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BaZi : 60 甲子 纳音 JiaZi NaYin

Taking a break from translating 10 Gods, here's an article about NaYin.

甲子金 Jia Zi Metal
为宝物 as Precious Things (Treasure)
喜金木旺地 Likes places where Metal and Wood are prosperous

乙丑金 Yi Chou Metal
为顽矿 as Mineral Ore
喜火及南方月时 Likes fire or southern Month / Hour

丙寅火 Bing Yin Fire
为炉炭喜冬及木 As Furnace Charcoal, likes Winter and Wood

丁卯火 Ding Mao Fire
为炉烟 As Furnace Smoke
喜巽地及秋冬 Likes Xun place, Autumn and Winter

戊辰木 Wu Chen Wood
山林山野处不材之木 useless Wood in forests or in the wild
喜水 likes water

己巳木 Ji Si Wood
山头花草 Plants (Flower and Grass) on top of mountains
喜春及秋 likes Spring and Autumn

庚午土 Gegn Wu earth 
路旁乾块 dried pieces (of earth) at roadsides
喜水及春 likes Water and Spring

辛未土 Xin Wei earth
含万实待秋成  ??
喜春及秋 likes Spring and Autumn

壬申金 Ren Shen metal
戈戟大钊 Lances, spear or halberd
喜子午卯酉 likes Zi Wu Mao You

癸酉金 Gui You metal
金之椎凿 Hammer or Chisel of metal
喜木及寅卯 likes wood, Yin and Mao

甲戌火 Jia Xu fire
火所宿处 the place where fire resides
喜春及夏likes Spring and Summer

乙亥火 Yi Hai fire
火之热气 Hotness of fire
喜土及夏 Likes earth and summer

丙子水 Bing Zi water
江湖 Rivers and Lakes
喜木及土 Likes wood and Earth

丁丑水 Ding Chou
水之不流清澈处 Place where water does not flow and the water is clear
喜金及夏 likes metal and summer

戊寅土 Wu Yin earth
堤阜城郭  dike, mound or outer city wall.
喜水及火 likes Water and Fire

己卯土 Ji Mao earth
破城败堤 Borken castle and failed dike
喜申酉及火 Likes Shen You and Fire

庚辰金 Geng Chen Metal
锡腊 Pewter (I think)
喜秋及微木 Likes Autumn and light wood

辛巳金 Xin Si Metal
金之生者杂沙石 Metal ore that is mixed with sand and rocks
喜火及秋 Likes fire and Autumn

壬午木 Ren Wu wood
杨柳干节 trunks of poplars and willows
喜春夏 likes spring and summer

癸未木 Gui Wei wood
杨柳根 roots of poplars and willows
喜冬及水亦宜春 likes winter and water, spring is also beneficial

甲申水 Jia Shen water
甘泉 fresh spring (water source)
喜春及夏 likes spring and summer

乙酉水 Yi You water
阴壑水 water in deep valley (where sun does not shine)
喜东方及南 likes East and South

丙戌土 Bing Xu earth
堆阜 hill
喜春夏及水 likes spring, summer and water

丁亥土 Ding Hai earth
平原 plains
喜火及木 likes fire and wood

戊子火 Wu Zi fire
雷也 thunder
喜水及春夏、得土而神 Likes water, spring and summer, spirited with earth

己丑火 Ji Chou fire
电也 Lightning
喜水及春夏、得土而晦 likes water, spring and summer, becomes dimmed with earth

庚寅木 Geng Yin wood
松柏干节 trunks of pines and cypresses
喜秋冬 likes autumn and winter

辛卯木 Xin Mao wood
松柏之根 roots of pines and cypresses
喜水土及宜春 likes water, earth and spring is beneficial

壬辰水 Ren Chen water
龙水 dragon water (probably a name of some place?)
喜雷电及春夏 likes thunder, lightning, spring and summer

癸巳水 Gui Si water
水之息流入海 when water stops flowing it goes into the sea
喜亥子乃变化 likes Hai Zi and changes /transformations

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