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BaZi: ZPZQ - JianLu / YueJie - RobWealth Structure

Trey's explanation:
JianLu 建禄 - literally 'building prosperity' 

In this case, 

建 Jian (building) refers to things happening in a certain month as in 建子, happening in month of Zi,
禄 Lu refers to Salary, as in 爵禄, JueLu, Salary of a certain rank of nobility 

When a certain DM is born in a certain month, without other useful gods, then only RobWealth structure can be considered

The month DM is born must be of th same element of the DM

DM.        Month
Jia           Yin
Yi.           Yin and Mao
Bing.        Si
Ding.        Si and Wu
Wu.         Si or any of the Chen Xu Chou Wei, when the dominant DHHS falls under earth
Ji.            Si and Wu or any of the earth month when DHHS is earth, same like above
Geng.       Shen
You.         Shen or You
Ren.         Hai
Gui.         Hai and Zi

For the ones listed below, it is considered YangRen structure which is different from JianLu,

Jia in Yin, Bing in Wu, Wu in Wu, Geng in You, Ren in Zi. 

Some practitioners earth has no YangRen but that is really subjective. 

The other element in the month command does not protrude or move (meaning combine in the EB).

Eg if Jia is born in Yin with protruding Bing, it is regarded as Indirect Seal structure, Protruding Wu is regarded as Indirect Wealth structure. When both are absent and another Jia protrudes, then it is considered RobWealth structure.

JianLu, is where the month (of birth) sees the 'Salary Hall' (can be regarded as a type of ShenSha), Lu equals to Jie (Rob Wealth).

Or if Salary Hall protrudes in HS, then it can be relied on and be used, no, that is not the case.  

Thus, JianLu and Month RobWealth are one structure, there is no need to separate them, even if they protrude in HS, take others such as Wealth, Officer, Devil or Food as Use (the useful god)

For Lu structure that uses Officer, Officer protruding in the HS must be accompanied by Wealth and (or) Seal to be a good structure, a solitary Officer without assistance is not good. 

Using Officer while being protected by Seal such as

Gui    Gui     Wu     Geng
Hai    You     Zi       Xu

Chart of prime minister Jin

Using Officer and is assisted by Wealth

Ren      Ding      Bing      Ding
Yin        Si          Wu        You

The chart of Governor Lee (approximation of the title of nobility) 

When there is Officer and is accompanied by Wealth and Seal, Self is strong and it is regarded as SanQi (the three wonders), this is specially a very noble Qi.

SanQi is Wealth, Officer and Seal. Officer must be in between Wealth and Seal so the two do not injure each other; this structure is much bigger, such as

Ding     Gui      Wu      Geng
Si         Mao     Zi         Wu

The chart of Grand Preceptor Wang

*Note, The Grand Preceptor, The Grand Tutor and The Grand Protector are collectively known as the Three Excellencies 三公 in ancient China. They are the highest (True first) rank (正一品) any government officer can attain. 

When Lu or Rob Wealth uses Wealth, it must carry Food or HO, as the month command is Rob Wealth and the chart uses Wealth, the two elements counter each other, thus the outputs are necessary to solve this, they transform RobWealth into Wealth. Such as

Ren     Gui       Bing      Jia
Chen    Chou     Zi         Zi

The chart of General Zhang (都统 'loosely - general' was the among highest rank (一品) in military service in Qin dynasty)

As for transforming RobWealth to Wealth, it transforms disaster into an opportunity, that is especially elegant Qi. 

Such as

Xin     Ding     Ji      Ji 
Chou   Wei     Si      Wei

Chou and Si combine, that turns the fire that is RobWealth into the Metal structure that is Wealth, how is it not greatly noble? 

For transforming Rob Wealth int Wealth, such as 

Jia       Geng        Jia        Geng
Shen     Zi          Shen        Zi

The RobWealth which is metal, is being transformed into water (that engenders Wealth). 
that is the chart of Secretary Gao (The Qin government had 6 departments, each department head is sort of like a secretary)

RobWealth uses 7K, must be restrained, such as

Ji     Gui     Ren      Ding
Wei  Mao    Zi         Si

Ren combines away Ding (Wealth), which is protecting 7K while Mao and Wei combines to restraint 7K, the chart of high minister Lou

As for 7K that meets Wealth, is originally not good, but to (combine) away 7K and leaves Wealth, it becomes a noble structure.

Bing    Ren     Gui       Wu
Wu       Wu     Hai       Chen

7K is combined and Wealth is left, the chart of Cabinet minister Yuan

For RobWealth structure that has neither Wealth nor Officer but uses Food or HO to exhausts the over(ly strong DM), it is also considered elegant Qi

Only for Wood born in Spring and Metal born in Autumn, using this is considered noble, as wood meets fire is bright, metal engenders water is soulful.

Like this guy's chart who got the first place in the imperial exam

Bing     Jia      Bing       Jia
Yin        Zi       Yin        Zi 


Geng     Geng      Geng     Gui
Chen      Zi          Shen     Mao

Also, there are charts where both Officer and 7K are protruding. They (DO or 7K) have to be cleared to be regarded as noble

Such as 

Yi      Jia      Geng      Xin
Hai    Chen   Yin       Chou

7K is combined away and DO is left 


Bing     Jia      Geng     Xin
Yin      Shen     Yin       Hai

7K is being restraint and DO is saved

Or, if two DO are protruding, they must also be restrained. As in the saying 'Competing Officers must be injured' 

If the structure uses DO and DO is without assistance (without Wealth or Seal), it becomes a small structure (low ranking), difficult to be regarded as noble, if HO or Food are protruding, it is regarded as broken structure.

But there are cases where DO is used and HO protruding that is noble, why?

Such as

Geng     Ren     Yi      Ji
Zi           Xu     Hai     You

Geng combines away Yi to leave save Officer, the chart of General Wang (True second rank 正二品 ) 

Use Wealth but the outputs are not protruding, it is very difficult to be successful. If one is protruding in the HS and is not 'messy' while having many roots in the EBs, that can be regarded as wealthy but not noble.

Use Officer or 7K but without restraint, when Luck Pillars go to restraint, one can also become wealthy, but the Officers should not be too heavy, as that endangers Self.



  1. Hi Trey

    It's rotiprata from fivearts forum.

    Back at the forum you mentioned that this Ding DM chart:

    Jia Ding Wu Gui
    Chen Hai Wu Hai

    is a HO structure rather than a JianLu structure which i'm curious to find out why.

    Is it because of the Wu Hai hidden combination to form Earth(Ji in Wu and Jia in Hai)?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  2. Hi Trey,

    Isn't JianLu a Friend structure instead of RobWealth (Yang Ren) structure? Jia meets Yin and Yi meets Mao are both in the stage of Lin Guan.

  3. Hi Trey,

    If it is jianlu structure with officer(not rooted) and wealth(rooted) both on the HS, which one takes precedence?

    Hope you can advice, thanks!

  4. Hi al,

    Officer takes precedence. Always in the order of officer, wealth and output then seal.


    1. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to your future blog posts

    2. Hi Trey,

      Sorry one more thing to clarify. For a jianlu structure that uses officer, it would be good to see wealth/resource in the luck pillars? And for a jianlu structure that uses wealth, then it would be good to see output stars in the luck pillars? Is it always bad to see self/rob wealth stars in the luck pillar since day master is already strong? Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions!

  5. Hello Trey,

    What structure do you think is this:

    Hour Day Month Year
    Ren Xin Bing Bing
    Chen You Shen Chen

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hey Gianina, just my 2 cents worth here, but should be HO structure. First, from Trey's previous post(bazi art of determining structure), Xin born in Shen steals, or borrows, HO structure. Also Ren prodrudes & causes change to HO structure in any case, plus Shen Chen is half water frame and Xin Bing Transformation, more HO Food. A quote from another Trey post, Bazi: Useful God-Climate, "Hurting Officer meeting Officer will bring about hundreds of disasters, but if Metal(DM)Water(HO) sees Officer, that becomes elegant". Autumn Metal meeting Water is termed as "Metal and Water containing each other" and is said to be elegant and soulful and is not afraid to see Officer.
      I hope Trey can comment on this.

  6. Hour Day Month Year
    Ren Xin Bing Bing
    Chen You Shen Chen

    Yes, hope Trey can comment on this.

    I share the same thoughts as Keno and think this is an extremely high grade metal water HO chart.

    If the luck pillars are favourable, achievements cannot be measure.