Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chart structure: DiTianSui: Follow output 顺局 - Forward Structure

Forward structure, sometimes referred as follow output or follow son, is well, a follow structure. Follow output is rather special compared to other follow structures because it does not take into account the strength of DM. 

DTS says:

Once getting out of the door only the son is seen,

My son gets the Qi to form the gates (of the village and the city)

Follow son does not matter if self is strong or weak, 

As long as my son also gets (his) son.

Door, obviously refers to the month EB, Firstly, output must be seen in the month EB. Secondly, the phrase talks about getting out of the door, which I think refers to protruding in the HS. Thus, the criteria for a follow output chart should be

1. DM born in the months of the output
2. Output protrudes in the HS

The second phrase talks about getting the Qi and forming the gates. In my opinion, It implies that the Qi of the output must be so strong it encompasses the Qi of other elements.

The third phrase is self explanatory. It does not matter if DM is strong or weak when it comes to follow output. 

The fourth phrase emphasize on the presence of Wealth elements in the chart. My son is clearly the output, My son's son is clearly the wealth. 

In summary, to get a good follow output structure. The criteria are:

1. Month EB must be output
2. Output must protrude in the HS
3. The Qi of output is the strongest
4. Wealth element must be present in the chart
5. Regardless weather DM's strength is strong or weak, as long as output and wealth are strong, it can be considered a good chart.
6. Output has to be strong and engendering Wealth

Like for example this chart

Chart of a president of a country

1. Output is overwhelmingly strong in Month EB and hour EB
2. Output protrudes in Year and Hour HS
3. Wealth protrudes in Month HS and is moved by Yin-Wu combination
4. DM is weak but it really does not matter
5. Strong output engendering strong wealth 

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