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BaZi: SMTH - 论正财 - Discuss Direct Wealth

SMTH says:

Direct Wealth, is Jia seeing Ji, or Yi seeing Wu and the likes.

it is being restrained by me, it's my wife, it's like when I get married, I receive my wife, gifts and wealth, I must be healthy and vital in order to use and enjoy these, if I were weak, even if the wealth of the wife is plentiful, I can only look at them but I could never use them.

Wealth should have the support of the season and riding on prosperity, Direct and Indirect should not be mixed, it must not be seen repetitively, when the DM is strong, DM can be successful.

When Wealth is many and self is weak, and pillars are without Seal to assist, or when Wealth is little and Self is strong, pillars are with Compares and Robs, too much or too little, these are all not blessings.

The classics says: Many 'Hurting Wifes' with light wealth and strong self. has many brothers.

Also says: Many Wealths with weak Self, a poor person who lives in a rich house.

Luo LuZi says: Generally, when the Heaven's Yuan(Stem) is weak, the auspicious Officer is not adequate to (bring about) glory. even when Deng Tong was forging coins, he did not get rich in his life and eventually died of hunger.

Trey: Deng Tong was a man in Han dynasty who was given the authority by Emperor Wen to forge copper coins, one fortune teller told him that he would eventually died of hunger, Emperor Wen found the prediction amusing because Deng was forging money and there was no way he would die of hunger. Then, Emperor Wen died and was succeed by his son Emperor Jing who did no like Deng, someone reported some crime that Deng did to Emperor Jing and the emperor had all of Deng's property  confiscated, Deng was left without money and eventually died at some other's people house. 

If the Month's Decree has a Wealth frame, if Self is weak but is supported by Seal, that is regarded as wealthy, if Seal is seen first, then it will fear to see Wealth.

Trey: This is confusing, but please read on.

DuBu says: First Wealth and later Seal, that becomes the blessing, First Seal and Later Wealth, that becomes an insult. 

Trey: This First and Later 先后, XianHou concept is an important concept in analyzing a Wealth adorned with Seal structure. First meaning to appear first in the pillars. Year Pillar comes first, Month pillar second, Day Pillar third and Hour pillar comes last. 

Seal    DM      X      Wealth
 X        X        X          X

The above chart has Wealth comes first and Seal comes later, 先财後印, which is a good structure.

But this chart below

Wealth     DM      X       Seal
    X           X        X         X

has Seal comes before Wealth, this is not a good structure.

When Wealth is Used, it should not be exposed, when the pillars see Compare and Rob, should be protruding, that is like people can see the wealth but cannot rob them.

Trey: This paragraph is quite confusing, when it says 'should be protruding', I don't know what the text is referring to. Is is Wealth that should be protruding or the parallels? IMO, if the parallels are protruding and the Wealth hidden, then the parallels would not be able to Rob Wealth, otherwise, if Wealth and Parallels are both protruding, the parallels are opened to counter Wealth. 逐马逢马,劳苦千般.

The odes say: It is better for Wealth to be hidden, hidden would be plentiful, exposed would be drifting.

For Wealth structures, they like to see Officer star protruding prominently, and (the Officer star) should not be hurt or damaged, and also (they like to see) Food to engender (Wealth) and Seals to assist DM and DM healthy and strong, these bring about both wealth and nobility.

If the stems or branches sees 7K, it can also be used, that is the meaning of 'seeing Wealth, look at 7K'.

Trey: Again, this is confusing, SMTH often writes confusing stuff. The saying 'Seeing Wealth, look at 7K' is probably from an old poem 挈要捷驰玄妙诀 in YHZP, the complete sentence says: 

Seeing Wealth, look at 7K, if there's originally a 7K (meaning 7K in the natal chart), 9 out of 10 is poor.

Other conditions where 7K can be auspicious is when Seal is used and DM is weak or Food is used and DM is strong.

It is afraid of the Owl to take away (Food) and thus cannot engender, YangRen or RobWealth and thus not able to enjoy, or storage is void and thus it cannot accumulate.

Some conditions which are inauspicious for Wealth structure are:
1. The presence of Owl God (Indirect Seal), as Owl God take away Food God and consequently Food God cannot engender Wealth.
2. Rob Wealth and Yang Ren countering Wealth, competing for Wealth with DM.
3. Wealth storage fallen into KongWang.

如 Like:

Jia born in the month of Wu, seeing Ren injures Bing, Mao breaks (Wu) and Yi robs;

Yi born in the month of Si, seeing Gui injures Ding, Hai breaks and Jia robs;

Ren born in the month of Xu, JiaZi series has Xu fallen into KongWang,

Others can be analyzed similarly.

Trey: That's all for today's post, a huge part of this chapter will be translated in the next post.

Have a nice day. 

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