Monday, July 8, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 财旺生官 Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer

The Classic JiShanPian says: Wealthy and noble, is because Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer. Naturally Wealth can engender Officer, that is why Wealth can be taken as the Useful (God), not to see Officer, seeing Officer would become Wealth and Officer Structure.

If the pillars has Hurting Officer or Food God, even if Wealth is prosperous, it cannot engender Officer.

For example, Wu (earth) and Ji (earth) have Hai and Zi, Ren and Gui as Wealth, and with Yin and Mao, Jia and Yi as Officer, If it is born in Ren Zi or Gui Hai Month, with Yin or Mao, Jia or Yi are absent from the pillars, it is regarded as Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer, because of this, one's life would become wealthy and really noble, or being a part of the royal or wealthy family, if the Month's decree Wealth is not damaged or countered, denotes one could excel in the imperial exam, if Geng or Xin protrudes, that means (Officer) cannot be engendered, and does not belong to this structure.

SMTH definition of Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer is different from ZPZQ. We should know that SMTH's way of analyzing a chart is more complex than ZPZQ as SMTH takes into consideration what is apparent (明) and obscured (暗). In this case of Prosperous Wealth Engendering Officer, Officer must be absent from the chart and Wealth must be prosperous (supported by season). If the apparent Wealth is not prosperous, it cannot engender the obscured Officer. Obscured deities are just as powerful and auspicious as the apparent deities. We can know more about this concept after I translate more of SMTH.

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