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BaZi: NaYin 大林木 Wood of Big Forest - Year Pillar Wu Chen and Ji Si

NaYin Wood

戊辰, 已巳 大林木
Wu Chen, Ji Si as Wood of big forest

Wood of big forest, their branches and stems are shaken by the wind, their trunks supporting the moon, they have the virtue of being outstanding, the success of rising tall to the clouds and cover the sun. (all these are just to say they are tall and huge)


This wood resides in south west, between spring and summer, after being nourished for long, it became forest, metal borrows Gen earth as resource, Gui Chou as mountain, when the Three Lives are without destruction, it denotes great blessing, nobility and authority, Wu Chen is better than Ji Si. 


Seeing roadside earth is burden, Wu Chen seeing Xin Wei as precious, Ji Si seeing Geng Wu is fortunate, denotes wealthiness; earth of wall and house, and also gets sword metal, meaning will make wood of big forest into ridge pole (roof beam), it's the most auspicious the structure can be, without these, the wood is only wood in the mountain within the hills. 


This wood, does not matter if it is dead or alive, desires seeing earth, like Ji person seeing Jia, although the classics say it will transform to earth but it is not as good as Chen Xu Chou Wei, earth frame with pure metal is a wonder.


If this wood is already dead beneath the mountain, seeing Jia Xu and Yi Hai (fire on top of mountain) will burn it, denotes inauspicious and short lifespan; if fire of lamp (Jia Chen / Yi Si ) replaces (the other fire) will mutually engender (wood and fire), Jia Chen is more auspicious than Yi Si; Fire of thunder and lightning (Wu Zi / Yi Chou ), and fire of the sun (Wu Wu, Yi wei) both could nourish (the wood) when they are seen in the luck pillars, seeing these is also auspicious, if both fires are seen together, wood needs earth as a base for its root to be able to maintain itself.

As for water, seeing water of heavenly river (Bing Wu / Ding Wei), Wu Chen seeing Ding Wei is precious, even without earth and mountain, it still denotes having clothing and food, the structure is named 'spiritual raft entering heavenly river'. Even if it is born in Autumn or Winter with dead and extinct Qi, it is still in the structure.

Water if rivers (Jia Yin, Yi Mao) and ocean (Ren Xu, Gui Hai) if are seen repeatedly, represent poverty or short lifespan, if there's mountain, it is a little useful.


In MiaoXuan (a book) there's a structure named 'green dragon arrives upon the sea' which is Wu Chen seeing Gui Hai as precious, water of nourishing under, Ding Chou is most auspicious, Bing Zi is not as auspicious.


All metals are not good to be seen, metal in the sea Yi Chou can be the mountain, metal of sword with earth or wall or house can be used as base, other metals are useless, seeing denotes short lifespan and lowliness.


As for Wood, Mulberry and maclura is auspicious, but Gui Chou is most wonderful; wood of flat land must come together with earth of roadside,  this is named 'flat forest in the wild);


pines and cypress, on the eastern side where it is the land where wood is prosperous, when the pillar has Gui Chou and pines and cypress, it denotes dense shelter (like thick canopy, dense shelter), it is the best.

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BaZi: 纳音 NaYin part 3

Continue from previous post

The above 60 JiaZi, those who are great or prosperous, it is unfavorable to change to be small and weak; those who are small and weak wish to be prosperous and great. 

For example, poor and lowly at the beginning and eventually become wealthy and noble is glory and splendor, while wealthy and noble at the beginning and eventually become poor and lowly is inferior and disgraceful. 

Like Year belongs to wood, for example it is Geng Yin or Xin Mao, then how prosperous wood is can largely be known, if Day, Month, Hour and Womb (Conception Pillar), other woods are not seen, then it should be analyzed as pine and cypress, but in case of Month, Day, Hour and Womb having poplars and willows or pomegranate wood, then it should be regarded as 'abandoning the greater to follow the smaller', and ti should not be analyzed as pine and cypress.

If a person is born in Ren Wu or Gui Wei (Year Pillar), then how small the wood is can be known, if on Month, Day, Hour and Womb (pillars), other woods are not seen, then it is analyzed as poplar and willow, in case of Month / Day/ Hour / Womb pillar seeing pines and cypresses or great forest wood, then 'small' is abandoned and it should be analyzed as great (wood), and should not be analyzed as poplar and willow,

As for 'Above heaven Fire', 'Sword edge Metal', 'Great Ocean Water', 'Great post Earth' people, seeing other same element NaYin that is smaller on Month, Day, Hour or Womb,

also for 'Covered lantern Fire', 'Gold leaf Metal', 'Well and spring Water', 'Earth inside sand', seeing other same element NaYin that is greater, at Month / Day / Hour / Womb, or 'leading the common' and 'enter sainthood', or heavy first and light after, these should be analyzed as changed (NaYin), must not adhere to a fixed principle.

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BaZi: 60 甲子 纳音 JiaZi NaYin part 2

甲午金 Jia Wu metal
百炼精金 refined metal that is smelted a hundred times
夏水木土 Summer, water, wood and earth

乙未金 Yi Wei metal
炉炭余金 leftover metal in furnace charcoal
喜大火及土 likes great fire and earth

丙申火 Bing Shen fire
白茅野烧 wild fire of cogon grass
喜秋冬及木 likes autumn, winter and wood

丁酉火 Ding You fire
鬼神之灵乡、火之无形者 the spiritual realm of ghosts and gods, the shapelessness of fire
喜辰戌丑未 likes Chen Xu Chou Wei

戊戌木 Wu Xu wood
蒿艾之枯者 withered mugworts
喜火及春夏 likes fire, spring and summer

己亥木 Ji Hai wood
蒿艾之茅 shoots of mugworts
喜水及春夏 likes water, spring and summer

庚子土 Geng Zi earth
土之中空者屋宇 the emptiness / hollowness within earth, room in a house
喜木及金土 likes wood, metal and earth

辛丑土 Xin Chou earth
坟墓 graveyards
喜木及火与春 likes wood and fire and spring

壬寅金 Ren Yin metal
金之华饰者 accessories made of metal
喜木及微火 likes wood and light fire

癸卯金 Gui Mao metal
録钮铃铎 ornaments like buttons, bells and little things that jingle
喜盛火及秋 likes prosperous fire and autumn

甲辰火 Jia chen Fire
灯也 Lamp
喜夜及水、恶昼 likes night time and water, dreads daytime

乙巳火 Yi Si fire
灯光也 Lamp light
同上,尤喜申酉及秋 same as above, especially likes Shen, You and autumn

丙午水 Bing Wu water
月轮 full moon
喜夜及金水旺也 likes nighttime, prosperous metal and water

丁未水 Ding Wei water
月光也 moon light
同上 same as above

戊申土 Wu Shen earth
秋间田土 grain field in autumn
喜申酉及火 likes Shen, You and fire

己酉土 Ji You earth
秋间禾稼 grain in autumn
喜申酉及冬 likes Shen , You and winter

庚戌金 Geng Xu metal
刀剑之余 the excessive sharpness of knife and swords
喜微火及木 likes light fire and wood

辛亥金 Xin Hai metal
钟鼎宝物 precious things like large bell and tripod caldron
喜木及大土 likes wood and great earth

壬子木 Ren Zi wood
伤水多之木 wood that is ailing due to taking too much water
喜火土及夏 likes fire, earth and summer

癸丑木 Gui Chou wood
伤水少之木 wood that is ailing due to too little water 
喜金水及春 likes metal, water and spring.

甲寅水 Jia Yin water
雨也 Rain
喜夏及火 likes summer and fire

乙卯水 Yi Mao water
雾也 Mist
喜水及火 likes water and fire

丙辰土 Bing Chen earth
堤岸 embankments
喜金及木 likes metal and wood

丁巳土 Ding Si earth
土之沮如 ( I think 沮洳) - Lowly and moistened earth
喜火及西北 likes fire, West and North

戊午火 Wu Wu fire
日轮、夏则人畏;冬则人爱 Full sun, is feared by people in summer, is loved by people in winter
忌戊子、己丑、甲寅、乙卯 not favorable - Wu zi, Ji Chou, Jia Yin and Yi Mao

己未火 Ji Wei fire
月光 ?? (supposed to be 日光) moon light (supposed to be sunlight) something is wrong with this source.
忌夜亦畏四时  does not favor night time and fears 4 seasons (of earth). 

庚申木 Geng Shen Wood
榴花 promeganate flower
喜夏不宜秋冬 likes summer but not autumn and winter

辛酉木 Xin You wood
榴子 promeganate fruit
喜秋及夏 likes autumn and summer

壬戌水 Ren Xu water
海也 Ocean
喜春夏及木 likes Spring, summer and wood

癸亥水 Gui Hai water
百川 Rivers
喜金土火 likes metal, earth and fire.

BaZi : 60 甲子 纳音 JiaZi NaYin

Taking a break from translating 10 Gods, here's an article about NaYin.

甲子金 Jia Zi Metal
为宝物 as Precious Things (Treasure)
喜金木旺地 Likes places where Metal and Wood are prosperous

乙丑金 Yi Chou Metal
为顽矿 as Mineral Ore
喜火及南方月时 Likes fire or southern Month / Hour

丙寅火 Bing Yin Fire
为炉炭喜冬及木 As Furnace Charcoal, likes Winter and Wood

丁卯火 Ding Mao Fire
为炉烟 As Furnace Smoke
喜巽地及秋冬 Likes Xun place, Autumn and Winter

戊辰木 Wu Chen Wood
山林山野处不材之木 useless Wood in forests or in the wild
喜水 likes water

己巳木 Ji Si Wood
山头花草 Plants (Flower and Grass) on top of mountains
喜春及秋 likes Spring and Autumn

庚午土 Gegn Wu earth 
路旁乾块 dried pieces (of earth) at roadsides
喜水及春 likes Water and Spring

辛未土 Xin Wei earth
含万实待秋成  ??
喜春及秋 likes Spring and Autumn

壬申金 Ren Shen metal
戈戟大钊 Lances, spear or halberd
喜子午卯酉 likes Zi Wu Mao You

癸酉金 Gui You metal
金之椎凿 Hammer or Chisel of metal
喜木及寅卯 likes wood, Yin and Mao

甲戌火 Jia Xu fire
火所宿处 the place where fire resides
喜春及夏likes Spring and Summer

乙亥火 Yi Hai fire
火之热气 Hotness of fire
喜土及夏 Likes earth and summer

丙子水 Bing Zi water
江湖 Rivers and Lakes
喜木及土 Likes wood and Earth

丁丑水 Ding Chou
水之不流清澈处 Place where water does not flow and the water is clear
喜金及夏 likes metal and summer

戊寅土 Wu Yin earth
堤阜城郭  dike, mound or outer city wall.
喜水及火 likes Water and Fire

己卯土 Ji Mao earth
破城败堤 Borken castle and failed dike
喜申酉及火 Likes Shen You and Fire

庚辰金 Geng Chen Metal
锡腊 Pewter (I think)
喜秋及微木 Likes Autumn and light wood

辛巳金 Xin Si Metal
金之生者杂沙石 Metal ore that is mixed with sand and rocks
喜火及秋 Likes fire and Autumn

壬午木 Ren Wu wood
杨柳干节 trunks of poplars and willows
喜春夏 likes spring and summer

癸未木 Gui Wei wood
杨柳根 roots of poplars and willows
喜冬及水亦宜春 likes winter and water, spring is also beneficial

甲申水 Jia Shen water
甘泉 fresh spring (water source)
喜春及夏 likes spring and summer

乙酉水 Yi You water
阴壑水 water in deep valley (where sun does not shine)
喜东方及南 likes East and South

丙戌土 Bing Xu earth
堆阜 hill
喜春夏及水 likes spring, summer and water

丁亥土 Ding Hai earth
平原 plains
喜火及木 likes fire and wood

戊子火 Wu Zi fire
雷也 thunder
喜水及春夏、得土而神 Likes water, spring and summer, spirited with earth

己丑火 Ji Chou fire
电也 Lightning
喜水及春夏、得土而晦 likes water, spring and summer, becomes dimmed with earth

庚寅木 Geng Yin wood
松柏干节 trunks of pines and cypresses
喜秋冬 likes autumn and winter

辛卯木 Xin Mao wood
松柏之根 roots of pines and cypresses
喜水土及宜春 likes water, earth and spring is beneficial

壬辰水 Ren Chen water
龙水 dragon water (probably a name of some place?)
喜雷电及春夏 likes thunder, lightning, spring and summer

癸巳水 Gui Si water
水之息流入海 when water stops flowing it goes into the sea
喜亥子乃变化 likes Hai Zi and changes /transformations

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BaZi: WXJJ - 论财 - Discuss Wealth

This chapter is included in SMTH chapter 偏正财合论, WXJJ is a very old book written in Song dynasty

1.  天财
Heavenly Wealth

Jia and Yi people seeing Wu and Ji as Wealth

Bing and Ding people seeing Geng and Xin as Wealth

Wu and Ji people seeing Ren and Gui as Wealth

Geng and Xin people seeing Jia and Yi as Wealth

Ren and Gui people seeing Bing and Ding as Wealth

2. 又天财
Another Heavenly Wealth

Nayin pillar seeing the true five elemental Wealth, and seeing combination, for example Yi Hai person, sees Geng in the chart, is also a type of Heavenly Wealth. Yi Hai Nayin Fire counters Yi Geng True Metal, for Wealth is on the Heavenly stem. Represent extraordinary wealth, whole life is free from financial worry.

2.  真财
True Wealth

Analysts usually regard  the likes of Jia seeing Wu, Yi seeing Ji as Wealths

Yet to know about True Wealth

Jia Ji seeing Bing Xin

Bing Xin seeing Wu Gui

Wu Gui seeing Yi Geng

Yi Geng seeing Ding Ren

Ding Ren seeing Jia Ji

are True Wealth, born of resides on places with Qi, places which is prosperous or ministerial

With the five elements having Qi, prosperous or ministerial represent wealthiness, if the five element resides on place of death and extinction, even if it has the True Wealth, it is like it does not have.

3. 生成财
Successfully engendered Wealth

Successfully engendered Wealth, where branches and stems combine, for example, born Jia or Yi, uses the likes of Wu or Ji,

On Shen Zi Chen, seeing Birth, Prosperity and Storage, if Wu Shen, Wu Chen, Wu Zi, Branches and Stems are successfully combined.

Thus it is called successfully engendered Wealth, when a chart is a noble structure, besides nobility, it represent great wealthiness, and has the responsibility to manage great finances. 

If it is not of a noble structure, and without auspicious gods to assists, it is a common people but very rich, or those people who contributed to the government and thus given an official post.

Also there's Self engenders - Self prospers Wealth, like Jia Yi people with Wu Wu,  Ji Hai. The rest can be analyzed like this. 

4. 生合财
Combined engendered Wealth

甲人见戊癸 - Jia person seeing Wu Gui
乙人见己甲 - Yi person seeing Ji Jia
丙人见庚乙 - Bing person seeing Geng Yi
丁人见辛丙 - Ding person seeing Bing Xin
戊人见壬丁 - Wu person seeing Ren Ding
己人见癸戊 - Ji person seeing Gui Wu
庚人见甲己 - Geng person seeing Jia Ji
辛人见乙庚 - Xin person seeing Yi Geng
壬人见丙辛 - Ren person seeing Bing Xin
癸人见丁壬 - Gui person seeing Ren Ding.

Represent to establish oneself to be rich and noble

5. 子母财
Child mother Wealth

Like wood person (Nayin) seeing fire month, earth day or hour and the likes, represent frequent happy occasions in one's life.

6. 财下有财
Wealth under Wealth

Like fire person  (Nayin) seeing the month of fire, earth day or hour and the likes. 

7. 类财杀
Killing that is like Wealth

寅午戌人见乙庚 - Yin Wu Xu person seeing Yi Geng
巳酉丑人见丁壬 - Si You Chou person seeing Ding Ren
申子辰人见戊癸 - Shen Zi Chen person seeing Wu Gui
亥卯未人见甲己 - Hia Mao Wei person seeing Jia Ji

8. 财会杀
Wealth seeing Killing

寅午戌人见辛丑 - Yin Wu Xu person seeing Xin Chou
巳酉丑人见乙未 - Si You Chou person seeing Yi Wei
申子辰人见丙戌 - Shen Zi Chen person seeing Bing Xu
亥卯未人见戊辰 - Hai Mao Wei person seeing Wu Chen

The above are the 'gathering gods' of wife or wealth, represent adequate wealth, and beautiful wife, unexpected fortune or ill-gotten wealth, also the man has to beware of wife poisoning him.

The old poem says: Wealth seeing punishment, merchant gets rich because of his wife, but must beware of poison and because of that thing turns around completely overnight (Trey: ??, the older the book, the weirder the language)

9. 名位财
Wealth of reputation and status

Within Food God seeing storage, for example Wu Zu fire seeing Geng Xu, Wu 'eats' Geng, fire tomb is at Xu, countering metal as Wealth, seeing this, a lifetime of rewards. ??? 

10. 外财
External Wealth

Takes only from the domain of 'Birth', like Jia uses Wu or Ji as Wealth, seeing Wu Shen, or Gui uses Bing or Ding as Wealth and sees Bing Yin, the likes of this will get many external wealth.

11. 鬼财
Ghastly Wealth

Seeing ghost on Stem, but NaYin counters (the ghost). 

For example Ding Mao Nayin is fire, Ding in the true five elements belongs to wood (Ding Ren -> wood), and in the four pillars seeing Yi Geng, and on Stems they are metal (ghost / 7K), Nayin Ding Mao is fire, and thus it can counter Yi Geng metal, and thus is called ghostly wealth, seeing this represent a person receiving much worldly wealth in his lifetime, or getting rich from being heroic or sly or marrying a wife from a rich family or being a minor offical, Ding Mao and Ding You get Yi Geng, Wu Yin and Wu Shen get Bing Xin, Yi You and Yi Mao gets Wu Gui are like this.

And if there are many Chen Xu Chou Wei, represent the person gaining a lot of money from being an artist. 

Largely, ghastly wealth represent a person will not benefit from his forefather's success, and he must work hard on his own to get the wealth, if 7K is punished or carries 7K, and resides on the place where blessing gathers, represent wealth is obtained from robbery or plunder, when the Luck Pillar is unfavorable, can die from gathering too much evil wealth, if there are auspicious gods to assists and residing on the 'son', represent unexpected wealth (like gambling), unexpectedly gain and unexpectedly lost. 


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BaZi: SMTH - 弃命从财 Follow Wealth structure

DuBu says:

Abandon life to follow Wealth, must meet wealth, if root or Qi is seen, damaged life is unquestionable.

Trey: Meet Wealth is commonly known to be 3 combinations or 3 meetings that form a Wealth frame, for example Ding uses You as Wealth, with Si-You-Chou or Shen-You-Xu forming a Wealth frame.

For example, Ding born in the month of You, there are many Geng and Xin in the chart, Day Stem has no Qi, then (DM) can only abandon life to follow, when Luck goes to north where wealth and officer are prosperous, it is qualified to be in this structure, southern Luck means disaster.

Trey: 日干无气, Day stem has no Qi means DM no root (Qi) in any of the branches.

Old song says: Day stem without Qi and the chart is full of Wealth, abandon life to follow is a fortunate person (胎 means womb, the phrase means the person is born in a good family), the Luck Pillars that prosper Wealth and Officer are blessings, if root or support is seen, it is disastrous instead.

Trey: In summary, we can know a follow wealth structure when these criteria are met.
1. DM is born in the month of Wealth, like Ding in the month of You
2. A Wealth frame is present, in my opinion a half frame would be sufficient, but then the follow God would be weak.
3. DM has no Qi
4. The structure is truly established only when Luck supports the Follow God. Otherwise it is inauspicious. 

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BaZi: SMTH - 时上偏财 - Indirect Wealth on Hour Pillar

XiJiPian says:

Indirect Wealth on hour pillar, is afraid to meet brothers (parallel stars), like Jia Day seeing Wu Chen or Jia Xu hour.

Likes to see Xin Officer, Ren and Gui to engender and assist, unfavorable are Geng Devil, Yi Rob Wealth, and in the pillars it is not beneficial to see other Wu or Ji. When Luck Pillar goes east, Yin or Mao, will lost wealth. Other stems can be analyzed like this.

This structure is almost the same as Indirect Officer on hour pillar, only one is needed, it's not beneficial to see many, protruding in heaven is very auspicious, hidden in the branches is secondary, in the pillars if there are Officer and Seal to assist, and DM is strong, should be seen as a good life.

Highly inauspicious is clash or break between Year and Month, or brothers protruding, meaning that the blessing is not complete.

Old poem says: Clash is most unfavorable for Indirect Wealth on Hour Pillar, the likes of 'Brothers' are also feared, Luck Pillar likes to go to places where Self or Officer is prosperous, without other protruding it is considered noble.

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BaZi: SMTH - 论偏财 Discuss Indirect Wealth

What is Indirect Wealth? is the likes of Jia seeing Wu, Yi seeing Ji.

Is not carried by the wife, it is the wealth that belongs to the public. Extremely unfavorable when it is divided or robbed by brothers and sisters, if that is the case and there's no Officer star in the pillars, there will be many misfortune.

Trey: Brothers and sisters mean Compare Shoulder and Rob Wealth, Indirect Wealth is extremely sensitive to these gods when it is the Useful God. Officer can keep Rob Wealth and parallels in check, so they could not rob the wealth star.

The classic says: Indirect Wealth likes to be out (exposed), but it is also okay to be hidden, it fears being divided or robbed, or fallen into KongWang, if one of these happens, the person cannot hold any office or hold on to his wealth.

If Wealth is weak, it must go to places, when Wealth is prosperous, it is always favorable, only it is feared that Self is weak, cannot handle the wealth.

Indirect Wealth structure, represent the person is generous, not really stingy, is compassionate but deceitful, if (Wealth) obtains the earth, not only the wealth will be abundant, it can also prosper the Officer, as prosperous Wealth naturally engenders Officer, when Luck goes to prosperous of ministerial, extremely favorable one it goes to somewhere with Officer, can become rich.

If there's Officer star in the chart, then it should be seen as a good life, if brothers are exposed (protruding), even if Luck goes to the place of Officer, will get only a small success (becomes a little rich).

Indirect Wealth is heaviest when it is carried by the Month Decree, it is not beneficial to see many in the pillars.

On year pillar has Indirect wealth and born prosperous, and Qi is connected through the Month Decree, represents strong family business (on father's side), or supported (raised) by maternal side's business.

Generally, DM must be strong, and Wealth star prosperous, when Luck goes to place where Wealth is prosperous, will become rich.

Seeing punishment, clash, breakage or harm, or Compare shoulders to divide wealth or Rob Wealth to robs wealth, or very weak Wealth star, or weak DayMaster, or abundant Wealth engendering 7K, represent damaging the family business or tiring life.

When the Month Decree has Wealth, it means one is rich or noble in his youth, if the season of birth does not obtain the earth, or of there's Rob Wealth, or when Luck Pillar goes to inauspicious places, in the old age family's wealth will be finished, and will become poor for the rest of his life, rich first and poor after.

If Year and Month has no Wealth but Day or Hour Pillar has Wealth, without being robbed, failed, clashed or countered, one can become successful on his own, middle and old age will be highly successful.

If within the pillars there are many Wealths and Self is weak, and in youth Luck Pillar goes to places where DM would be 'at rest' or 'failing' (12 Qi stage - Bath), matters will not go according to one's wish, if in mid-life or late years, LP goes to places of parents 'Seals' or seeing 3 combinations that can assist Self, one can immediately become successful.

If during youth DM rides on prosperity (LP goes to somewhere where DM can be prosperous), and in late years, the structure is loosened, not only will one have no where to go ( 窮途 means the end of road, roads of life, like there's nowhere one can go, nothing he can do, the road of success is at the end), he must also restrain the gossips (bad things people say) about him, as Wealth can be beneficial to oneself, it can also invite slanders.

If four pillars mutually engender, of it carries other noble structure, and has not fallen into kongwang, and is going through prosperous Luck Pillars, or when there is three combinations of wealth star, these are good life, whether the blessing and fortune is strong or weak will depend on the weight of the structure.

also it is said: if one's chart has 2 Wealths, weak DM is okay, if Yuan uses True Wealth, prosperous Self will become rich, if Yuan uses Indirect Wealth, prosperous Self will take off Wealth.

Also it is said: Direct and Indirect Wealth are almost the same, except that one likes Direct Officer and the other does not, having Direct Wealth is not as good as having Indirect Wealth, Indirect Wealth is heavy and substantial, it's blessing is thick (strong), it fears Rob Wealth and Compare Shoulders, if these stars exists in the Year pillar, they are the most serious, at month pillar is also serious but secondary to Year Pillar, one is named GuChen and the other ZhuMa (Shensha), they represent countering wife and harming kids, breaking wealth and poor life, also on has to be careful of thief and petty people, if DM has these are inauspicious, if LP goes to places where Wealth become prosperous, one can still be rich, but if then LP goes to Rob Wealth or Compare shoulders, one will regress (in terms of finance) and possibly die, or lose his office. 

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BaZi: YHZP - 论正财 Discuss Direct Wealth

From YHZP, the language is very difficult and often confusing. I could not understand a few sentences.

What is Direct Wealth? it's like Direct Officer, where Yin meets Yang or Yang meets Yin.

Largely, Direct Wealth is wealth like my wife, for a man to have women and assets to enjoy, he must be vital, healthy and strong; If Self is weak, spiritless and imbecile, he will not be able to enjoy his wives and wealth.

Thus, wealth must obtain the time (supported by season), and does not want to be many. If there's many wealth and Self is strong, Self will be competent enough to take on the wealth, in that case, usually wealth transforms to Officer.

One Qi in heaven that is frail and weak, poor and thin and is difficult to treat, it's good for self to be prosperous, and does not want to go to places where (self) is restrained, Officer and 7K restrain.

Also it is afraid that the month where Self is born is Waning and Sick (12 Qi stages)

Or if the four pillars there's no parents to engender, and then it sees wealth, it is said that many Wealth stars is not auspicious.

If the strength (of the DM) cannot hold on to the Wealth, there would be hundred misfortunes, when in youth, if DM is going through places where (DM) is at rest or imprisoned, things will not happen as one wishes, and will encounter many hindrances.

and when in middle age or late age, Luck goes to places of parents, or seeing three combinations that can assist self, will be rising suddenly, that cannot be resisted.



Or if the four pillars mutually engenders, and it falls into certain noble structures that is not influenced by KongWang, and goes through prosperous Luck Pillars, or three combinations that engenders wealth, all these denotes noble life.

Whether the fortune is big or small, will be determined by the grade of the structure.

Prosperous Wealth engender Officer, DM must be strong. Abundant wealth robs Qi, if DM is weak, Annual Pillar or Luck Pillar sees Hurt / Wealth, will lead to disasters. Or, if it sees Punishment, clashes or 7K, it's extremely inauspicious.

Direct Wealth (structure), likes prosperous DM, Seal and ribbon, dislikes Officer stars, dislikes throw away food (Indirect Seal)

Dislikes Weak Self, Compare Shoulders and Rob Wealth..

Trey: This is the part where Classical Bazi is different from Modern BaZi, Compare Shoulders and Rob Wealths are of the same element as DM. In a very generalize modern BaZi theory, a weak DM favors the same element to 'support' itself, but in actual, that is never the case. These parallel stars are more competitors than friends, which is why they are named in negative connotations. Rob Wealth. What does it do? It robs DM's wealth, especially when DM is weak. However, that does not mean these stars are always inauspicious, we will see that in future translations, when the subject about 7K.

Must not see Officer star, because Officer star will steal Wealth's Qi;

Like Seal and ribbon to engender self, as it is primarily weak.

Trey: Must not see Officer star means the Officer star that comes in the Luck Pillars are not favorable. In the natal chart, when the Officer star is present, the chart is not a Wealth structure, it is an Officer + Wealth structure (see previous post).

Also, when it is a wealth structure, usually the DM is weak, for example Geng born in the month of Yin or Mao, metal in spring is trapped. That is why Seals are favorable for Wealth structures, as long as Seal and Wealth does not hinder each other, otherwise, even though Seal is favorable, its auspiciousness will be reduced.

Like Jia Day uses Ji as Direct wealth, if Seal is weak, there will be disasters.

When one's life carries Wealth, he must be born in wealthy homes, will not have his own children adopt will adopt, or counter parents. If self is prosperous, it is better for Rob Wealth and Officer star to be absent.

If the Officer star has the earth, the Luck Pillars favor many Wealth to engender Officer; if the Wealth star has the earth, Luck Pillars does not favor Officer star, as it would counter DM, it is fearful for DM to be weak.

Generally, Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth are the same, they favor Seal and Ribbon, will become rich.


Ding     Ding     Ding           Xin
Wei      Si         You          Chou

This chart has DM sitting on the earth of Wealths, and also it sees Si-You-Chou metal frame, that is prosperous Wealth.

Then Ding has the wood storage at Wei, which engenders Ding fire, thus DM is regarded as strong, capable enough to take on the Wealth.

When Luck Pillar goes east (places of wood), easy to become very rich.

Ding uses Ren Officer, uses Geng metal as wealth to engender Ren officer, when DM goes to places where it becomes prosperous, surely will become rich.

Trey: 得地 gets the earth, generally means to be supported by the earthly branches, but in this context, it means to be the major element that is supported by the earthly branches. Especially the month's EB, which denotes the season.

When Wealth is used (as the Useful God), it is good not to see Officer star.

Another example


Bing   Bing    Yi     Geng
Shen  Shen   You   Shen

This chart has Bing DM seeing 3 Shens as Wealth, how is it not good?

Bing uses Gui as Officer, uses Xin as Wealth, seeing 3 Shens and 1 You as Wealth and Wealth is prosperous.

But DM is weak, fire is Sick at Shen and Dies at You, and that is without Qi (12 Qi stages), when the Luck Pillars goes to the west (metal), Self will be very weak, prosperous wealth engenders ghost (7K), which will counter Self and cause failure, thus it cannot win the Wealth, and thus the subject is poor)

Trey: Some people will say that this is a follow wealth structure, but no, it cannot be follow wealth. DuBu says:

To abandon Life and Follow Wealth, must 'meet' Wealth; To abandon Life and Follow Devil, must 'meet' Devil.

'Meet' in this context refers to an elemental frame, SanHui - the three meetings like Shen-You-Xu or SanHe like Si-You-Chou. But DuBu does not specify if a Half frame is sufficient to establish a follow structure. In my opinion, it is but then the 'Follow God' would be weak and the 'Follow' will be unreal (fake).

Interestingly, SMTH has a different view about 2 Bings chart here, which says that 2 Bing denotes a strong DM, nevertheless, the 2 Bings chart turns auspicious only when Luck Pillars goes to Wu Wu, where Wu EB provides the support for the fire in the stems.

Another example


Wu    Xin     Gui     Yi
Zi     You    Wei    Mao

This chart has Xin DM sits on You, and year pillar has Yi sits on Mao, both Self and Wealth are prosperous, and also DM has Gui as Food God, Wu Zi as ribbon and seal to support, so it's easy for the chart owner to be very rich and noble.

Another example


Bing   Jia    Ding   Wu
Yin    Chen  Si       Zi

This chart has Jia DM born in the last Xun (a period of ten days) of the fourth month, Bing and Ding fire are protruding together which engenders the Wu earth in the Month EB, and hour returns to prosperity in Yin (has the stage of LinGuan in Yin), thus Wealth is prosperous and Jia wood is also prosperous.

Early Years, Luck Pillar is Wu Wu and Ji Wei, Luck became clear (clear as in 'the path is clear')

Under Xin You Luck Pillar, seeing Officer star is inauspicious.

Ren Xu Luck Pillar has Ren to counter Bing, within the Hurting Officer and Food God, the subject's position in the government is lost and so was his wealth, death of his family.

Until fifty nine years old enter Gui Hai LP, which DM becomes prosperous, subject became somewhat comfortable.

Sixty five years old Ren Chen year, subject died.

Early Luck with Hurting Officer seeing Wealth, the chart takes Wu earth as Wealth, that was why in the LPs of Wu Wu and Yi Wei, the subject was in very good luck, earth is engendered and wealth was thick

Until Geng Shen and Xin You, in the west saw Officers, and all matters had to be with great effort.

Even though Gui and Hai as Seal and ribbon for Jia wood, but it was unfavorable as Water clash with Fire, In Hai there's Ren water, and Ren Chen has Ren water protruding, in LP and natal chart there were Chens, and he died.

For Hurting Officer seeing Wealth structure, Officer star is unfavorable, only Wealth star is favorable. It is greatly unfavorable for Ren water to counter fire, which caused fire to be unable to engender earth, which is wealth for Jia wood.

Trey: If we use ZPZQ's method to analyze, Wealth will be regarded as Useful God, while Hurting Officer is the Minister God, Ren water counters the minister God, and that caused the structure to collapse.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 官印祿庫 - Officer, Seal, Prosperity Storage

The classics says: Officer within seeing Prosperity, storage and meeting Wealth, Gold and Jade comes naturally.

Jia or Yi seeing Yi Chou

Bing or Ding seeing Geng Wu

Wu or Ji seeing Ren Chen

Geng or Xin seeing Yi Wei

Ren or Gui seeing Bing Xu


A chart


Ren Gui Xin Ding
Wu You Hai Chou

Gui uses Bing as Wealth, Xu as the storage of Wealth, (Gui) uses Wu as Officer, within Xu, Wu earth is prosperous, with the storage of Wealth engenders and assists, You as the Seal for Gui, Chou as the storage of Seal, Wealth, Officer and Seal all see storage and prosperity, without being clashed and broken, is considered noble.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bazi: SFTK - 看命捷歌 - Useful Gods - Likes and Dislikes

Taken from SFTK, this poem summarizes the likes and dislikes of the Useful Gods


Direct Officer structure

When the Useful God is Officer, it's good for Self to be prosperous, does not like YangRen, does not like to be clashed or punished. Hurting Officer and Food God are forbidden. Likes Seal and Wealth stars.

7K structure

7K likes Seal and YangRen. Hurting Officer and Food God. When 7K is combined or Self is prosperous, it does not like Direct Officer. If 7K is not prosperous, it likes to be engendered by Wealth.

Useful Wealth.

Useful Wealth does not like Compare Shoulders and Rob Wealth, nor 7K or Indirect Officer. If Self is weak, YangRen is forbidden, Self is prosperous and Seal are beneficial.

Seal and Ribbon

Seal and ribbon does not like a prosperous Self, likes 7K and Direct Officer. When Seal is clashed it is unusable, also it fears the arrival of Wealth.


YangRen likes Hurting Officer and Devil, dreads Robs Wealth, punishment and clashes. Prosperous Self and Seal are disliked in the structure. 

BaZi: SMTH - 天元坐财 Day Master sitting on Wealth

Heavenly Yuan sitting on Wealth

Is like the days of Geng Chen and Xin Mao, born in spring, Jia and Yi wood as Wealth, likes Wu and Ji earth Seal to engender Self, Ren and Gui Food to engender Wealth, dreads Geng or Xin metal to Rob and take away (Wealth), and the Age (Year Pillar) must not meet Officer or Devil, as Metal is weak in Spring, not competent enough (to take on Officer or Devil), that in turn is not fortunate.

Jia Wu or Yi Wei born in Summer, Jia Earth as Wealth;

Jia Chen day born in Summer, Wu earth as Wealth

Bing Xu or Ding Chou day born in Autumn, Xin metal as Wealth

The (criteria) for being auspicious and inauspicious are the same as the above.

Only Ren Wu and Gui Si, these two days, with Fortune (Officer) and Horse (Wealth) residing at the same place, so they cannot be discussed as only Wealth (structure).

BaZi: SMTH - 财旺生官 Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer

The Classic JiShanPian says: Wealthy and noble, is because Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer. Naturally Wealth can engender Officer, that is why Wealth can be taken as the Useful (God), not to see Officer, seeing Officer would become Wealth and Officer Structure.

If the pillars has Hurting Officer or Food God, even if Wealth is prosperous, it cannot engender Officer.

For example, Wu (earth) and Ji (earth) have Hai and Zi, Ren and Gui as Wealth, and with Yin and Mao, Jia and Yi as Officer, If it is born in Ren Zi or Gui Hai Month, with Yin or Mao, Jia or Yi are absent from the pillars, it is regarded as Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer, because of this, one's life would become wealthy and really noble, or being a part of the royal or wealthy family, if the Month's decree Wealth is not damaged or countered, denotes one could excel in the imperial exam, if Geng or Xin protrudes, that means (Officer) cannot be engendered, and does not belong to this structure.

SMTH definition of Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer is different from ZPZQ. We should know that SMTH's way of analyzing a chart is more complex than ZPZQ as SMTH takes into consideration what is apparent (明) and obscured (暗). In this case of Prosperous Wealth Engendering Officer, Officer must be absent from the chart and Wealth must be prosperous (supported by season). If the apparent Wealth is not prosperous, it cannot engender the obscured Officer. Obscured deities are just as powerful and auspicious as the apparent deities. We can know more about this concept after I translate more of SMTH.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 时带正马 Direct Wealth on Hour Pillar


Like Jia day carries Si or Wu on the hour pillar, without punishment, clash, breakage or getting robbed, represents to get a beautiful wife, or to receive external wealth, to engender good children, having a lot of money and properties, which does not come from the parents, worldly wealth, to get business or properties, it's good to be thrifty but not spendthrift.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 岁带正马 - Direct Wealth on Year Pillar

Year carrying the True Horse

Direct Officer on Year Pillar.

Like DayMaster Jia born in the Year of Wu Earthly Branch or Ji, Yi day born in the year of Si or Wu, the criteria of determining auspiciousness and inauspiciousness are the same as Month Stem Direct Wealth.

If the Year Pillar carries the True Horse (Direct Wealth), born in the month of Chen, Xu, Chou or Wei or the middle of Summer (Wu month), where earth is prosperous or ministerial, and it is not punished, clashed, divided or robbed, Daymaster is strong, it represents the subject enjoys the good fortune of his forefathers.

If it is born in the month of Yin or Mao, and there's parallel in the chart, or if the Luck Pillars goes to places of Hurting Officer or Rob Wealth, it represents poverty.