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BaZi: SMTH - 岁德正官 Direct Officer on Year Pillar

Year Virtue Direct Officer

Take the Direct Officer from the Stem or Branch of the Year Pillar as the Year Virtue, likes and dislikes are the same with the Month EB Direct Officer.

Seeing this denotes being born into a noble family, or being protected by or inherit ancestors success, if month is resided by the boundary of Wealth and Officer, Luck Pillar goes to places where Wealth and Officer are prosperous and DayMaster is healthy and strong, is undoubtedly noble.

When Year Stem sees Officer, the Qi of Blessing is strong, success comes at early age.



Bing   Bing    Geng    Gui
Shen   Zi        Shen    You

Officer on Year Pillar, within the pillar there's an Officer frame, 'Return to prosperity' underneath the day, Bing counters Shen and You metals as Wealth, Wealth and Officer are both beautiful, 2 Bings make Self prosperous, at 17 /18 LP goes to Wu Wu, even if Wu clashes with Zi, Zi and Shen combines as a frame, clash does not bring movement, and DM takes prosperity (from Wu). Thus success comes early.

The old song says: The True Fortune in Year is root of the sprout, is definitely born into a family of wealth and nobles, the Qi of Luck likes to meet places when Self is prosperous, with Wealth to engenders and Seal to assists, blessings has no boundary.

Also: Officer star on Year pillar is the Year Virtue, likes to meet Wealth and Seal and Self that is strong,  if it does not meet 7K and places of Indirect Officer, glory and splendor, riches and honors are immeasurable. 


Bing   Bing    Geng    Gui
Shen   Zi        Shen    You

This chart has Bing born in Autumn, with water frame forming within the branches. DM is left with no Qi but still SMTH considers DM as strong. The reason given is that there are 2 Bings in the chart. In my opinion, to qualify a DM as strong does not really mean the DM has to be excessively strong, 'Strong' for a DM could mean that DM is strong enough to take on Wealth and Officers without being overcome. 

Bing DM, the most Yang of all the Stems is considered to be strong on its own, even without having the support from the season, as DTS puts it: 

It is not afraid of Autumn, it bullies the frosts, it is not afraid of Winter, it insults the snows.

So, even without support from the branches 2 Yangs of Old Yang are strong enough, but success did not come until LP goes to Wu EB, where Wu EB provided strong support to Bing DM. 

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