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BaZi: SMTH - 论正财 - Discuss Direct Wealth part 2

It is also said: Wealth as the resource that raises life, it should not be absent from one's chart, but it is also not good to be too many, too many is not clear, if in the natal chart there's no wealth, only sees wealth in the Luck Pillars, denotes that having something only in name but not in reality, if there's many wealth while Self is weak, and then it (LP) goes to places that prosper Wealth and Officer, seeing Wealth is Robbing Qi, Officer is to counter Self, not only one will not be unsuccessful, he will also undergo many unfortunate events.

It is also said: Wealth as Horse, Officer as Fortune, neither one should be absent, but in reality it is difficult for one to have both, if there's originally Wealth in the natal chart, it's good to go through Officer LP, if there's originally Officer in the natal chart, it's good to go through Wealth LP. Going through Wealth LP would engender Officer, going through Officer LP will become rich. If in the natal chart there's no officer star, but there's many Wealth starts, then when LP goes to Wealth, it can also bring about glory and benefits, there are cases where people aced the imperial examination.

Because one does not fear to have many wealth. as many wealth would obscurely engender Officer, but the DM must be strong, then only it can take on the responsibility, if there's no wealth but many officer, self would be restrained by officer, that is not auspicious, if there's no Officer in the natal chart, Wealth is regarded as the blessing.

It is also said: Wealth, Officer and Killing, is it said that 'Branches as Life', and for Day Stem, it is said 'Stems as Fortune', if there's Wealth and Officer in the month's branch and it does not protrude in the stems, self-contentment is the blessing, if there's no Wealth or Officer in the EBs, but they are in exposed in the stems, it's a fake, shallow / unsubstantial life, even if when the LP goes to prosperity, it would be of any use.

Trey: 支为命,干为禄 Branches as Life, Stems as Fortune is a common concept in BaZi reading, branches are usually used to analyzed things that is involved in someone's life while Stems are used to read someone's fortune, how successful one will be in terms of money and status.


When the month's branch has none (wealth or officer), but there are in Year, Hour or Day branch, they can also be taken for use,

when the EB of the month sits Wealth or Officer, it is called 'get the time', when the EB of the day sits Wealth or Officer, it is called 'get the position'

when the EB of the hour sits Wealth or Officer, it is called 'get success'

To get the time is the best, get the position is second, and get success is third, if number one and two are present together, it is wonderful.

Year represents rich and noble ancestors, after middle age , it is useless.

Also, it is said: Geng and Xin day that is born in the first month, at other places there are fire as 7K, that will counter Geng or Xin, even if Year or Month sees Yin and Mao, it will be regarded that ancestors have no Wealth, a difficult life, at places when one become wealthy he will also encounter disasters, as prosperous wood engenders fire, and it harms the metal of the daymaster, and Day Yuan is weak, many wealth will engender killings, that is no blessing.

Also, it is said: Direct Wealth structure, represents an honest person, do things thriftily, intelligent, but is stingy, if Wealth is prosperous and Self is weak, means wife hold the man's authority, doing housekeeping work, it also means having good children to assist, the man enjoys being carefree and leisure, when the LP goes to Compare and Rob, wives or concubines will be in danger.

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