to water? Are you sure? There is a Ren countering. Why never take that into consideration? Cause Ren is the DM?

    3) I believe if Bing and Xin transform, Bill won't be that rich because the Ren cannot utilise the infinite Sun. So your theory or understanding of good and bad is now absurd.

    - I am not in the position to pass judgement on Bazi but seems like you want to Bazi professional and start writing a book.

    Why not you utilise your bazi knowledge if Korean war 2.0 will happen? And if USA under Trump or NK under Kim will survive?

    Failing to make accurate prediction shows the interpretation might just be mumbo jumbo.

    Thank you

    1. If you're not convinced, I am not obliged to convince you. You're free to think whatever you like.

      The thing you asked me to do, I can't do, Bazi is classically used to read a person's destiny. I don't know how it can be used to read a nation's destiny. There's no example in any of the classical sources that I've been through. This is a classical Bazi blog as it is titled. If you want to see modern Bazi application, go to modern Bazi blogs.

  5. Sorry,

    You never mention Bing and Xin transform...But I assume you do...because you put such a huge emphasis on both of them and how they affect the changes to 7k.

    There are 2 Qi sha at the bottom...1 DO at the bottom and 1 DO portrude...1 Qi sha has been converted...

    Have one more Qi Sha vs 2 DO. How? They are friends or foes?

    Need more clarification, mate...

    On how this is a good structure in the end?

    For Me a person's luck = Bazi + location + skin colour + face. For me, Bazi is just 60% to 70% on decisive factor. So I don't need to make so much argument like lots of people.

    1. I can't answer to things I did not say or things you assumed me to say.

      I am a farmer, i grow vegetables and herbs for living. I have no intention of becoming a Bazi 'professional'. But if I did write a book, it is to arrange and keep all the translation work I did. Having translated hundreds of pages of classical texts, I certainly have the rights to put them into a book.

  6. ignore it trey ..... some people caused been " sicked " seeing people in the world , hence they think everybody are same
    my bazi : y m d h = jia yin, bing zi, geng zi , xin si

    Om namo bhagavate vasudev

  7. For Bill Gates, Bing and Xin don't transform in Xu month. So, Wealth and Seal for structure is right, maybe more wealth because protrude in the month pillar. The DM (Lu in Hai hour) and all the protrude gods are rooted, strong, so this guy is not a bluff. Maybe to see the structure we can consider the frames. There is a half resource frame: Xu, Xu, with XIn protrude in Hour, but a complete wealth frame: Xu, Xu, Wei, and also protrude in the month. So Wealth predominant structure seems apropiate.

    1. Geng Xu,

      I wonder if you'll ever see this. But I have a question.

      Ren Yi Geng Jia
      Wu Hai Wu Zi

      Food good (fire) does not protrude in month pillar. Is this still considered an Food God structure?

      Or do I have to take into consideration the protruding gods: Direct Officer + Resource?

      If UGs are derived out of month pillar, is it still Ding fire for my case? Thanks!