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BaZi: SMTH 倒冲禄 - DaoChongLu Inverted clash of Prosperity (Lu)


When Hurting Officer is the month EB, within, there is Inverted clash of Prosperity (Officer) and Horse, it's favorable and unfavorable are the same as Flying Sky (another special structure), only when it's in the hour it is not analyzed as such.


There are only 2 days with this structure:


Bing Wu and Ding Si, The summer days where they are purely Yang,


Bing uses Gui water as Officer, there must be many Wu EB within the pillars so that it is strong, then it clashes out Gui water within Zi, and Bing DM attains its Officer star;


Ding uses Ren water as Officer, there must be many Si EB within the pillars so that it is strong, then it clashes out Ren water within Hai, and Ding DM attains its Officer star.


Furthermore, if there is Chou, Yin, or Shen, Chen, Mao and Wei, but only with one of them combined with the Officer horse is regarded as wonderful, many and then it misses.


Ren Wu day fears Wei (EB)


Ding Si day fears Shen or Chen and the likes, as they entangle (with Si)


Then Si and Wu will be inclined to combine, and that would prevent them to clash out the Prosperity within Zi and Hai, if within the pillars are Hai, Ren or Zi and Gui with Devil and Officer prominently exposed, then the marks are reduced, so is the Luck Pillars.

Update, second part:

Also it is said: Bing Wu, Ding Si is not analyzed as Combining Lu, only it does not like being entangled.

Year and Month clashing together is better.

If it is only on the day, while absent on the month, then it cannot clash out the Lu and be taken as noble.

If it is not on the day, but it is on the Month and Hour, it can also be used.

But Bing Wu is Ren (YangRen), although it is noble, it eventually is inauspicious.

Once it sees combining Ren, then it is an inauspicious Life.

If Month Command is Hai Zi,  Officer or 7K combining structure, or if Officer and 7K protrudes, with prosperous or apparent Qi, then it should be analyzed as Combining 7K structure which is greatly noble, it cannot be analyzed solely as the Day YangRen, and it cannot be analyzed as TianShi (Filling the Solid).

If Ding Si day sees Xin Hai hour, or if there's already Si and Hai in the pillars, it does not disturb the structure.

As Ding is born in the fourth month, Si is prosperous, Hai has no Qi, on the 3rd month it is also used.

Favors going through Water LP, seeing Fire is blessing, only Si fire is beneficial, the others are not. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Classical Poem - The Lute Song by Cao Zhi

The Lute Song

The banquet has been readied in the hall
To entertain my kith and kin and all.
A festive banquet busies the kitchen house,
With cocks killing and boiling sheep and cows.

The Zheng music excites a frenzied wildness;
The Se music soothes the gentle mildness.
How the dancers dance with pretty poise;
How the singers sing with a tender voice.

In high spirits the guests begin to wine;
In good appetite the guests begin to dine.
I give the guests lots of gold when they part;
They wish me a long life for my good heart.

They say that they take me as an eternal friend
And otherwise they'll come to no good end.
I say that I'm just doing what I can
And I'll not ask favor from any man.

With sudden gales, the sun goes past its best;
With time and tide, the sun runs to the west.
The prime of life will by no means return;
The flight of time is my foremost concern.

Today we seek great pleasure in the hall;
Soon we'll be like the leaves that shrink and fall.
Whoever in the world will never die?
Why should I worry? Why should I?







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BaZi: A brief introduction to the 10 gods

In the classical books, the 10 Gods are divided into 2 groups.

The first group is benevolent Gods. They are

1. 正官 ZhengGuan - Literally the True Officer, or commonly known as Direct Officer. DO is the leader of the 10 Gods. If a chart is of DO structure, DO must be protected at all costs, DO must not be injured, clashed, harmed, punished etc. DO must not see 7K, under normal circumstanes.

In ancient times, DO denotes one's position in society, authority, nobility and salary.

2. 正财 and 偏财 - ZhengCai and PianCai - Literally 'True Wealth' /and 'Unconventional Wealth' , or commonly called Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth, is often considered second to Direct Officer. Wealth is one element that disregard polarity. Somehow Indirect Wealth is considered the more powerful of the 2. However they are different in subtle ways.

Wealth represents.... Wife, Wealth and properties, things that belong to you.

3. 食神 ShiShen, literally Food God or commonly known as Eating God, is a powerful benevolent deity. As it is the 'offspring of the DM' it acts to protect the DM and brings Wealth to the DM. A powerful Food God is just as auspicious as Wealth and Officer.

Food represents - Food and Clothing, longevity, to have offspring, carefree, blessings.

4. 正印 ZhengYin, literally the True Seal, or most commonly known as Direct Resource, is another benevolent deity. Seals are marked of authority back in ancient China, it's a personal stamp used by the court officers, without a Seal, the Officer cannot prove his authority. It's often associated with 秀气,the Qi of elegance.

Seals represents intelligence, wisdom, compassion, kindness, health, integrity, protection and together with Direct Officer, it denotes high authority.

So, these deities represent the things we need and desire in life.

DM -- > Food --> Wealth --> Status / Power --> Elegance, Higher Power and Protection.

The other group is made of malevolent gods:

1. 七杀, 7th Killing or originally 七煞 7th Devil, (or malevolent spirit) so named as it is the 7th deity, for example, Geng is the 7th HS after Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding etc. In classical texts, it is mostly referred to as 煞 Devil (or malevolent spirit). 7K is the most dangerous of the malevolent deities and it functions to counter DM. Emphasis is placed on 7K before the analysis of Useful God.

7K can be turned to become auspicious with the presence of Food or Seal, its benevolent form is named 偏官, Untrue Officer or unconventional Officer, commonly known as Indirect Officer, which functions are the same as Direct Officer but signify the 武 'martial' ways, as opposed to Direct Officer which signify the 文 'scholar' ways.

7K represents calamity, injuries, misfortune, malevolence, disrespect, lawlessness.

2. 伤官 ShangGuan, Literally Injuring Officer or Hurting Officer, is named so as it injures or hurts the Direct Officer star, it is the 7K of the Direct Officer star. Although HO is often regarded as a malevolent spirit, it is also the offspring of DM, so it belongs to the DM and it works to generate Wealth for the DM.

Hurting Officer represents intelligence, skills, arts, talents, scholarship, pride, ego, evil thoughts, clumsiness, etc depending on the dynamics.

3. 枭神 XiaoShen, Literally 'Owl God', is commonly known as Indirect Seal. According to the classical texts, Indirect Seal is the benevolent form of the Owl God. The Owl God is so named because it seizes Food, 枭神夺食。 It counters Food (Eating God). As Food is a greatly auspicious deity, the Owl is considered inauspicious. Owl God works to take away one's blessings and lifespan.

It is also called 倒食 DaoShi, Literally 'Pour Away the Food', or 'Disposing Food' due to it's nature to counter Food God.

However, if Food is not used within the chart, the Owl God works as an Indirect Seal. It functions the way Direct Seal does, but unlike Direct Seal which favors weak DM, Indirect Seal favors a strong DM.

Owl God denotes: greed, gluttony, restraint, lack of blessings, short life, loneliness, procrastination, unsuccessful endeavors.

4. 阳刃 YangRen, literally the 'blade of Yang (as in YinYang), is Rob Wealth at its extreme. A deity for only the Yang DM - Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng, Ren. Is traditionally regarded as a malevolent spirit. For example Jia has YangRen in Mao. Mao clashes with the Direct Officer You EB and Yi inside Mao could rob DM's Wealth, also Yi combines with 7K. So YR works to clash the DM's Direct Officer, robs DM's Wealth and save 7K. By countering all the benevolent deities saving the bad deity, YR is considered extremely inauspicious.

Although malevolent by nature, YangRen could turn auspicious under certain circumstances.

YangRen denotes: strong-willed, high ambitions, cruelty, violence, chronic illness etc.

The malevolent deities can become auspicious when they are 'used' properly, 'use' means having the right dynamics among the deities. Please refer to the Useful God chapters for more information.

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Is my Daymaster strong or weak?

While I was wandering around the web looking for information regarding the concept of 进退 (advancing and retreating), I stumbled across a blog of a traditional ZiPing practitioner, Mr Wang XiangShan 王相山先生. He wrote something that tickles my sense of humor. So I thought I'd translate his article into English. Unfortunately, my translation is not as funny as the original mandarin article (due to my limited command of English). But, I think I have more or less managed to translate the message of the original article.

IMO, the criticism is directed at other Chinese BaZi practitioners, as they supposedly understand Chinese and have access to the information contains in literature but somehow they disregard literature and made some theories up on their own.

Original source:

Strong and Weak, is a bone stuck in the throat of Knowledge of Life (BaZi)

"Is my DayMaster Strong or Weak?" That is a very commonly asked question.

Common people are like that, many BaZi Masters have also gone crazy with the concept of Strong and Weak

Master Zhang says it's strong, Master Li says it's weak.

The same Master, today he says strong, tomorrow he would say weak.

In Taiwan, someone saw this happening, and created a system or software, that gives scores to determine if Daymaster is strong or weak, this software is all over the internet and the creator becomes very famous.

At one time, the method that focuses on the strength of DayMaster is the major force in every corner of the (BaZi) world. But practically, those who learnt that method paid expensive tuition fees. They were hit badly by the concept of 'Strong and Weak' until their noses become green and their faces swollen, only after that they are slowly awakened and they realized that they have been led by 'strong and weak' into the abyss of Knowledge of Life (BaZi). 

Only those who knows little about culture or unable to read the classics, and with that they want to 'have meals at other's expense' and not thinking about learning, would embrace the concept of  'strength of DayMaster' and practice it. That is because it is easy, it's easy to learn and it's within grasp. 

In truth, the orthodox method of analyzing BaZi, is the ancient method, the structural sect. 

In every corner of the (BaZi) world, those who established their own factions, like the blind sect, the orthodox ZiPing, traditional ZiPing, Natural Sect, As-You-Wish Sect, Doors and Door Sect, etc, are actually, when they were researching the ancient methods of structures and have found their own unique viewpoints, established a new Sect.

They think that without having a school or a sect, then one cannot become a teacher and get some reputation, without a school or a sect, one cannot have students and give classes.

Having seen a problem and then establish a Sect, I find it disrespectful of the ancient people (those who created BaZi), the Qi that flows within is restless.

All those true knowledge of BaZi have the classics as their sources, all those structures that were separated out to become a sect, that deviate from the ancient methodical structures, will become a water that has no source, a tree that has no foundation, how could that become a knowledge that is completely self-sufficient?

To leave the classics and establish a Sect would give some kind of satisfaction, that is because the method was invented by ancient people, is a synthesis of an enormous theoretical system. Every BaZi specialists who laboriously researched ZiPing structures, and found unique viewpoints regarding certain aspects are admirable.

But one should not, because of having found certain viewpoints to certain problems, put himself above the ancient people and establish new sects or schools.

On this aspect, I respect more those who studies ZiPing method meticulously without establishing new sects. 

To deviate from what was actually meant by the ancient people and to call that deviation 'true knowledge' will eventually become heresy.

Xuan Xue (mystical knowledge) itself is not a form of public knowledge, thus, from the ancient times until now, most of the knowledge were passed on orally, today, a big part of the knowledge is stuck in the form of 'odes', some of the odes are incorrectly interpreted, so the knowledge that is learnt today, ineluctably, is flawed.

Exactly, the classical Ode, WuYanDuBu contains surprisingly huge amount of true knowledge that awaits the 'after people' (new generations) to come to understand.

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BaZi: Royalties - Elizabeth II, Queen of England

chart taken from

This chart has me perplexed for quite some time. I couldn't figure out how a queen could have a chart that is seemingly.... not outstanding.

Geng metal born in the end of spring, water takes command. Also protruding on top of Month EB is Ren Food God.

The strong Food God structure is auspicious, especially when 7K on the Year EB is rightly used. A Food God controlling 7K structure. However, also protruding is DO on the hour HS. This is a sickness that is called 官杀混杂, mixed authority, sickness breaks the structure.

The chart has 2 GuiKang pillars, Geng Chen and Ren Chen. Naturally many people would think that this is a GuiKang chart. Favors metal and earth, dislikes Wealth and Authorities.

This chart has 2 authorities, if this was a GuiKang structure, the chart will be completely broken. It's not possible for the Queen of the Commonwealth to have a broken chart. If this were really the case, I'd throw away all my books and forget all about BaZi.

GuiKang is a special structure that is only considered when a normal structure cannot be established. Special structures are only established after many criteria are put into consideration. These are some very important ground rules that apply to every set of BaZi.

有杀只论杀, 无杀方论用
With 7K, analyze 7K first, without 7K then analyze the Useful God.

When the Month EB has a Useful God, the Month EB is important (should be used)

In this chart, there's 7K on the Year HS and there's Useful God (Food) on Month HS. Hence, this chart cannot be considered as a GuiKang structure.

When I first knew about mixed authorities, the only remedy I know is 官杀混杂要制伏. Mixed authorities has to be restrained. Restrain means having output elements that is strong enough to suppress both the 7K and DO. That is a form of remedy, suppressing 7K is fine, but what about suppressing DO? isn't that inauspicious?

Little did I know back then.

Queen Elizabeth II BaZi chart has a better remedy for the mixed authority problem. The protruding Ren acts as both the cure and the Useful God.

Ren counters away 7K and at the same time saves Direct Officer 去杀留官. (Refer to the previous post). Clearing the structure from a strong sickness. Thus the subject is very noble.

With sickness and remedy it is noble, . (Wu Yan Du Bu)

The chart becomes greatly auspicious.

Update: I forgot to add, after 'Discard Devil and Save Officer', the structure becomes a Direct Officer structure. (refer to previous post)

If there's an entity that can discard DO and save 7K, it should be discussed as Indirect Officer (structure), if there's an entity that can discard 7K and save DO, it should be discussed as Direct Officer (structure). Thus Useful God has changed from Food to Officer. 

Positive Food countering Devil on month and year denotes coming from a powerful family. 7K on year pillar denotes powerful ancestors. Positive officer on hour pillar denotes noble children.

That aside, Geng Chen is also a pillar known as 日德, Day Virtue. which denotes a kind and gentle person.

It took me a few months to figure out how this chart actually works.

PS: I have to say is really a great bazi calculator. It comes with so many charts of famous people. That is so convenient for study.

BaZi: SMTH 官煞去留杂论 'Mixed Authorities' 7K + DO in a chart.

When DO is used in a BaZi chart, 7K is unfavorable. Likewise, when 7K is used in a chart, DO is naturally unfavorable. If DO and 7K are both present in the chart, it's a condition called 官杀混杂 (Officer and Devil mixed). Something I term 'Mixed Authorities'

Mixed Authorities is a form of sickness 病 for a BaZi, thus it requires a remedy '方'.


<XiJiPian> says: For the likes of Mixed Authorities, it could discard Officer and save 7K and it could also get rid of 7K and save Officer.


That is talking about having DO and 7K in a BaZi chart, like seeing DO on Month and seeing 7K on hour, or seeing 7K on Month and seeing DO on hour, or seeing them repeatedly in the four pillars, if there's an entity that can discard DO and save 7K, it should be discussed as Indirect Officer, if there's an entity that can discard 7K and save DO, it should be discussed as Direct Officer.


When looking at the process of discarding and saving, one should see how heavy or light (strong or weak) the DO and 7K are, the ones that protrudes in the HS can be easily discarded, but the one hidden inside Month EB is difficult to be discarded, it requires Hurting Officer or Food God to be many and strong, only that it can be done.


The 5 Yang Daymasters with Food God, it can discard the Devil and save the Officer


The 5 Yang Daymasters with Hurting Officer can discard Officer but cannot save the Devil, unless YangRen is present, with YangRen combined with the Devil, only the Devil can be saved.


For example, a DM Jia,

Jia uses Xin as Officer, Geng as Devil, if Officer is heavy and Devil is light, having on Bing (Food), it would counter Geng metal away and combine with Xin, this is called 'discard Devil and save Officer', it is affectionate and thus noble;


If Devil is heavy and Officer is light, seeing Ding fire Hurting Officer, it would counter away Xin metal, also if Yi YangRen is present, it would combine with Geng, this is called 'Discard the Officer and save the Devil', it is affectionate and thus noble.


The 5 Yin DayMasters with Food God, it can discard Devil but cannot save Officer but the DM itself can save the Officer,


The 5 Yin DayMasters with Hurting Officer, it can discard the Officer and it can also save the Devil.


Like a Yi DayMaster,

With Geng as the Officer and Xin as Devil, if Officer is heavy and Devil is light, having one Ding Food God will counter away Xin Devil, and Yi itself will combine with Geng, this is called 'discard Devil and save Officer, it is affectionate and thus noble;


If Devil is heavy and Officer is light, having one Bing Fire Hurting Officer, it would counter away Geng Metal and combine with Xin Metal, this is called 'Discard Officer and save Devil', it is affectionate and thus noble.


<YuanLiFu> says: Discard Devil and save Officer is analyzed as Noble, discard Officer and save Devil denotes authority.


It is also said: when DO and 7K see each other, to combine 7K would be noble, so it is said.


There are 2 kinds of combining Devil, combination to go and combination to come, combination to come is to discard Officer and save Devil, combination to go is to discard Devil and save Officer

I'll just stop here, the rest of the chapter talks about more or less the same thing.

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BaZi: SMTH - 日贵 Day Noble

Day Noble, Self sits on TianYi (TianYiGuiRen - Heavenly Yi Nobleman)

There are only four days for this structure: Ding You, Ding Hai, Gui Si and Gui Mao, it represents

The Noble Qi gathers around day, and with the assistance from Wealth and Seal, the noble Qi becomes a blessing.

Favors 3 combinations and 6 combinations and the combination between residence and tomb, when luck goes to prosper Nobleman or Wealth, one can become rich.

Greatly unfavorable is Punishment, clash, harm and breakage, when Luck sees the more of those is unfavorable, seeing TaiSui, and also GuiKang, it represents poverty or short life.

If the chart can be established as other structure, this structure will not be established.

Day Noble has to be separated to day and night, those born in the morning want Gui Mao and Ding Hai, those born at night want Gui Si and Ding You, Day and night are not altogether regarded as getting the Form.

Nobleman, is the way to call a person of peace and harmony, a name for the moral and respectable, seeing Wealth, Officer, Seal and Food is auspicious, until Devil, Blade, clash and punishment is inauspicious. With Luck seeing GuiKang, the harm is not little.

The old song says: The day of birth with HS sitting of Noble, seeing GuiKang the blessing is not complete, seeing Yue (DeGuiRen) or Lu on Year is not favorable, seeing Day Noble repeatedly is wonder upon wonders.

Also: Day virtue (another special structure) and Day noble denote kindness, seeing Wealth, Officer and Seal denotes blessing and glory, seeing punishment, clash, devil or blade would in turn become very inauspicious.

Also: Gui arriving on Snake and Rabbit is outstanding, Ding facing Pig and Rooster is analyzed similarly, greatly unfavorable is GuiKang,  day and night - it is separated, (it) has to be careful of punishment and harm because (one) loses his (social) status.