Saturday, March 2, 2013

BaZi: 用神 Useful God and chart structures

用神 Useful God and chart structuresTranslating chart structure is a little difficult and confusing The names of the structures don't usually make sense in English.

ZPZQ says:

People these days do not know to focus primarily on the outline,

and then take the stems and branches of 4 pillars,

every character is referred back to the month's decree,

and its favorable and unfavorable (entities) is analyzed..

Even when it's seen that the chart it is DO adorned with Seal, (but) it is thought to be Officer and Seal are both complete, is discussed similarly as Seal and ribbon uses DO.

Seeing Wealth protruding and Food God, is not thought to be Wealth engendered by Food, but is thought to be Food God engendering wealth, discussed similarly as Food God engendering Wealth.

Seeing Indirect Seal and protruding Food, is not thought to be the elegance of exhausting self, but is thought to be Owl God takes away Food, beneficial to use wealth to control, is discussed similarly as Food God meeting Owl.

Seeing Devil controlled by Food with revealed Seal, is not thought to be discarding Food to protect Devil, but is thought to be Devil and Seal mutually engendering, is discussed similarly as Seal and Devil mutually engendering.

And there's also the Devil structure that meets Blade, was not thought that Blade could help self to control the Devil, thought to be Devil controlling blade, discussed similarly as Yang Blade with exposed devil.

All these is because of ignorance about the month decree and thus discuss things absurdly.

Then there's chart that has no useful god in the month's decree, how?

such as Wood born in Yin and Mao, Self cannot be used, must look at the four pillars if there's Wealth, Officer, Devil, Food that protrudes or meeting branches, take other as the Useful God.

Ultimately, the month's decree is the main focus, and then look for the Useful, they are structure of JianLu and YueJie, not used but still are Useful God.

According to ZPZQ, what is contained by the month decree is considered the Useful God, but the Useful God is not necessarily 'Useful'. ZPZQ, like DTS, teaches that Usefulness and Useful God are 2 different concepts. Useful God is not necessarily useful. The name 用神 is possibly derived from the phrase 用事之神, which means 'God that is in power', as DTS says:


So, is the English term 'Useful God' a bad translation? I do not know, but it seems to cause a lot of misunderstanding.

When we look at how ZPZQ names the chart structure, it will always start with the name of the 'Useful God' (whether I like it or not, that is the name that is most commonly used).

For example Wealth engendered by Food 财用食生, Wealth is the 'Useful God', Food is the useful God. Okay, I don't make sense. Wealth is the 'Useful God' and Food is how the Useful God is used.

Which is different from Food God engendering wealth 食神生财, Food is the Useful God and Wealth is how the Useful God is used.

Wealth engendered by Food and Food God engendering wealth are two different structures as the Useful God is always the month branch or the objects inside it and the structure is named according to the Useful God.

When the month branch is of the same element as the DM, it cannot be used, so 'use' has to be search from somewhere else, it could be Wealth, Officer, Devil or Food, look at which is protruding or which has meetings in the branches. Even though the month branch is not 'useful' the structures are named according to the month's branch, it could be YangRen (Yang DM with month EB as DiWang for DM), JianLu (month EB is LinGuan for DM, or YueJie (For other EB that has the same elements for DM).

No, Useful God is not the most favorable element in the chart. 


  1. Hi, Trey! Yes, it's really difficult to understand - "Useful God" and useful God. "Useful God" is that in a season and therefore is always in the power, right? is it appropriate in this case to use the term "Powerful God"?

  2. Hi Vava,

    It's a little confusing, yes, I will post more translation about Minister God 相神,which is the god that assist the Useful God.

    Useful God is always in season, yes, it's more like the God that is in charge, I am not sure if the term Powerful God is an appropriate name.

  3. Thank you for reply. Never heard about the Minister God... Such subtle details make picture more integral and logical. I'm looking forward your next post.

  4. Hi Trey! I would like to ask about your oppinion on the influence of house of life and conception on the chart structure? I found that some masters ignore it, but nevertheless it does exist as a concept?!
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Agnes,

    I believe, (many other practitioners also believe) that ZiPing BaZi evolved from 七政四馀 QZSY (also called Guo Lao Xing Zong 果老星宗). So many concepts are inherited from QZSY like the concepts of Life Palace (House of Life) 命宫 and Conception Origin 胎元

    Some literature mention briefly about Life Palace, but they never incorporate it into the 4 pillars to determine the chart structure. The Life Palace method is more similar to ZWDS where they compare what is in the 3 directions (三方) to determine auspiciousness / inauspiciousness.

    For Conception Pillar, SMTH writes that it is as important as the Hour or Day Pillar, If Hour Pillar is auspicious while Conception is not a, eventually the blessings will become useless. However nowhere in this book (that I know) implies that conception pillar should be taken into consideration in establishing the chart structure.

    In WXJJ, NaYin method, conception pillar is taken into consideration just as the other four pillars.


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