Saturday, June 15, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 時上正官 Direct Officer on Hour Pillar

Direct Officer on Hour Pillar

Like DM Jia having You or Xin hour, DM Yi with Shen or Geng hour.

Direct Officer on hour pillar is the same as on the Month pillar, but its strength is a little weaker, most likely would be successful in later years, or begets good children, has to be assisted by Seal.

The Classics says: Useful Direct Officer does not need to be many, many would injure self and few is harmony, if Day (DM) is prosperous, meeting Birth, Seals and ribbons, will rise to high ranks easily.

Some classics propose that Officer shall be taken as the Useful God regardless where it appears, if Officer is absent, Wealth should be chosen instead, if both are absent, then we look into the structures. This is contrary to the teachings of ZPZQ where Useful God must be derived from the month EB, unless the EB does not contain any valid Useful God, the entity can be taken from somewhere else. For example the Rob Wealth structures.

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