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Chart structure: DiTianSui: Follow output 顺局 - Forward Structure

Forward structure, sometimes referred as follow output or follow son, is well, a follow structure. Follow output is rather special compared to other follow structures because it does not take into account the strength of DM. 

DTS says:

Once getting out of the door only the son is seen,

My son gets the Qi to form the gates (of the village and the city)

Follow son does not matter if self is strong or weak, 

As long as my son also gets (his) son.

Door, obviously refers to the month EB, Firstly, output must be seen in the month EB. Secondly, the phrase talks about getting out of the door, which I think refers to protruding in the HS. Thus, the criteria for a follow output chart should be

1. DM born in the months of the output
2. Output protrudes in the HS

The second phrase talks about getting the Qi and forming the gates. In my opinion, It implies that the Qi of the output must be so strong it encompasses the Qi of other elements.

The third phrase is self explanatory. It does not matter if DM is strong or weak when it comes to follow output. 

The fourth phrase emphasize on the presence of Wealth elements in the chart. My son is clearly the output, My son's son is clearly the wealth. 

In summary, to get a good follow output structure. The criteria are:

1. Month EB must be output
2. Output must protrude in the HS
3. The Qi of output is the strongest
4. Wealth element must be present in the chart
5. Regardless weather DM's strength is strong or weak, as long as output and wealth are strong, it can be considered a good chart.
6. Output has to be strong and engendering Wealth

Like for example this chart

Chart of a president of a country

1. Output is overwhelmingly strong in Month EB and hour EB
2. Output protrudes in Year and Hour HS
3. Wealth protrudes in Month HS and is moved by Yin-Wu combination
4. DM is weak but it really does not matter
5. Strong output engendering strong wealth 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

BaZi: DTS DiTianSui and 何知章 How to know if a person is wealthy?

The ugly thing about DTS is that it is so cryptic. It is so difficult to digest.

The beautiful thing about this cryptic poem is that every single word was chosen to mean something. Translating a single word incorrectly or omitting just one word from translation will give an entirely different meaning.

DiTianSui literally means Drips of Heavenly Marrow. Marrow in this context more likely means 'Essence'. as in 精髓 JingSui. So Di Tian Sui most likely means Drips of Heavenly Essence.

It is just drips, it's not the entire body of watery essence. Just drops of essences to get us intrigued. That is why it is so cryptic. It's not meant to tell us the entire picture.

I was talking about the Original DTS without any of the annotations or commentary. Commentaries can be good but they may or may not represent the original author's point of view. That is a debatable subject and it is for us to come to our own conclusions.

This is one part of the poem that I wasn't able to figure out.

DTS says:

How to know if a person is wealthy? The Wealth Qi connects through the portals

How do we know if a person is wealthy just by looking at his Bazi chart? That's easy, just see if the Wealth Qi connects through the portals 门户.

Okay, what the heck are the portals? Note that it's a plural term

The Chinese word for portals 门户 MenHu is made of two words, 门 'Men' and 户 'Hu'

门 Men is actually doors with two panels like this, the traditional chinese character is more graphical and it looks like this 門, which looks like the picture below

While 户 Hu means a single panel door that looks like this

Okay.... So DTS says if one is rich, Wealth Qi must connect through the doors in the Bazi chart.

Where are the doors in a Bazi chart?

Well, I am pretty sure that one of the doors is the Month EB or YueLing. I think I read it in one of the old classics that Month EB is sometimes referred to as the door but I can't figure out which one of the classics.

And since the two panel doors refer to the Month EB, the only logical deduction for where the one panel door is, is the Hour EB.

This is the only deduction that make sense. Other classics like SMTH analyzes heavily on both Month and Hour EB.

How to know if someone is rich? when Wealth Qi connects through the Month and Hour EB.

In modern words: Wealth star needs to participate in the dynamics that comes from the Month and Hour EB

So let's take an example, this guy

Month EB -> Owl God, Malevolent Deity, it needs to be suppressed by Wealth
Minister God -> Wealth Ding protruding directly on top of Wei n hour EB

So Wealth is in the dynamics of the two doors. Is that how to see if one is rich?

I am afraid there is no concrete answer to this. We will have to come to our own understandings. Or, if you choose to study the annotations and commentaries, you will get to the commentators understanding.

Case Study: An old request to read a chart

Found this post among a pile of posts that I didn't publish

This post was to help a reader of this blog to decipher a set of BaZi.


Born 5th Sept 1981

in Hong Kong.

After time adjustment, I find the LAT to be 3.16 AM

This is the BaZi chart:

Bing DM born three days before White Dew, the Month Command is Geng Metal.

Shen-You-Xu forms a full metal frame in the EB.

Bing on the month pillar and Xin on the year pillar are combined and transformed (to metal)

Chart structure: Wealth First, Seal After 先财后印
The god in charge (YueLing): Wealth
Minister god XiangSheng: Seal
Positive: Strong Wealth structure with slightly strong DM rooted in hour.
Negative: Neither Seal nor Officer are protruding
Favorable: Seal stars: wood

So much metal.. So much wealth

Wealth structure, DM is ChangSheng in Yin and entombed in Xu. DM has Qi and is strong

This guy should be successful in his old age (where Seal resides)

先财后印, 反成其福
First Wealth and Seal after, inadvertently becomes fortune. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Case Study - Warren Buffet

I was browsing through some charts and this one particularly sparked my interest

1. Ren Water born in Shen month with protruding Geng is clearly Indirect Seal structure.
2. Indirect Seal structure favors 2 conditions
     -  Wealth star
     -  Strong Self
    Both conditions are met within the chart.

3. Wealth is the minister god 相神. Wealth Ding is supported by Jia and is rooted in Wu and Wei. It is strong
4. Strong Indirect Seal, Strong DM and Strong Wealth star, satisfy all the conditions for a good chart.

More information on how to analyze an Indirect Seal structure:

1. Discussing Indirect Seal from SMTH part 1
2. Discussing Indirect Seal from SMTH part 2