Sunday, June 9, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 论正官 - What element does your DO belong?

BaZi: SMTH - 论正官 - Direct Officer part 3

Apologies to my readers for not updating the blog. I've been busy with my farm.

Continuing from previous post about Direct Officer:

The classical book <The bell of three Lifes> says: For Fortune, Life and Body, the characteristics of the three types of Officers, should be analyzed according to the five elements.

For example, with metal as Officer, its rank is justly, mostly it's responsible in judiciary or financial matters, decisive and intelligent, Seeing XingNian (small LP) TaiShui at Chou as the storage of Officer.

If Wood is the officer, it ranks highly, (responsible for) relations (human / public relations) and appointments that requires integrity, Seeing Xing Nian TaiShui at Wei as the storage of Officer.

With Fire as Officer, the Official (rank) progression is fiery, its behavior violent, when he punishes, the form of punishments is cruel, it also means success and failure than comes irregularly, Seeing Xing Nian TaiShui at Xu as the storage of Officer.

With Water as Officer, low ranking, rank rises, amiable and liked by public, care (sympathizes) the orphans and widows, ethical and moral (has the values of Tao),Seeing XingNian TaiSui at Chen as the storage of Officer.

With Earth as Officer, Official promotion is steady, difficult to violate, profound / heavy and dignified, lawful, Seeing XingNian TaiShui Chen as storage of Officer.

For the officers that follows its characteristics are auspicious, those that lost its own characteristics denotes the Officer (status / power) does not last long.

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