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BaZi: NaYin 大林木 Wood of Big Forest - Year Pillar Wu Chen and Ji Si

NaYin Wood

戊辰, 已巳 大林木
Wu Chen, Ji Si as Wood of big forest

Wood of big forest, their branches and stems are shaken by the wind, their trunks supporting the moon, they have the virtue of being outstanding, the success of rising tall to the clouds and cover the sun. (all these are just to say they are tall and huge)


This wood resides in south west, between spring and summer, after being nourished for long, it became forest, metal borrows Gen earth as resource, Gui Chou as mountain, when the Three Lives are without destruction, it denotes great blessing, nobility and authority, Wu Chen is better than Ji Si. 


Seeing roadside earth is burden, Wu Chen seeing Xin Wei as precious, Ji Si seeing Geng Wu is fortunate, denotes wealthiness; earth of wall and house, and also gets sword metal, meaning will make wood of big forest into ridge pole (roof beam), it's the most auspicious the structure can be, without these, the wood is only wood in the mountain within the hills. 


This wood, does not matter if it is dead or alive, desires seeing earth, like Ji person seeing Jia, although the classics say it will transform to earth but it is not as good as Chen Xu Chou Wei, earth frame with pure metal is a wonder.


If this wood is already dead beneath the mountain, seeing Jia Xu and Yi Hai (fire on top of mountain) will burn it, denotes inauspicious and short lifespan; if fire of lamp (Jia Chen / Yi Si ) replaces (the other fire) will mutually engender (wood and fire), Jia Chen is more auspicious than Yi Si; Fire of thunder and lightning (Wu Zi / Yi Chou ), and fire of the sun (Wu Wu, Yi wei) both could nourish (the wood) when they are seen in the luck pillars, seeing these is also auspicious, if both fires are seen together, wood needs earth as a base for its root to be able to maintain itself.

As for water, seeing water of heavenly river (Bing Wu / Ding Wei), Wu Chen seeing Ding Wei is precious, even without earth and mountain, it still denotes having clothing and food, the structure is named 'spiritual raft entering heavenly river'. Even if it is born in Autumn or Winter with dead and extinct Qi, it is still in the structure.

Water if rivers (Jia Yin, Yi Mao) and ocean (Ren Xu, Gui Hai) if are seen repeatedly, represent poverty or short lifespan, if there's mountain, it is a little useful.


In MiaoXuan (a book) there's a structure named 'green dragon arrives upon the sea' which is Wu Chen seeing Gui Hai as precious, water of nourishing under, Ding Chou is most auspicious, Bing Zi is not as auspicious.


All metals are not good to be seen, metal in the sea Yi Chou can be the mountain, metal of sword with earth or wall or house can be used as base, other metals are useless, seeing denotes short lifespan and lowliness.


As for Wood, Mulberry and maclura is auspicious, but Gui Chou is most wonderful; wood of flat land must come together with earth of roadside,  this is named 'flat forest in the wild);


pines and cypress, on the eastern side where it is the land where wood is prosperous, when the pillar has Gui Chou and pines and cypress, it denotes dense shelter (like thick canopy, dense shelter), it is the best.

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