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BaZi: 用神 Useful God - 高低 High Low - Grade of BaZi charts

Grading of Useful Gods

The grade of a BaZi chart can easily tell the status of a person, whether the person is wealthy or poor, noble or lowly.

Affection and Strength



BaZi has Useful God, therefore there must be structures and frames, when there's structures and frames, they must have high and low (grade).

Wealth, Officer, Seal, Food, Devil, Hurt, Rob and Blade, which structure that has no nobility? which structure that has no lowliness? (Meaning all structures could have noble people as well as lowly people), from the extreme noble to the extreme low, ten thousands have dissimilitudes, its changes in the form of thousands circumstances, how can it be said to be focused? the great outline of its principles lies in (the concepts of) 'affectionate' and not 'affectionate', and in between (the concepts of) 'with strength' and 'without strength'

** I am not a good translator, my translations sound nonsensical sometimes

This paragraph tells us that all structures are equal when it comes to determining nobility and lowliness.

Wealth structure, Officer structure, Seal structure, Food structure, Devil (7K)structure, Hurting Officer structure, Rob Wealth structure, YangRen structure; there are all kinds of people with these structures ranging from the extremely rich with very high social status to the extremely poor with very low social status. In other words, not one structure is better than the others.

Grading of a chart is not based on what structure the chart is, rather it is based on how 'affectionate' and 'strong' the Gods are.


For example Direct Officer adorned with Seal, is not as good as penetrating Wealth, but if the 4 Pillars carry Hurt, then it is recommended to adorn Seal.

Jia with penetrating You as Officer, Ding penetrates to combine with Ren, this is called 'combined with Hurting (Officer) to save the (Direct) Officer' and that successfully make a noble structure, and (that) is affectionate.

Wealth does not like Compare and Rob (Compare shoulders and Rob Wealth). and if (Rob Wealth) combines with Devil, Rob becomes useful.

Jia born in the month of Chen, with a protruding Wu (Wealth) structure is established, meeting Yi as Rob (wealth), meeting Geng as Devil, these 2 combines with each other, and their uses are obtained, (that) successfully make a noble structure, and is also affectionate.

When a structure is established with the presence of the Taboo God, a Rescue Response is needed, when the Rescue Response is present in the Chart, the condition is called 'Affectionate'.


Self is strong with exposed devil and the Food is prosperous, like Yi born in the month of You with protruding Xin metal, Ding fire is tough and flourishing wood in Autumn, the three are prepared, (that) is extreme(ly) high level of nobility, and that is with strength.

Officer is strong and Wealth protruding, Self meets 'Lu' (stage of LinGuan) and Ren (stage of DiWang for Yang polarity DM), like Bing born in Zi month, Gui water protrudes, Geng metal exposed, and sits on Yin and Wu, all three are equal,(the chart) succeed to be great nobility, that is also with strength.

Examples of Application of Affection and Strength

Like Jia uses You as Officer, Ding penetrates meets Gui, Gui counters is not as good as Ren combines, this is affectionate but not totally affectionate.

** For an Officer structure, protruding Ding is a taboo, Gui can counter Ding and Ren can combine with Ding, if the chart has Gui, the chart is affectionate but is not completely affectionate because Countering is not as good as Combining.

Yi born in You meets the Devil, protruding Ding controls the Devil, or if the Devil is strong and Ding is a little weak, or Ding is prosperous but Devil is not high (strong), or when Xin and Ding are both prosperous but Yi's root is not deep enough, that is 'with strength' but not good enough, the good (grade) of the structure is (only) secondary.

As for Seal using 7K, it is originally a noble structure, but when self is strong and Seal is prosperous, Devil protrudes but solitary and inadequate, when Self is strong it does not need to be engendered by Seal, when Seal is strong does it need to be supported by Devil? It's indirect and even more indirect, that is without affection.

Hurting Officer adorned with Seal, originally it is elegant and noble, but DM is strong, Hurting Officer is shallow, Seal is too heavy, (that is) not noble nor elegant, when (Seal) desires to support self and self is strong, counters Hurt and Hurt is shallow, with this heavy Seal, what is the use? that is also without affection.

Also when Devil is strong, Food is prosperous but self is rootless. Self is strong, Compares are heavy and Wealth has no Qi, (the subject would either be) poor or has a short life, because that is without strength. That is because of the low (grade) structure that has nothing useful.

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