Friday, January 5, 2018

Case Study - Warren Buffet

I was browsing through some charts and this one particularly sparked my interest

1. Ren Water born in Shen month with protruding Geng is clearly Indirect Seal structure.
2. Indirect Seal structure favors 2 conditions
     -  Wealth star
     -  Strong Self
    Both conditions are met within the chart.

3. Wealth is the minister god 相神. Wealth Ding is supported by Jia and is rooted in Wu and Wei. It is strong
4. Strong Indirect Seal, Strong DM and Strong Wealth star, satisfy all the conditions for a good chart.

More information on how to analyze an Indirect Seal structure:

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  1. Hi Trey; just curious.

    Based on my chart; am I considered an Indirect Seal structure or Eating God?



    1. Is xin the daymaster? if it is, then eating god. But it must be noted that Bing Xin can transform to water in Zi month

    2. Hi Trey;

      Indeed I am a Xin DM. Just curious; when it's transformed; would my structure be changed?

      There was a master whom I consulted previously mentioned my chart behaviour is like a pseudo-伤官配印.

      No idea why though.


  2. When DM is transformed, then it falls into transfomation structure, those follow a different set of rules. I am not familiar with interpreting transformed structures. AFAIK, all the elements on HS will be read as their transformed element

    Wu earth will become Fire, Geng remains metal