Monday, July 15, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 时上偏财 - Indirect Wealth on Hour Pillar

XiJiPian says:

Indirect Wealth on hour pillar, is afraid to meet brothers (parallel stars), like Jia Day seeing Wu Chen or Jia Xu hour.

Likes to see Xin Officer, Ren and Gui to engender and assist, unfavorable are Geng Devil, Yi Rob Wealth, and in the pillars it is not beneficial to see other Wu or Ji. When Luck Pillar goes east, Yin or Mao, will lost wealth. Other stems can be analyzed like this.

This structure is almost the same as Indirect Officer on hour pillar, only one is needed, it's not beneficial to see many, protruding in heaven is very auspicious, hidden in the branches is secondary, in the pillars if there are Officer and Seal to assist, and DM is strong, should be seen as a good life.

Highly inauspicious is clash or break between Year and Month, or brothers protruding, meaning that the blessing is not complete.

Old poem says: Clash is most unfavorable for Indirect Wealth on Hour Pillar, the likes of 'Brothers' are also feared, Luck Pillar likes to go to places where Self or Officer is prosperous, without other protruding it is considered noble.

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