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DayMaster 日主

DayMaster 日主

YHZP says:

I have already seen the record in Tang's (dynasty) book, as in Li XuZhong, uses a person birth year, month, day and hour, analyzes the engendering and countering relationships of the stems and branches, to determine the subject's nobility, lowliness, longevity or short-life, and I have gone through in detail.

And as for the Song's (dynasty) period, there's the way of saying by ZiPing, Taken Day Stem as the Master, Year as the root, Month as sprout, Day as flower and Hour as fruit.

With Birth, Prosperity, Death, Extinction, At Rest, Trapped, Control and transformation to decide a person's auspiciousness or inauspiciousness. The principle is natural, no doubt about that!

One is named 'Officer' is separated according to Yin and Yang, named Officer or named Killing, like Jia and Yi seeing Geng and Xin;

Two is named Wealth, separated according to Yin and Yang, named Direct (Conventional) Wealth or Indirect (unconventional) wealth, like Jia and Yi meeting Wu and Ji.

Three is named Engendering Qi of Yin and Yang,named 'Seal (an authority stamp) and the ribbon attached to it, named 'Pouring away food', like Jia and Yi meeting Ren and Gui.

Four is named Stealing Qi of Yin and Yang, is named the 'Food God' named 'Hurting Officer', Jia and Yi meeting Bing and Ding it is.

Five is named the Same Kind of Yin and Yang, is named Rob Wealth, named Yang's blade, Jia and Yi meeting Jia and Yi it is.

Generally, Noble or Lowly, long live or short live, death and birth are not out of these 5.

In case of absurd structures, there's a list of names, they are not really usable, like 飞天禄马, 倒冲, 井栏叉 (these 3 are special structures), are Hurting Officer, only of separate type.

Seeing from this aspect, the rest can be known!

Take the day as the Master, Year as the Base, Month as the Essential or Boundary, Hour as Assistant.

With day as the Master, is important to see if it adds up and arrives to what degree, or is Self prosperous, of is Self weak? and also see the branches have what structure.

Calculation of the five elements, after that look at the element inside the month's decree, which is prosperous? and also look at year and luck, which is prosperous? This should be analyzed in detail after analyzing the day.

This is not a biased or one sided view.

E.g, born in JiaZi day, in four pillars there's Shen, to combine with Zi and Chen to form a water frame, nect is to look at the remain of Chen, what has suffered damage and what has benefited?

In the four pillars, which characters would  damage DayMaster JiaZi's Qi?

If it's damaging the Month's God, it's necessary to be restrained, and not to be supported. 

Those discuss life must not be casual (careless), month's decree must be analyzed in detail; as one dresses when he goes out (meaning it's the logical thing to do).

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