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BaZi: WXJJ - 论财 - Discuss Wealth

This chapter is included in SMTH chapter 偏正财合论, WXJJ is a very old book written in Song dynasty

1.  天财
Heavenly Wealth

Jia and Yi people seeing Wu and Ji as Wealth

Bing and Ding people seeing Geng and Xin as Wealth

Wu and Ji people seeing Ren and Gui as Wealth

Geng and Xin people seeing Jia and Yi as Wealth

Ren and Gui people seeing Bing and Ding as Wealth

2. 又天财
Another Heavenly Wealth

Nayin pillar seeing the true five elemental Wealth, and seeing combination, for example Yi Hai person, sees Geng in the chart, is also a type of Heavenly Wealth. Yi Hai Nayin Fire counters Yi Geng True Metal, for Wealth is on the Heavenly stem. Represent extraordinary wealth, whole life is free from financial worry.

2.  真财
True Wealth

Analysts usually regard  the likes of Jia seeing Wu, Yi seeing Ji as Wealths

Yet to know about True Wealth

Jia Ji seeing Bing Xin

Bing Xin seeing Wu Gui

Wu Gui seeing Yi Geng

Yi Geng seeing Ding Ren

Ding Ren seeing Jia Ji

are True Wealth, born of resides on places with Qi, places which is prosperous or ministerial

With the five elements having Qi, prosperous or ministerial represent wealthiness, if the five element resides on place of death and extinction, even if it has the True Wealth, it is like it does not have.

3. 生成财
Successfully engendered Wealth

Successfully engendered Wealth, where branches and stems combine, for example, born Jia or Yi, uses the likes of Wu or Ji,

On Shen Zi Chen, seeing Birth, Prosperity and Storage, if Wu Shen, Wu Chen, Wu Zi, Branches and Stems are successfully combined.

Thus it is called successfully engendered Wealth, when a chart is a noble structure, besides nobility, it represent great wealthiness, and has the responsibility to manage great finances. 

If it is not of a noble structure, and without auspicious gods to assists, it is a common people but very rich, or those people who contributed to the government and thus given an official post.

Also there's Self engenders - Self prospers Wealth, like Jia Yi people with Wu Wu,  Ji Hai. The rest can be analyzed like this. 

4. 生合财
Combined engendered Wealth

甲人见戊癸 - Jia person seeing Wu Gui
乙人见己甲 - Yi person seeing Ji Jia
丙人见庚乙 - Bing person seeing Geng Yi
丁人见辛丙 - Ding person seeing Bing Xin
戊人见壬丁 - Wu person seeing Ren Ding
己人见癸戊 - Ji person seeing Gui Wu
庚人见甲己 - Geng person seeing Jia Ji
辛人见乙庚 - Xin person seeing Yi Geng
壬人见丙辛 - Ren person seeing Bing Xin
癸人见丁壬 - Gui person seeing Ren Ding.

Represent to establish oneself to be rich and noble

5. 子母财
Child mother Wealth

Like wood person (Nayin) seeing fire month, earth day or hour and the likes, represent frequent happy occasions in one's life.

6. 财下有财
Wealth under Wealth

Like fire person  (Nayin) seeing the month of fire, earth day or hour and the likes. 

7. 类财杀
Killing that is like Wealth

寅午戌人见乙庚 - Yin Wu Xu person seeing Yi Geng
巳酉丑人见丁壬 - Si You Chou person seeing Ding Ren
申子辰人见戊癸 - Shen Zi Chen person seeing Wu Gui
亥卯未人见甲己 - Hia Mao Wei person seeing Jia Ji

8. 财会杀
Wealth seeing Killing

寅午戌人见辛丑 - Yin Wu Xu person seeing Xin Chou
巳酉丑人见乙未 - Si You Chou person seeing Yi Wei
申子辰人见丙戌 - Shen Zi Chen person seeing Bing Xu
亥卯未人见戊辰 - Hai Mao Wei person seeing Wu Chen

The above are the 'gathering gods' of wife or wealth, represent adequate wealth, and beautiful wife, unexpected fortune or ill-gotten wealth, also the man has to beware of wife poisoning him.

The old poem says: Wealth seeing punishment, merchant gets rich because of his wife, but must beware of poison and because of that thing turns around completely overnight (Trey: ??, the older the book, the weirder the language)

9. 名位财
Wealth of reputation and status

Within Food God seeing storage, for example Wu Zu fire seeing Geng Xu, Wu 'eats' Geng, fire tomb is at Xu, countering metal as Wealth, seeing this, a lifetime of rewards. ??? 

10. 外财
External Wealth

Takes only from the domain of 'Birth', like Jia uses Wu or Ji as Wealth, seeing Wu Shen, or Gui uses Bing or Ding as Wealth and sees Bing Yin, the likes of this will get many external wealth.

11. 鬼财
Ghastly Wealth

Seeing ghost on Stem, but NaYin counters (the ghost). 

For example Ding Mao Nayin is fire, Ding in the true five elements belongs to wood (Ding Ren -> wood), and in the four pillars seeing Yi Geng, and on Stems they are metal (ghost / 7K), Nayin Ding Mao is fire, and thus it can counter Yi Geng metal, and thus is called ghostly wealth, seeing this represent a person receiving much worldly wealth in his lifetime, or getting rich from being heroic or sly or marrying a wife from a rich family or being a minor offical, Ding Mao and Ding You get Yi Geng, Wu Yin and Wu Shen get Bing Xin, Yi You and Yi Mao gets Wu Gui are like this.

And if there are many Chen Xu Chou Wei, represent the person gaining a lot of money from being an artist. 

Largely, ghastly wealth represent a person will not benefit from his forefather's success, and he must work hard on his own to get the wealth, if 7K is punished or carries 7K, and resides on the place where blessing gathers, represent wealth is obtained from robbery or plunder, when the Luck Pillar is unfavorable, can die from gathering too much evil wealth, if there are auspicious gods to assists and residing on the 'son', represent unexpected wealth (like gambling), unexpectedly gain and unexpectedly lost. 


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