Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BaZi: 60 甲子 纳音 JiaZi NaYin part 2

甲午金 Jia Wu metal
百炼精金 refined metal that is smelted a hundred times
夏水木土 Summer, water, wood and earth

乙未金 Yi Wei metal
炉炭余金 leftover metal in furnace charcoal
喜大火及土 likes great fire and earth

丙申火 Bing Shen fire
白茅野烧 wild fire of cogon grass
喜秋冬及木 likes autumn, winter and wood

丁酉火 Ding You fire
鬼神之灵乡、火之无形者 the spiritual realm of ghosts and gods, the shapelessness of fire
喜辰戌丑未 likes Chen Xu Chou Wei

戊戌木 Wu Xu wood
蒿艾之枯者 withered mugworts
喜火及春夏 likes fire, spring and summer

己亥木 Ji Hai wood
蒿艾之茅 shoots of mugworts
喜水及春夏 likes water, spring and summer

庚子土 Geng Zi earth
土之中空者屋宇 the emptiness / hollowness within earth, room in a house
喜木及金土 likes wood, metal and earth

辛丑土 Xin Chou earth
坟墓 graveyards
喜木及火与春 likes wood and fire and spring

壬寅金 Ren Yin metal
金之华饰者 accessories made of metal
喜木及微火 likes wood and light fire

癸卯金 Gui Mao metal
録钮铃铎 ornaments like buttons, bells and little things that jingle
喜盛火及秋 likes prosperous fire and autumn

甲辰火 Jia chen Fire
灯也 Lamp
喜夜及水、恶昼 likes night time and water, dreads daytime

乙巳火 Yi Si fire
灯光也 Lamp light
同上,尤喜申酉及秋 same as above, especially likes Shen, You and autumn

丙午水 Bing Wu water
月轮 full moon
喜夜及金水旺也 likes nighttime, prosperous metal and water

丁未水 Ding Wei water
月光也 moon light
同上 same as above

戊申土 Wu Shen earth
秋间田土 grain field in autumn
喜申酉及火 likes Shen, You and fire

己酉土 Ji You earth
秋间禾稼 grain in autumn
喜申酉及冬 likes Shen , You and winter

庚戌金 Geng Xu metal
刀剑之余 the excessive sharpness of knife and swords
喜微火及木 likes light fire and wood

辛亥金 Xin Hai metal
钟鼎宝物 precious things like large bell and tripod caldron
喜木及大土 likes wood and great earth

壬子木 Ren Zi wood
伤水多之木 wood that is ailing due to taking too much water
喜火土及夏 likes fire, earth and summer

癸丑木 Gui Chou wood
伤水少之木 wood that is ailing due to too little water 
喜金水及春 likes metal, water and spring.

甲寅水 Jia Yin water
雨也 Rain
喜夏及火 likes summer and fire

乙卯水 Yi Mao water
雾也 Mist
喜水及火 likes water and fire

丙辰土 Bing Chen earth
堤岸 embankments
喜金及木 likes metal and wood

丁巳土 Ding Si earth
土之沮如 ( I think 沮洳) - Lowly and moistened earth
喜火及西北 likes fire, West and North

戊午火 Wu Wu fire
日轮、夏则人畏;冬则人爱 Full sun, is feared by people in summer, is loved by people in winter
忌戊子、己丑、甲寅、乙卯 not favorable - Wu zi, Ji Chou, Jia Yin and Yi Mao

己未火 Ji Wei fire
月光 ?? (supposed to be 日光) moon light (supposed to be sunlight) something is wrong with this source.
忌夜亦畏四时  does not favor night time and fears 4 seasons (of earth). 

庚申木 Geng Shen Wood
榴花 promeganate flower
喜夏不宜秋冬 likes summer but not autumn and winter

辛酉木 Xin You wood
榴子 promeganate fruit
喜秋及夏 likes autumn and summer

壬戌水 Ren Xu water
海也 Ocean
喜春夏及木 likes Spring, summer and wood

癸亥水 Gui Hai water
百川 Rivers
喜金土火 likes metal, earth and fire.